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Special Guest Podcast - Movements for Teens with Charlinda, Occupational Therapist

We love a special guest! And this one is super special. Charlinda Parsons is an Occupational Therapist who supports many teens in her role. There are heaps of strategies for younger children on movement, and especially as we navigate reduced services.  However, not many have mentioned teens.  Kate, Fi and Charlinda explore this.


25 Mar 2020

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COVID-19 and Carers

Hi friends, Kate and Fi were chatting on the weekend about how we have to adapt so quickly to daily changes and the pressure to get it right straight away! So, we popped into an office today and recorded our podcast.Note - Fi sounds a little fainter in this episode....social distancing! We hope these real strategies and stories help you to feel less pressure and totally encouraged!


23 Mar 2020

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Exercise and Mental Health for Carers

Hi friends,We filmed this little podcast in February but have whipped it out now because in times of challenge and change, being able to look for little moments to exercise and release stress is important.  We are not gym gurus, nor are we doctors, so check with a health professional before you do any big exercise.  This podcast explores our stories on how we have used exercise to feel mentally better as we care for our children.Note- we mention things like group exercise.  During this COVID-19 time, this may not be possible, so we encourage you to jump online and see what free things you can do from home.Big love to you! Thanks for joining Kate and Fi!


20 Mar 2020

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Sharing Carer Stories - Introducing Tanya

We love chatting to Carers! Today, we have the privilege of chatting to our friend, Tanya.  Tanya is the mum and carer of a primary aged, non verbal child and has just decided to study something that will be of benefit for him.  But, in the meantime, has found that this new path has captured her heart!We hope you enjoy it!Also, small apology if for a couple of minutes, this interview sounds like it is a little distorted.  We are still learning!


19 Feb 2020

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Supporting Siblings

In this podcast, Kate and Fi chat about their families and how they both look out for siblings, support their children and share tips on finding time to notice the small details.Join the conversation and grab a cuppa!


12 Feb 2020

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Transitions and Change

This week, Kate and Fi unpack managing transitions, change and anxiety. We can almost sense you nodding along to some of the shared experiences! You will also hear about our mutual love of post it notes. Over Christmas, we are taking a break as we manage the same things that we chat about. We look forward to joining you in January for more Carers Chat!


10 Dec 2019

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Family Expectations and Boundaries

In this episode, Kate and Fi talk all things family and boundaries.  It is a big topic and one that both Kate and Fi have struggled with over the journey.  You are not alone!


3 Dec 2019

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Self Care and Holidays

In this week's episode, we talk all things Self Care and managing changes during the crazy lead up to the end of Term 4. It can be a super stressful time for many and so Kate and Fi share what works for them, ideas to simplify and giving ourselves the grace to not have to do it all.  We hope you enjoy this episode!


26 Nov 2019

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Finding Your Tribe

Welcome to Carers Chat!In this episode, Kate and Fi talk about friendships, finding your tribe and experiencing support! They share tips and ideas on how to make friends who really 'get it' and share their stories about beautiful friendships, seasons of change and embracing the mess.


21 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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Guilt & Grace

Welcome to the Carers Chat Podcast!Get to know Kate and Fi, who are both Carers, as they share stories, ideas and tips from their lived experience supporting children on the Autism Spectrum.  In this episode, they start with a bang and tackle a big one - Guilt and Grace.  It is real, raw, grassroots and from the heart. Thanks for joining us!


20 Nov 2019

Rank #10