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Haunted Britain Investigations Podcast 3

HBI Podcast Episode 3 is a departure from the first couple of Podcasts as it is the first to be recorded completely on location.  The investigation took place at the Bull in the Thorn Inn in Buxton on the 12th April 2013.

16 Apr 2013

Rank #1

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Haunted Britain Investigations Podcast 2

This is part 2 of the HBI Investigation at Stanley Palace.

3 Apr 2013

Rank #2

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Haunted Britain Investigations Podcast 1

This is the first podcast by Haunted Britain Investigations.  Its the first part of our investigation at Stanley Palace, Chester, UK, carried out in February 2013. We are posting the audio of our investigations to give people the opportunity to see how we do things and to be a part of our investigations. The audio is completely unedited, so even though we have not posted it in the hope of anyone catching EVP's, if you do hear anything that you cant explain please let us know, either via Facebook or Twitter.  These accounts are also for any comments or questions which we would love to hear. Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/HBInvestigations Twitter is @OfficialHBI

17 Mar 2013

Rank #3