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NHL Veteran Cam Janssen and NHL insider Andy Strickland tackle the latest storylines in hockey and converse with current stars, important executives, and the greatest legends. They'll take you inside the dressing room and into the minds of today's biggest stars along with conversations with the movers and shakers that make up the hockey world. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Cam and Andy are never shy of opinions and information. Welcome to The Cam & Strick Podcast, presented by HairClub.

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Ryan Whitney on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Ryan Whitney, a former 5th overall NHL draft pick whose NHL career included a trip to the Stanley Cup Final as well as a roster spot on the 2010 USA Olympic team. The former defenseman played for several teams including the Pittsburgh Penguins who drafted him out of the USA Hockey National Team Development  Program. While he was a good NHL defenseman, Cam and Strick didn’t invite him on to discuss his hockey career. We are more interested in his career and life after hockey. Whitney has teamed with Paul Bissonnette to form Spitin’ Chiclets, the most popular hockey podcast on the planet. We use our exceptional investigative journalism skills to take us behind the scenes and discover how they do what they do. We ask the questions the people want to know and turned this interview into a wildly entertaining conversation only Cam and Strick can provide. Sit back and pour yourself a little Pink Whitney, and enjoy this raw conversation. 

1hr 13mins

14 Apr 2020

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Sean Avery on The Cam & Strick Podcast

One of the most polarizing players in NHL history joined Cam and Andy in a must-listen conversation. Sean Avery, known for his entertainment on the ice, brings the same energy and personality to this conversation. From his time playing with arguably the most talented team of all time in Detroit to his time in Dallas and New York, Avery doesn't hold back. He even gives his secret on how he came across so many beautiful girls during his time as a single man. Avery gives fashion advice along with the name of a company that will keep your skin looking forever young. Avery has said numerous times he has no regrets from his 10 year NHL career, except for what he says "letting Brett Hull down in Dallas". He also gives his explanation of what he was thinking by getting in Martin Brodeur's face in the Stanley Cup playoffs. If you have a negative opinion or perception of Avery, it'll sure change after listening to this podcast!


26 Nov 2019

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Paul Bissonnette "BizNasty" on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty, joined Cam and Andy for a conversation that makes you laugh, makes you think, and will definitely be the most entertaining thing you'll hear today. With that being said, it's a conversation that takes you all over the place as BizNasty, former NHL'er and co-host of the acclaimed Spitin Chiclets hockey podcast, brings his usual over-the-top personality. Enjoy the latest hilarious interview from Cam and Strick!


20 Dec 2019

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Ryan Reaves on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Cam and Andy go toe-to-toe with Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves, arguably the toughest player in the NHL today. Reaves, one of the most popular players in Vegas, discusses life in sin city, how difficult it was to be traded away from St. Louis, and the impression Sidney Crosby made during his time in Pittsburgh. Find out why Reaves, who stole Janssen's job in St. Louis, may never have made the show if it wasn't for Yan Stastny and Davis Payne! Enjoy the latest episode of the Cam and Strickland pod!


15 Oct 2019

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Daniel Carcillo on The Cam & Strick Podcast

An interview unlike any other...former NHL'er and two-time Stanley Cup champion Daniel Carcillo joins the Cam and Strickland Podcast. Carcillo gets deep and cuts straight to the point. He opens up about his traumatic hazing experience while playing junior hockey in the Ontario Hockey League, asking for a police investigation.  Carcillo says he's since been rehabilitated and feels putting his story out there will help empower other victims and help them in the long run. Carcillo goes on to talk about his NHL experience that he says was fueled by verbal abuse from coaches and injuries which led to him entering the NHL's substance abuse program. He's asking for the NHL to tell the truth in warning players of the inherent risks of playing the sport. Carcillo says the truth will eventually come out in regard to how certain coaches approached their job, he's asking for these individuals be held accountable. Things eventually go sideways and get heated as Andy challenges Carcillo on why he's been so vocal and has become the face of a movement. Carcillo he's not trying to be the face of any movement. A must listen that'll leave your head spinning. 


7 Dec 2019

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Mike Modano on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano needs no introduction. The All-Time leader in goals and points by an American-born player, Modano is one of the true legends of his era. A Stanley Cup winner, Modano also enjoyed international success en route to leaving an incredible mark on the game. Modano gives detailed recollections of his life in and outside of the game of hockey. How he started plying, what led to him bypassing college hockey for the Western Hockey League, and his relationships with Bob Gainey, Ken Hitchcock, and Mike Babcock. Is he still haunted by Babcock preventing him from reaching 1500 games played?  Modano is now working with the Minnesota Wild, did he get Billy Guerin the job? How did he meet and eventually marry the daughter of Hockey broadcaster Joe Micheletti? Why was he stripped of the Captaincy in Dallas?  Get these answers and much more in a tell-all conversation with Mike Modano. 

1hr 11mins

11 Mar 2020

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Mike Keenan on The Cam & Strick Podcast

For the first time since being fired by the St. Louis Blues in 1997, NHL coaching legend Mike Keenan goes in-depth regarding his tumultuous tenure behind the Blues bench. From his rocky relationship with Brett Hull, to acquiring Wayne Gretzky, no stone is left unturned with never before asked questions. "Iron" Mike Keenan, as he was known throughout his coaching career, gives his side of the story as to why he might be the most controversial figure in the history of the St. Louis franchise. There's no question Keenan did things his way en route to winning 672 career NHL games, but not without some regrets. Why did he leave New York and how was he most misunderstood throughout his career? Get these answers and so much more in this incredible conversation. 

1hr 1min

25 Feb 2020

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Andy McDonald on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Longtime NHL forward and Stanley Cup Champion Andy McDonald stopped by The Normal Brand in Ladue to join Cam and Andy. One of the best undrafted free agents to ever play in the NHL, McDonald has rarely talked since retiring in 2013 at the age of 35. McDonald opens up about his struggle with concussions and how his injury impacted his attachment to the game after retiring. He also discusses his friendship with Paul Kariya and winning a Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. McDonald had a great run with the St. Louis Blues and at the height of his career, was one of the best forwards in the game. Now living full-time in St. Louis, McDonald is very active coaching youth hockey with the St. Louis AAA Blues. A highly entertaining and fun interview, a mix of seriousness and ll out hilarious banter! 


12 Nov 2019

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Darren McCarty on The Cam Strick Podcast

Darren McCarty brings instant offense on the Cam and Strick Podcast. A 4-time Stanley Cup winner, McCarty brings a legendary story on and off the ice. After overcoming substance abuse, he tells us how marijuana gave him another chance in life. His energy on the ice gave the Detroit Red Wings confidence and allowed his future Hall of Fame teammates to play their game. He scored one of the biggest goals in Red Wings history while helping to form the "Grind Line" with Kirk Maltby and Kris Draper. McCarty opens up and provides an insight into his life both during and after his career as an NHL player. He takes you inside the Detroit dressing room and into the minds of some of the greatest players and teams in NHL history. His true thoughts on the Colorado Avalanche rivalry and how much hatred there was between the two teams. Find out this and much much more on another amazing episode of the Cam and Strick Podcast...and oh yeah, he gives his thoughts on Mike Babcock. 


3 Mar 2020

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Tie Domi on The Cam & Strick Podcast

One of only two enforcers to play over 1000 NHL games, Tie Domi joined Cam and Strick for one of the most open, honest, and entertaining interviews he's ever done. Domi held nothing back in this tell-all conversation. Enjoy stories from his long playing career, his relationship with Mark Messier, and how he shockingly calls out former New Jersey Devils captain Scott Stevens. Domi is known for his fearlessness on the ice which led to him being included among the greatest enforcers in the history of the game. Now Domi enjoys watching the NHL, primarily the Montreal Canadiens and his son Max. Domi also discusses the devastation of losing one of his best friends in former teammate Wade Belak in this must-listen conversation between Tie Domi and Cam and Strick.   

1hr 16mins

17 Mar 2020

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Tony Twist (Twister) on The Cam & Strick Podcast

 From comic book lawsuits to a career-ending motorcycle accident and everything in between, hear it firsthand from one of the toughest players ever. Tony Twist on the Cam and Strick Podcast.

1hr 30mins

13 Jan 2020

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Martin Brodeur on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Statistically, he's the greatest goaltender to ever play. The legendary Martin Brodeur joined Cam and Andy live for a rare inside glimpse into the career of the Hall of Famer and three-time Stanley Cup winner. From his experience playing on the biggest stage to his transition as an NHL executive, Brodeur tells his experience from his perspective. He discusses the impact former New Jersey Devils boss Lou Lamoriello had on his life and why he was willing to sign in St. Louis after playing his entire career with one organization. Did he know Jordan Binnington was the real deal and why he's decided to keep his family in St. Louis? If you think you know Martin Brodeur, chances are you don't know as much as you might think. Enjoy this exclusive interview on the Cam and Strick Podcast! 

1hr 1min

11 Dec 2019

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Don Cherry on The Cam & Strick Podcast

NHL  and Canadian legend Don Cherry joined the boys for a rare, exclusive interview. They discussed everything from his incredible near 40-year run on Hockey Night In Canada to his beginnings as a coach, and how he was shockingly being fired in what instantly created headline news across North America. Cherry gives us the latest on his relationship with longtime sidekick Ron Maclean and gives us his top 5  NHL players of all time. Pour a cocktail before you sit back and enjoy! 

1hr 2mins

31 Jan 2020

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Matthew Barnaby on Cam & Strick Podcast

One of the most recognizable names in hockey from the 1990s joined the Cam and Strick podcast. Barnaby was one of the most entertaining players of his era and brings the same light-hearted entertainment to this interview. From his dislike of the legendary Dominik Hasek to his respect for Eric Lindros, Barnaby doesn't hold back when discussing the game and his NHL career. Over the course of Barnaby's career he played with some of the biggest names the game has ever seen, known as an agitator who brought fans out of their seats, Barnaby still wishes he would have taken more advantage of his ability to play the game. With that said, he still remains arguably the greatest pest in NHL history. 


4 Nov 2019

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Barry Melrose on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Longtime NHL television analyst Barry Melrose opens up about his incredible life in hockey. Of course he starts the show by pumping Cam’s tires.  Then Melrose explains why drinking beer everyday as a player in the 1970’s was the standard. He won championships at the junior and American League level before coaching Wayne Gretzky and one of the most high-profile teams ever with the Los Angeles Kings. Find out why he returned to coach the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2008.  Melrose is internationally known for his role at ESPN television as the face of the NHL for the network. Melrose even confirms an earlier report from Strickland that ESPN is likely to return to broadcasting NHL games and be a part of the league’s next television agreement. Who’s cooler than Barry Melrose? Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 


23 Oct 2019

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Scott Gomez on The Cam & Strick Podcast

There are literally just a few people in the history of civilization to grow up in Alaska and make it all the way to the National Hockey League. Scott Gomez is one of the rare to accomplish the feat.  Gomez, a two-time Stanley Cup winner, has a long career, one that spanned more than 1,000 NHL games. He won his first Cup as a rookie and though a portion of his focus quickly shifted to the business side of the game, Gomez would win another Stanley Cup in addition to representing USA hockey in the Olympics. He tells some hilarious stories, including the time he made a young Cam Janssen cry during a team flight. His career would take him to the New York Rangers after signing a monster (at the time) free-agent contract. He'd also wind up in Montreal where he met the low point of his career as a player. He went 60 games, spread out over two seasons, without scoring a goal. How did he handle the daily criticism? What's the one piece of advice he learned from Joe Nieuwendyk and Pat Burns? Why did Current Minnesota Wild All-Star Zach Parise only hang out one time with Cam? Did he like coaching, and what was life like growing up in Alaska? Just how Alaskan is he? Get all the answers on this super entertaining episode of the Cam and Strick Podcast! 

1hr 11mins

27 Mar 2020

Rank #16

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Ilya Bryzgalov on The Cam & Strick Podcast

He had a 12-year NHL career, won a Stanley Cup, became an HBO Sports legend, and an Astronomer. Plus he's entertaining as hell and we got him on the Cam and Strick Podcast. From growing up in Russia, his love affair for the galaxy, and his relationship with former Flyers Coach Peter Laviolette, Ilya Bryzgalov is an absolute beauty in every sense of the word. He gives a strong take on the biggest issues plaguing youth hockey in America, and why he's still impressed with Scotty Niedermaier to this day. Plus Bryzgalov asks the question we all want the answer to...what's the relationship between toilet paper and the Coronavirus? Just listen!

1hr 10mins

20 Mar 2020

Rank #17

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Eric Lindros on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Big Eric Lindros stopped by the Cam and Strick Podcast to chat about his incredible life. In hockey. This guy reached Gretzky-like status long before ever stepping foot on an NHL rink. He backed it up too before head injuries derailed his career. He opens up about his head injuries, beef with owners and team executives, and how the Scott Stevens hit changed his life forever. Lindros, a former Hart Trophy winner, Had much of his prime taken away because of injury but still managed to carve out a Hall of Fame career. Why didn’t he want to play for the Quebec Nordiques and how is he most misunderstood? Hear a side of Eric Lindros never heard before. Also, hear Cam refer to a memory that has stood out in his life forever. Cam recalls playing against Lindros in his first-ever NHL preseason game. The only problem is Eric Lindros didn’t play for the flyers at that time. Figure it out Cam!

1hr 3mins

16 Apr 2020

Rank #18

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Theo Fleury on The Cam & Strick Podcast

In one of the most moving interviews ever in the history of the Cam and Strick Podcast, Theo Fleury, former Stanley Cup Champion, NHL Superstar, and Olympic gold medalist, overcame a tumultuous upbringing along with a history of abuse from his former junior hockey coach. An NHL fairytale, fueled by fame, money and glamour, was everything but on the inside for Fleury. Due to drug and alcohol addiction, his life spiralled out of control which led to him blowing through $50 million dollars in earnings and an afterlife with very little to show for a guy that was considered one of the greatest hockey players of his generation. And Fleury is 100% ok with that. His focus has him now fully centered on helping people overcome addiction and mental illness, allowing them to understand there is a better life ahead if you're willing to get the help. He wants to impact people, and he's doing it every day. Speaking to groups and individuals, Fleury doesn't reflect too much on his hockey career nowadays and wants to be remembered as a person who got healthy, turned his life around, and has helped others. You will be better off after listening to this interview in its entirety... it's moving, it's intense, it's educational, and it's inspiring, with a mixture of humor. Fleury gives a hilarious take on today's game and his how would handle i-Pads on an NHL bench!  Theo Fleury joins Cam Janssen and Strickland on the Cam and Strick podcast. 

1hr 6mins

14 Feb 2020

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Jeff O’Neil on The Cam & Strick Podcast

Long NHL player Jeff O’Neil joined the podcast to kick around all things NHL. The entertaining former player turned TSN broadcaster opens up on his thoughts of the game, his career as a player, and life covering the sport in the hockey hotbed of Toronto. Another entertaining interview with one of the best goal scorers of his era. 


18 Nov 2019

Rank #20