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ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments for financial institutions, retailers and processors around the world with its broad and integrated suite of electronic payment software.

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Payment Networks of the Future

Around the world, a number of central banks are engaging with new payments initiatives, whether that be on reducing the cost and improving the speed of cross-border payments, to whether central bank digital currencies may provide efficiency gains within the retail payment space. Mandating financial institutions connect to new payments infrastructure is one model central banks could adopt if looking to drive usage of certain systems. Speaking on Central Banking On Air’s latest podcast episode, Liz Oakes from Mastercard and Somya Patnaik of ACI Worldwide discuss the challenge of ensuring new payments systems are available to members of the public.


26 Oct 2021

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Preparation Essentials: How U.S. Banks Can Prepare for FedNow

With the full launch of FedNow expected in less than 18 months, U.S. banks must act now to be ready. In this podcast, real-time payment experts from ACI Worldwide explore the current landscape of real-time payments in the U.S. and how banks can meet this tight timeline to benefit from FedNow on day one.   Listen now to learn: How FedNow promises to reinvent real-time in the U.S. Key phases and milestones banks must know and hit during the next 18 months The technology approaches and cost considerations to weigh before getting started   Featuring: Craig Ramsey – Head of Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide Greg Schmaderer – Principal Solutions Consultant, ACI Worldwide


14 Sep 2021

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Network Intelligence for Fraud Prevention in Payment Networks and Central Infrastructures

A quiet revolution in AI and machine learning for fraud prevention has been developing over the past year or so. That revolution is Network Intelligence, a model that leverages AI 2.0 technologies to allow central infrastructure owners and payment network operators to facilitate the sharing of information about fraud risks among their community of members, without compromising IP, data privacy or compliance obligations. But how does Network Intelligence work, and how can Chief Data Officers and Chief Risk Officers at these organizations leverage it to drive growth?


6 Aug 2021

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Machine Learning is the Newest Leader in Fraud Prevention

Machine learning is nothing new, but during the pandemic, fraudulent activity hit an all-time high, and its popularity soared. Now, it is the primary tool used for mitigating fraud, and companies like ACI Worldwide are leading the charge in developing algorithms and models to serve each and every one of their customers.   To further discuss the benefits of machine learning and how it can better serve institutions looking to improve their fraud prevention technologies, PaymentsJournal sat down with Patricia Rojas, Senior Manager Data Scientist at ACI Worldwide, and Tim Sloane, VP of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group.


23 Jul 2021

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Strong Customer Authentication Makes Waves in the EU Payments Industry

SCA Implementation for the European Union   With the deadline for merchants in the EU to implement strong customer authentication (SCA) swiftly approaching, merchants must identify key changes needed for compliance. But what exactly are they facing?   In this expert podcast presented by PaymentsJournal, ACI’s Kieran Mongey, manager of solution consulting, merchant retail, explores the challenges at stake for today’s merchants, including: Identifying issues critical to implementation success Ensuring a seamless transaction experience for customers Addressing authentication adoption and the potential increase in issuer-bank declines


16 Jun 2021

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Driving Forces behind the Digital Transformation of the Retail Space


16 Sep 2020

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Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Transformation for Banks

Digital transformation will take many forms, with wide-ranging implications for banks around the world. Listen as ACI chief architect Jack Bloch discusses the opportunities and challenges arising from this transformation, and the impact it will have on new operational processes such as dev ops and value stream mapping.


24 Sep 2019

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The Dynamics of Data for Banks & Financial Institutions | ACI Worldwide

Big Data presents many opportunities for today’s banks. But many questions abound. Who owns this data, you or your customers? Can data really be monetized? How is data influencing AI and other innovations? In this episode, Lu Zurawski explores these questions and more to help you get more from your data.


24 Sep 2019

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Open and Instant Digital Payments | The Role for Fintech | ACI Worldwide

Following on from our first ‘Digital connections’ podcast, we discuss the challenges banks and financial intermediaries face when looking to operate and offer services and products, that leverage the new digital world of instant and open. Dean Wallace, Real-Time and Digital Payments lead, shares where he sees the future of digital over the next 5 years and how ACI is assisting banks to navigate this new 'always on' world.


24 Sep 2019

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Instant and Open Digital Payments | ACI Worldwide

ACI discuss the innovations happening around the globe in instant and open digital payments and the role that FinTechs play in this space.


24 Sep 2019

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