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Her Upland Podcast explores bird hunting topics with straight to the point (see what we did there!) information. We bring on experts in the field, listeners share their input on the subject, and we hold roundtable discussions that we fondly refer to as ‘Bitch Sessions'. So join us for hunting conversations like you’ve never heard before! A Project Upland Podcast.

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#10| Training Your Body and Brain for Hunting Season

Roundtable Session: The physical preparation and the mind game of upland bird chasing is a huge part of the craft. We chat about holistic training for the upland bird hunter with Lindsay Persico, a hunting fitness and nutrition coach. Don’t miss the super relevant gear tips and discussion at the end of this episode! --------------------------------------- Thank you to HerUpland Partner: Dakota283 - Use Promo Code 'HerUpland10' for 10% off


1 Jul 2021

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#9| Making Mentorship Mutually Rewarding

Bird hunting is a craft that’s very hard to learn from books and YouTube. Mentoring and being mentored is an invaluable aspect of learning to hunt different birds, training/hunting over dogs, and wingshooting. In this crowd source episode we ask people that are new to bird hunting and being mentored right now as well as those that have done significant amounts of mentoring to share about their advice and experiences, good and bad, and what has been the most helpful in their journeys. Thank you to HerUpland Partner: Dakota283 - Use Promo Code 'HerUpland10' for 10% off


17 Jun 2021

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#8| The Tastiest Little Ducks

Expert Session: Many claim that teal are some of the finest tasting of the duck species. Waterfowl and Wetland Specialist Barbara Avers works for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and loves to hunt these beautiful birds. She will discuss the migration timing of these ducks, the status of their populations, as well as providing a few tips on calling, decoying, and cooking techniques for these waterfowl species that fly like fighter jets. Thank you to HerUpland Partner: Dakota283 - Use Promo Code 'HerUpland10' for 10% off


10 Jun 2021

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#7| Bustin' Clays w/Emi Smith

Bitch Session: Let’s talk about one of our favorite off-season pastimes: Bustin’ clays! In this episode, Hannah and Courtney are joined by Emi Smith, one of the top female trap shooters in Montana, as they discuss practicing their shotgunning, their trials and tribulations with gun fit, competitive clay shooting, and how they seek out instruction but not too much of it. Don’t miss this episode where the gals talk through their unique journeys with wingshooting, the challenges they encountered, and what is working for them in their individual quests to bag more birds. Gear Tips: Courtney - Rockets Earplugs Hannah - Zamberlan boots with Superfeet inserts Emi - Pilla Eyewear


3 Jun 2021

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#6|Why Try Non-Lead Hunting Ammunition?

Crowdsource Session: Wildlife and human health are at risk of lead exposure from spent hunting ammunition. Lead ammunition is cheap, packs a punch, and is readily available. The critters that feed on spent pellets, gut piles or un-retrieved birds can consume tiny lead fragments but it’s often enough to kill them. In this episode we hear from numerous people researching the impacts of lead and talking about the use of non-lead ammo in hunting.


27 May 2021

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#5|Sooty Grouse-Hunting a Ventriloquist

In the Alaska spring you can hunt the sooty grouse, while those of us in the lower 48 must wait until fall. To learn about this sneaky bird that can seemingly act like a ventriloquist, in this Expert Session we hear from Mikal Cline, Upland Game Bird Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. We ask her about what makes this bird unique, where they dwell, and how they are hunted. Project Upland article “Splitting the Blue Grouse into the Sooty and Dusky Grouse” https://projectupland.com/grouse-species/blue-grouse-hunting/blue-grouse-2/ https://projectupland.com/grouse-species/blue-grouse-hunting/how-to-hunt-sooty-grouse-during-the-spring-hoot/


13 May 2021

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#4|Solo Hunting w/ Heather Shaw

Bitch Session: We discuss solo hunting providing tips on planning, scouting, safety, gear and weather considerations. Courtney and Hannah are joined by Heather Shaw to talk about their solo hunting successes, their failures, the good stories and the bad, and maybe even some of the ugly. In this chat we talk a lot about the “head games” we play, and sometimes lose, with ourselves to keep confident when hunting alone.


6 May 2021

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#3|Preparing Your Young Bird Dog For Next Season

Crowd Source Session: Many people brought new puppies into their households last year. A lot of those pups had their first hunting season at 4-9 months old. In this Crowd Source Session, we hear from a variety of different dog trainers on this question: What should owners be working on this spring and summer with their pups to better prepare and clean up some of the bad habits before this coming season?


29 Apr 2021

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#2| Gobble Your Heart Out? No, Just Yelp, A Little

Expert Session: Today, in our third seat we have Naomi Coates, who’s coming to us from Michigan and sharing her perspective as a turkey hunter from the eastern half of the U.S. Turkey season is ON for many across the country. The snow is coming off the hills, the wildflowers are peeking out and we are sooo ready to get out into the woods after some thunder chickens. The Project Upland community is well-acquainted with Fred Bird and we are stoked about his new podcast Morning Thunder so who better than him to give us a low-down on chasin’ toms and exploring how your tactics need to change throughout the season.


22 Apr 2021

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#1|Nemesis Bird + Season Recap and 2021 Plans

Bitch Session: In this episode the hosts talk about what went down in their 2021 seasons and how they are each planning out the 2021 hunting seasons. To make the most of the hunting months, vacation time, and kid-care, the co-hosts will share their strategies and talk about the hunts they have in the works.


22 Apr 2021

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