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Let's Be Real with Mady Jade

Welcome to the official Let's Be Real podcast hosted by Mady Jade Fischelli. Whether it be a solo podcast or with special guests, we'll get real about relationships, career + success, living for Jesus, dreaming big, mental health and more! Check in every Wednesday for a new episode! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @letsberealpodcast_. For business inquiries, please email letsberealpodcasts@gmail.com.

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Growing In Grace

I recorded with one of my best friends, Casie White! We discuss her new prayer journal company "Growin' In Grace", how to pray for a true man of God, and how to unashamedly live your life for Jesus. No matter what you've faced this week, we hope this reminds you to take a deep breath and take the pressure off of yourself. Love you!


3 Nov 2021

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Everything You Need To Know About Moving Cities/States

This week I give y'all a little inside scoop at everything I've learned about moving! I recently moved from Dallas to Nashville (my first time ever away from home) and it taught me a LOT. From getting over the fear of moving, to financial tips, to making new friends, we cover it all. Let me know what you think! And keep your eyes open for the Let's Be Real Merch line dropping soon!


5 Oct 2021

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Answering Your Relationship Questions!

Hallie and I are back with another duo episode! We had you guys send in your relationship questions and now you've got the answers! We'll give tips, advice and a few lessons we've learned along the way. Let us know what stuck out to you!


23 Sep 2021

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Alex Allen | Finding Joy in the Junk

I had the privilege of talking with Alex about her life - and the joy of the Lord beams off of every word she speaks! We dove into her paralysis and the events leading up to it, God's faithfulness in low points of our lives, and helpful tips to battle depression. Her faith and story will inspire you just like it inspired me! Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexallenm/ 


15 Sep 2021

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Hallie Ray Light | Her Relationship with Parker McCollum, Making the Hard Decisions for Your Mental Health, and Our Friendship

I sat down with Hallie Ray and we discussed all the things - from her relationship to country artist Parker McCollum, traveling nonstop, preserving your mental health, starting her company with her sisters, and how we became friends. Tune into the first legit episode of Let's Be Real as we dive into the world of Hallie Ray Light!VANITY PLANET LINK: https://deal.vanityplanet.com/madyfischelli-r50Code: MADYFISCHELLI_R50


18 Aug 2021

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