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Join Dee and Skinny on this wild ride where we explore the thread of humanity that connects us as two women in their 30's living in Nairobi after having also lived abroad for a significant number of years; and also watch that thread unravel at the intersection of our very different lived experiences as a heterosexual and homosexual duo. It's gonna be fun and nothing but good vibes!

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ARE YOU A BABYGIRL? Discussing Finances in Gay and Heteronormative Relationships

Dee and Skinny discuss their experiences with finances in relationships - who spoils who? Who's expected to pick up the bill? Listen to find out!


9 Mar 2022

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Does Your Partner Play A Role In Your Mental Health?

Dee and Skinny discuss the role your partner plays in your mental health.


2 Mar 2022

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What Is The Lesson That's Taking You The Longest To Learn?

You know that one thing that you keep trying to reform or change within yourself but you keep messing up and ending back at square 1? Dee and Skinny discuss the lesson that's taken them the longest to learn in today's episode.


23 Feb 2022

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It's taken some time, but we're back!

Season 2 is FINALLY here! We've had to overcome some hurdles individually and collectively in order to get Season 2 to you - but we're here. In our first episode, we talk about how we each go about structuring our goals for the year. What about you? Have you stuck to your New Year Resolutions? Did you have any? Let us know and thank you so much for being here!


16 Feb 2022

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Fetishisation of Gay People in Kenya

Are gay and lesbian people fetishised in Kenya? Is being queer some form of clout chasing? Join Dee and Skinny on the final episode of Season 1...oh they're in their complete feelings on this one!


13 Oct 2021

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What Even Is Toxic Femininity? Let's Break It Down

This week, Dee and Skinny discuss toxic femininity in relationships, friendships and family.


6 Oct 2021

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Friends With The Ex: No Benefits, Just Friends...Can It Work?

Can you REALLY be friends with your ex? No crossing lines? No benefits, just friends? Join Dee and Skinny as they discuss their personal experiences being friends with exes.


29 Sep 2021

Rank #7

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Where Are You Going? What Time Will You Be Home? Who Are You Meeting and What Do Their Parents Do?

Dee and Skinny haven't lived at home with their parents and siblings in decades in each case. What happens when you move back home and are now suddenly forced to answer questions like  "What time will you be home?" "Who are you going with?"


22 Sep 2021

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I Get A Pass, You Get A Pass, Everybody Gets A Pass: Discussing Free Passes In Monogamous Relationships - Can They Really Work?

Have you ever given your partner a free pass in your relationship? Have you received one? This week, Dee and Skinny discuss their views on whether a free pass can actually be a good thing for a relationship and what it would entail.


15 Sep 2021

Rank #9

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No Sex For 7 Years and Killing Expectations: The Difference Between Dating In Our 20's vs. Our 30's

If you had a time machine and could go back to your first relationship, would you still make the decisions you made? In today's episode we discuss the dating mistakes we made in our teens and 20's, what we've learned in our 30's and what kind of relationships we can tolerate now.


8 Sep 2021

Rank #10