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Welcome to E²! This is a faith-based platform that embraces the harmony between excelling and exhaling. The purpose of this platform is to shift the mindset of a generation by redefining the way young professionals work in excellence. Our goal is to empower them to not only achieve greater but to also take care of the vessel doing the work. Stay tuned for more content, Enjoy. 😉Instagram : @excelexhale

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S1 Ep3: Embracing the Process (The Gap Year)

In a world that's steadily asking you, "what's next???", embracing the process can be very challenging.  In this episode, our special guest Osato Uzamere joins us to share her Gap Year story and how she learned to maneuver the complexities of embracing the process.


21 Jul 2019

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S2 Ep2: Exhaling Through Uncertainty (Beyond The Accolades)

And we are live with S2 EP2! We are continuing the Exhaling Through Uncertainty with episode 2: Beyond The Accolades In this episode Moyosore Abere discusses how she learned to exhale and celebrate the small wins while excelling through her career journey. Tune in & be encouraged


18 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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S2 Ep1: Exhaling Through Uncertainty (Seasons Change)

And S2 EP1 is LIVE! We are kicking off the Exhaling Through Uncertainty series with episode one: Seasons ChangeIn this episode Abisola shares how she learned to exhale and trust God as the seasons of her academic and professional life began to change.Join the convo and don’t forget to share with others!We hope you’re encouraged and even challenged by this EP. Enjoy! 🎧♥️IG : @excelexhale


30 Mar 2020

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S1 Ep5: Embracing the Process (There’s always more)

In this episode, our special guest Tola Akinrolabu joins us to share current takeaways from her journey to becoming a Physician Assistant. We discuss overcoming imposter syndrome, test anxiety, making critical decisions and so much more! -Tune in, be encouraged, & share the pod! 🎧💛


29 Sep 2019

Rank #4

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S1 Ep4: Embracing the Process (Holding on to the Dream)

In this episode our special guest Tekena Abere joins us to share takeaways from his journey to purpose and fulfilment of a God given dream.


11 Aug 2019

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