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Aye Right Podcast # 26 S3 What Branch Manager?

What Branch Manager?  Jimmy and Stewart review the Sunday TV politics shows, Ridge on SKY, Marr on BBC1 and Politics Scotland presented by Gary Robertson on BBC...Liz Truss, the Irish protocol,  AstraZeneca,  Alister Jack,  Anas Sawar and Monica Lennon all feature… We read Roddy McLeod on the problems of SNP leadership facing FM Nicola Sturgeon and predict… We hear that Ken MacQuarrie has ‘left’ the BBC to get hired by the BBC at £325,000 a year to monitor/whitewash bias in the BBC...You figure?


31 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 24 S3 Gove-Go to Scotland Boris

Gove-’Go to Scotland Boris’ A dull FMQs with Sturgeon, Davidson, Baillie and Rennie arguing about vaccine delivery and Covid testing, suddenly came alive when Patrick Harvie asked the FM if she had regrets about transphobia in the Scottish Government…Nicola passionately defended her government in the manner of her personal video posted yesterday…Changes to the wording of the Hate Crime Bill appeared to have triggered a social media attack on MP Joanna Cherry by trans-allies...The timing seems to be a distraction as it coincides with the court appearance of Craig Murray and his publishing of evidence which is damaging to the First Minister...PM Johnson’s Scottish visit gets supported by Keir Starmer (who knew?); ..roasted and then welcomed by the gang…Jimmy’s Indy strategy suggestion of deliberately collapsing an SNP government after the May election gets analysed and expect more debate on the idea…Someone suggested that a media mogul put up Michael Gove to persuade Boris Johnson to visit Scotland where he is despised...We wonder why.


29 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 25 S3 Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?

Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?Jimmy delivers the Covid briefing report which featured vaccination figures again...supplies, jag centres, delivery and a ScotGov row with the UKGov about secrecy…At the podium steady Jeane Freeman delivered steady Covid figures including an infection/test rate of 5.8% where the W.H.O. target is 5%...The former First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, has challenged the orthodoxy of the sovereignty of the Westminster parliament...He claims that that sovereignty breaches the conditions in the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England...His case names A V Dicey, Joanna Cherry MP and Lady Hale (prorogation of parliament) ...We discuss the relevance in Scotland today…We roast Prime Minister Johnson’s visit to Scotland while still speculating about the real reason he came...Channel4 News gets roasted for metrocentric coverage of it with Scottish expat Tory MP Alberto Costa interviewed...Is Scotland a colony or an equal partner?...Jimmy is seeking a Ghandi type leader for Scotland while still maintaining that most politicians are vain, venal creatures.


29 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 23 S3 Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?

Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?  Wee PMQs report…SGov Covid briefing on travel controls/quarantine hotels...Impact on tourism…Prof Curtice on polls...Backlash from England?...We’re the new Irish...Effectively causing a civil war...Surrounded by the EU…Twitter attack on Jo Cherry.


27 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 22 S3 Son of the Manse

Son of the Manse  The news that the German government and the EU is in dispute with AstraZeneca about supplies of the Covid vaccine is our first topic...this issue has legs so expect more on it… We roast the UKGov’s invisible Scottish Secretary for his article in the Irish Times… We disagree with a well written London Times piece by Hugo Rifkind...and recall the friendly and excited atmosphere of Indyref1 and the AUOB marches… The new owners of the Scotsman and Evening News may have abandoned the previous strong unionist support...we ruminate… We offer our support to Craig Murray who faces political charges in an Edinburgh court this week… We recommend an article ( England’s Scotland Panic – What is to be done & why a mature UK debate on the union & on Scottish independence is not on the horizon ) by Kirsty Hughes of the Scottish Centre on European Relations...more to follow. (link below). https://www.scer.scot/database/ident-13005


26 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 21 S3 Grounds for Cautious Optimism

 Grounds for Cautious Optimism  Maybe the Covid virus has peaked again in Scotland?...The figures have steadied...The hacks story will be that Scotland lags England in the vaccination race though…The BBC SNPbaad intro show had a London BBC reporter comparing with Scotland...apples and oranges…We comment about the SNP National Assembly stitch-up...We bitch about George Kerevan’s SNP leadership race...there’s a Bella ‘Lefty No to Yes’ story that gets memories going...Iain Lawson takes on the ‘blogger bullies’...Craig Murray says that the Crown Office still won't reveal the Murrell/Ruddick evidence that the Inquiry demands...and Kenny McAskill says Indyref2 in 2021 is impossible...There’s no Sturgeon V Salmond stooshie today.


25 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 20 S3 National Assembly Day

National Assembly Day  We begin with three BBC shows;...The Andrew Marr show featured UK Health Minister Hancock and Scotland’s FM Sturgeon with Glenn Campbell opining...Then the Politics Scotland show anchored by Andrew Kerr which featured DFM John Swinney and had Glenn Campbell - again…Finally The Big Question presented by Nicky Campbell worried about social media…We then review Iain MacWhirter’s piece in the Herald exposing corruption at the Crown Office (prosecution service) led by Lord Advocate James Wolfe which Iain links to the Salmond V Sturgeon scandal…which we then discuss in depth…Also mentioned are;...Anas Sarwar,  Rape Crisis Scotland,  NHS health boards,  Gordon Dangerfield and SKY’s James Mathews disappearing reports,  Peter A Bell,  the Real McKay and the Red Hand Commando.


24 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 19 S3 £60 Million Is Nothing

£60 million Is Nothing BBC Politics;...Lynsey Bews,  Graham Stewart,  70% of infected not self isolating,  £500 Gov support?,  Welsh FM accuses,  lockdown till summer?,  extend travel ban,  keep schools closed,  UKGov in denial,  ‘vaccination a distraction’,  kids NOT immune... Covid briefing review;...Covid case rate down to 7%,  hospitals and ICU stable,  daily deaths 71,  FM  stresses/details dangers in supermarkets...brushes off police care home deaths inquiry and building work at Bute House…Main review;...Spectator Royal Commission delay,  Colonel Ruth Davidson,  Lizzie Hoose,  Nissan bribe,  Channel Tunnel refilled,  Watergate at Holyrood,  the Scotsman/Johnston Press,  nukes illegal,  Holyrood list voting,  Greens,  ISP,  Galloway,  Brexit...Sturgeon scandal;...James Mathews SKY story vanishes,  gagging orders,  Lord Advocate and £60m loss,  Craig Murray trial,  Lady Dorian,  Gordon Dangerfield,  alphabet women,  maybe I’m talking p**h...


22 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 18 S3 Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs... That’s fake news broadcast by BBC Scotland BTW… Deputy FM John Swinney held the Covid press briefing supported by NCD Jason Leitch...The game was ‘let's compare vaccinations with England” and make ScotGov look bad on the day the UK death rate reached another awful peak…From the past came a poll about a prosecution of former PM Tony Blair…Alex Salmond’s former Chief of Staff, Geoff Aberdein, has been barred from giving evidence of a conspiracy against his boss to the Holyrood inquiry…Nicola Sturgeon is England’s favourite political leader...Who knew?…Lesley Riddoch analyses the detail in the latest poll by Scot Goes Pop…We all have a go at the threat to free speech from the woke division.


21 Jan 2021

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Aye Right Podcast # 17 S3 Don't Haste Ye Back

Don’t Haste Ye Back  The FMQs review majors on the vaccine programme roll-out… We discuss a new poll which shows 55% support for the May Holyrood election to be plebiscitary (viz. a referendum on independence)... The news from Labour sees Monica Lennon officially as a leadership candidate... There’s also a Keir Starmer appointment of a ‘former’ Mossad agent to spy on the UK Labour Party… The final main topic is the launch in the UK of two more foreign backed TV News stations (what’s new?)... Also included are;...Devi Sridhar,  Joanna Cherry + UK Supreme Court,  George Osborne,  Piers Morgan,  Andrew Neil,  Rupert Murdoch and Robin McAlpine out of Common Weal...


20 Jan 2021

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