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A weekly podcast supporting women in Business at all levels. Grow, connect & learn with esteemed, established and respected guests as well as deep dives into Business trends & topics with Carly on the solo shows.

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Nevertheless, She Persisted, EP06: Jody Yuzik, Managing Nurse on all things covid-19, work life balance & what the future looks like.

In this week’s episode we are so appreciative to speak with Jody Yuzik, a nurse and Manager, working her way through a global pandemic. We discuss all things from how she leads a team of care workers in the Fraser Health Authority that have nearly zero fuel left in their tank, and yet the resiliency and tenacity Nurses bring with them everyday. We discuss what is needed from our Leaders in the Healthcare Sector as well as how Jody juggles that so called, work life balance being a mom of two boys and a wife.


26 May 2021

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NeverTheLess, She Persisted: Episode 5: How this Women Entrepreneur is scaling her business amongst growing Asian Hate Crimes and Covid-19

In this week’s episode we have the privilege of sitting down with another resilient Woman Entrepreneur, Wendy Pham. Wendy is the owner of two beauty salons in White Rock, BC, and she isn’t letting Asian Hate Crimes or Covid-19 stop her from reaching her dreams. In this episode we talk about what has sustained her growth over the years. “I am creating jobs, for my employees to feed their families” – Wendy Pham, Owner of OPN (Ocean Park Nails)  & 16th Avenue Beauty Salon.


19 May 2021

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NeverTheLess, She Persisted: Episode 4: Navigating Tech Farming as a Female Project Manager; Insights & Interesting Conversation with Guest, Lana Hackl of Cubic Farms.

The future of project management is changing, growing & fast. On this episode of NeverTheLess, She Persisted, we talk with esteemed PMP, Lana Hackl, PMP with Cubic Farms. We talk Artificial Intelligence with Farming, Gender Pay Gaps and what it looks like both before & after you study for your PMP designation.So whether, you’re thinking of a career in Project Management or a veteran, listen for interesting tips and trends and see what’s really ahead for the profession as well as navigating the industry as a woman. For more  information on Cubic Farms and Lana's work head to: https://cubicfarms.com/ Cubic Farms provides a unique automated on site commercial-scale food & livestock feed technologies. CubicFarms technologies convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains that profit and protect people, planet, and they economy. Their technologies provide independent and efficient fresh produce and livestock feed supply for every city, community, government, and country 365 days a year.


12 May 2021

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NeverTheLess, She Persisted: Episode 3: Navigating Business & Motherhood through a Black & White Lens

In this episode I have the privilege of a raw and grassroots conversation with Asha, a Black Woman Entrepreneur in the food industry. Asha shares her personal story of getting to where she is today as well as some of the challenges along the way and some new challenges she faces with the recent movement of engaging “black owned businesses”. Asha’s colleague and friend Jess Musoke shares her personal insights in the race discussion as a Jewish Mom raising half black kids and what that looks like in the school system. Oh, and there’s the moment where I basically get “called out” for my early-on unconscious biased towards black folk. It’s not as cringe-worthy as I make it out to sound; but have a listen, subscribe and let us know what you thought!

1hr 3mins

5 May 2021

Rank #4

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NeverTheLess, She Persisted: Episode 2 The Urban Mom

In this episode we meet with Amanda Breen, otherwise known as, The Urban Mom. Amanda is a writer, photographer, videographer with a passion for sharing stories. With her family of 5, they share experiences, tips and ideas that inspire families to make memories right here in British Columbia. Amanda’s company, The Urban Mom works with other companies to create brand awareness - to be seen, heard and trusted by moms. The Urban Mom inspires families and empowers them with time-saving info and ideas, showing them that it is possible to create fun memories with easy, short stay-cation type trips and adventures. Professionally, Amanda is an Advertising and Marketing Consultant for a large Canadian Media group in Vancouver. For over 10 years she has been helping her clients grow with strong advertising messaging and strategies on sharing their unique story to their target audience.


29 Apr 2021

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NeverTheLess, She Persisted_Episode 1

Episode one gives a brief, five minute introduction to your host, Carly Smith. Who she is, her experience & better yet what YOU can expect from our weekly podcast.


30 Nov 2020

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