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Sarah and Scott Butler are passionate business owners and soulmates. In this episode, they share the story of how it all started, both for their marriage and their joint business venture along with the pros and cons as well as key takeaways for couples in business together.To join our community, visit https://soulmatesinbusiness.com

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14. Soulmates in Isolation

This episode is our first since coronavirus turned the world into a spin. At the time of recording this episode we’re currently in Stage 3 lockdown in Victoria, Australia. Our business Organic Angels is an online home delivery for organic fruit and veggies and deemed an ‘essential service’ so we have been able to operate still during this time and we share in this episode how the last 6 weeks has been. It has been a vulnerable time and our conversation goes into the changes that we’ve had to make rapidly in the business, how our own fears and anxiety has shown up, what our learnings so far from all of this has been and how now more than ever, having a vision for your life is so important, which we discovered. Whether you’re still going, slowed down or closed the doors on your business you will find some gems in this. Thank you for listening!


3 May 2020

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13 - Communication

In this episode Sarah and Scott share about their journey of re-inventing their relationship and how they've worked on being better communicators. They share stories and tips they have learned and how the biggest challenge is often letting go of your own stories, learning to hold space and communicate openly and respectfully. FYI, this episode was recorded pre COVID19 so some tips such as going out for date night won't work in lock down, but there is still plenty to digest and apply in your relationship and business.


12 Apr 2020

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12: Commitment

In this episode Sarah and Scott share how commitment is the anchor to the vision you have created. They share insights and stories of how this looks in their own lives, and why determination, will power, resilience, intent, focus and action are essential ingredients for commitment to help achieve your vision and building the life you want together.


17 Feb 2020

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11: Creating your Vision

This is week one of a 6 part series called The 6C's that make Power Couples. Creation of Vision is all about why it’s important to have a combined vision for your life that you’re both aligned with. In this episode Sarah and Scott share why discovering your vision together is key to be your own version of a 'Power Couple' and the beauty is it’s a wonderful journey together and when you have your vision stirring you on, you can make amazing things happen, sooner than you think.


3 Feb 2020

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10: The 6 C's of Power Couples - Introduction

This episode is the introduction to a 6 part series of what makes Power Couples. We’ve created the six C’s that make ‘Power Couples’ as we believe these are the strong foundation that can make you thrive, be happy, healthy and wealthy together. In this series we'll be talking about Creation of Vision, Commitment Communication, Compromise, Connection and Coach.


27 Jan 2020

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09: Couple Lead Business Framework vs Conventional Business Model

For couples starting out in business you have to learn to relate and work together as business partners and because it is a whole new territory, it’s common to adopt the conventional model of running a business because there is no framework that considers the other factors of a couple lead business, such as you live, sleep, eat and co-parent together. If you’re feeling like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole of a model that isn’t working for you both, or you’re frustrated because some things look easier for other businesses, then you might like to consider these key differences and once you have a greater awareness and acceptance that working together as a couple will inevitably be different and adapt, things flow much better and that results in a happier relationship and thriving business. In this episode we compare key differences of running a business together as a couple and how that compares to the conventional business model. Topics we delve into are decision making, boundaries, communication, time management and leadership.


20 Jan 2020

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08: Marriage Story

In this spontaneously recorded episode, Sarah and Scott share their thoughts on the Netflix film, "Marriage Story" as it made them think deeper into marriage and running a business together. They talk about how communication, connection and compromise is so important. Spoiler alert! In this episode scenes from the movie are shared in detail.Show notes at https://soulmatesinbusiness.com/index.php/podcast/


13 Jan 2020

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07: Freeing up your time in the business

As business owners it can be difficult to remove yourself from the business as you're all in and required to show up. In this episode we share how we've managed to remove ourselves more from the day to day operations of the business and free up our time to do other important things in the business and home. We'll share the blockages and challenges that came up and also some big life events that caused us to reassess. Freeing up your time in your business has many benefits and we'll share some practical tips on how to make a start.


6 Jan 2020

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06: Systemising Business & Home

In this episode Sarah and Scott share how implementing simple and smart systems to make life and business a little easier can save you time, money and worry. Time can feel limited when you’re running a business together plus managing a home (and kids if you have them). As business owners we can fall into the trap of doing everything, including things we don’t really need to be doing and then we wonder why we’re feeling frustrated! It’s important to make time to explore how you can create and invest into better systems and processes because it can free up your time to spend on things that are important in the business and in the home. We share practical tips, apps, planners that we use and how folding undies Marie Kondo way is a game changer. Show notes and links are at https://soulmatesinbusiness.com/index.php/podcast/


30 Dec 2019

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05: Making Time for Each Other

In this episode, Sarah and Scott share how when you're together in business, and raising kids if you have them, it's easy to forget to make time for each other. They share the juggle and practical tips on staying connected and how date night is now scheduled and not negotiable.


22 Dec 2019

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