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A comedy podcast featuring two former Yolo state-college girlies turned YoPros as they navigate finding hobbies, dating, financial independence, and so much more while they embrace the “young” in “young professional.” Follow Katy & Stacey on Instagram @yolo2yopro

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A Year in The Making...

A year in the making...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Stacey and Katy wish a VERY happy birthday to their child- THE PODCAST! The ladies take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the past year's episodes and special guests. Stacey reminds everyone of her crazy rich asian story and discusses her newfound love of meditating. Katy realizes that she can NEVER run for office...but that's ok, and she reflects on her GLO UP in relationships over the last year. OH, and let's #NeverForget how much the AUDIO has improved over the last year...follow, like, comment, listen, share on Instagram @yolo2yopro, SoundCloud, iTunes Podcasts, and Spotify.


19 Nov 2019

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My perspective is right. CHANGE MY MIND

Working out is fun. Baseball sucks. Being vegan (plant based) is cool. CHANGE MY MIND. This week Katy & Stacey talk about their changing perspectives on comfort zones, concerts, lotion, life styles, diets, work, sports...SO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! Try to change out mind on any of our HOT TAKES if you disagree by finding us on Instagram @Yolo2YoPro and following/commenting/listening/liking on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes Podcasts.


22 Oct 2019

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Politically CHARGED

We want YOU to listen to Y2Y! *cue Uncle Sam ~vibes~* This week Stacey and Katy bring on Haley to discuss what it's like to be a politically active adult...but don't worry, Haley isn't weird about it!!! The ladies discuss how to stay #relevant in politics, why you should even care, and what it's like starting out in a non-traditional job. Katy also gives her HOT TAKES on her Tampa Airport experience, and Stacey relieves her weekend in Charleston...oh, they also talk about podcast cycles #wut. Listen, like, share, subscribe, comment..you know the drill on Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes Podcasts- oh! and Instagram too @Yolo2YoPro


8 Oct 2019

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RE: Yolo Applying For YoPro

Dear Applicant,Before we can consider you for this position, please listen to this episode of Yolo 2 YoPro. Stacey and Katy bring on one of Katy's younger brothers, Charlie, to discuss living in Atlanta, summers at Mall of America, applying to jobs, and relapsing in his degeneracy. Let us know if you have any questions!Best,Y2Y Recruiting Team Follow @Yolo2YoPro on InstagramListen, Like, Comment, and Share on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes Podcasts


24 Sep 2019

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