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Listening to Malachi explores the supposed impossible in conspiracy theories and the paranormal. Narrated by the mysterious Malachi, the show contains stories, audio recordings, and eye witness testimony that will rob even the bravest of a good night's sleep.

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Session 4: The Murder of Mrs. Hawkins

It starts with a beautiful woman sunbathing in her front yard while lustful eyes watch from close by. In this sleepy community the dark secrets and desires run longer than the pristine picket fences and freshly mowed lawns. With a confession letter written in the killer's own hand, Malachi recounts the stalking and murder of two people and urges his dear listeners to help him find the killer.


2 Jul 2018

Rank #1

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Session 3: The Chain Letter

Malachi talks about the chain letter email phenomena of the 1990's. He also recounts a supposed true story of a young man who became haunted by an entity unleashed by his refusal to follow the rules of a chain letter sent by a friend.


1 Jun 2018

Rank #2

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Session 2: Aurora

Malachi receives an email from a paranormal investigator who claims to have captured evidence of the famous 'Aurora', a woman who disappeared over a century ago on a dark road outside Myrtle Hill Cemetery.


2 May 2018

Rank #3

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Session 1: The Pilot

Meet the mysterious Malachi who is about to take you on a journey through the supposed impossible in his great search for the truth. Believe or not that is your choice, but make it wisely, for the world you will see depends on it. In this pilot episode Malachi talks about the hijacking of radio station WXPX by unknown persons or entities. This episode comes complete with a recording of the hijacking and is played in its original, unedited broadcast.


20 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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