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Podcast of survival and preparedness expert, founder of FieldCraft Survival, and former Green Beret and CIA contractor Mike Glover.

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0027 - Richard Barnes on CBN and Sleep

This week, Richard Barnes, COO and Founder of Biokan and Slumber joins Mike on the podcast to discuss the science behind CBN and the importance of getting a good night's rest. Richard holds a chemical engineering degree from North Carolina State University, and shares his knowledge about how CBD/CBN can improve your sleep.  Find out more about Slumber, the science behind CBD/CBN, and how you can get a better night's rest at www.slumbercbn.com Special thanks to the sponsors of this week's episode of the Mike Force Podcast:  The Wolf 21 - An all natural, plant based sleep aid. Visit www.thewolf21.com and us code "mikeforce15" to save 15% on your next order.  Athletic Greens - Supplement your nutrition and boost your health in one easy step. Visit www.athleticgreens.com/mikeforce and get your FREE one year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs today. LMNT Recharge - Rehydrate and stay on mission with LMNT Recharge. Visit www.drinklmnt.com/mikeforce to get a FREE 7 pack sampler, just pay shipping. 


26 Jul 2021

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0026 - Eddie Gallagher (Live)

This special edition of the Mike Force Podcast was recorded in from of a live audience and features a Q&A session with the listeners, Mike, and special guest former Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher.  Chief Gallagher shares his incredible story of survival after being unjustly accused of war crimes and being imprisoned for eight months before trial. Chief Gallagher narrowly escaped an extreme injustice at the hands of the US government, and now he and his family are fighting to protect other service members and first responders from the same kind of wrongful accusations and treatment that Chief Gallagher and his family suffered. You can find out more, donate, or apply for assistance through the Pipe Hitter Foundation at https://www.pipehitterfoundation.org Follow Eddie on Instagram @ eddie_gallagher and find him on the web at:  https://www.theeddiegallagher.com https://www.eddiegallagherbook.com https://www.pipehitterfoundation.orgThis episode was sponsored by LMNT Recharge. Leading an active mission-first lifestyle can leave you dehydrated and depleted. Replenish your electrolytes and rehydrate with LMNT Recharge to continue your mission.  Visit www.drinklmnt.com/mikeforce to get a free sample pack, just pay shipping. 


19 Jul 2021

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0025 - Kyle Lamb

Kyle Lamb, a 21-year-plus United States Army Veteran, with over 15 years of that time in the 1st SFOD-D Delta Force. He served in missions such as Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq, and the famous battle in Mogadishu, Somalia that is portrayed in the 2001 Academy Award winning film Black Hawk Down. Kyle now owns and operates Viking Tactics. You can follow Kyle's work on Instagram @vikingtactics and on his website, www.vikingtactics.com This episode of the Mike Force Podcast was sponsored by The Wolf 21, a natural plant-based sleep aid. Visit www.thewolf21.com and use code "mikeforce15" at checkout to get 15% off. For more survival content follow Mike on Instagram @mike.a.glover and his company FIELDCRAFT Survival @fieldcraftsurvival and online at www.fieldcraftsurvival.com

1hr 4mins

12 Jul 2021

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0024 - Pete Blaber

Pete Blaber commanded at every level of one of the most elite counter-terrorist organizations in the world during most of recent history's most significant military and political events (Panama, Colombia, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq). In 2006 he retired from the military and transitioned from leading elite combat teams around the globe, to leading elite corporate teams for one of the world's largest and most innovative biotechnology companies. Pete is the author of "The Mission, The Men, and Me," and "The Common Sense Way." You can find Pete's books and more resources at www.peteblaber.com and connect with Pete on Instagram @blaberpete This episode was sponsored by The Wolf 21 All Natural Plant-Based Sleep Aid. Shop www.thewolf21.com and use code "mikeforce15" at checkout to save 15% on your order. 

1hr 55mins

5 Jul 2021

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0023 - Responsible Citizen

Mike describes the concept of what a responsible citizen is in modern survival. 


29 Jun 2021

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0022 - Emma Calder

Emma Calder was the sole survivor of a tragic accident that took her entire family. Listen to her story of survival.


22 Jun 2021

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0021 - Training and Culture

In this episode Mike discusses the importance of teaching sound and relevant tactics and how not doing so shapes culture in a negative way.


14 Jun 2021

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0020 - Kevin P. Owens

With Kevin Owens on growing pains and Fieldcraft East standup.


9 Jun 2021

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0019 - Memorial Day

Mike talks about the meaning behind Memorial Day and shares clips from a recent conversation with Tim Kennedy about social media, education, and the importance of doing your own research.


1 Jun 2021

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0018 - Amber Elle

With Amber Elle, Fieldcraft Survival family preparedness expert. Wife, home schooler, and self reliance advocate. Mike and Amber discuss upcoming training for women and families, and lessons learned from her last road trip.https://www.instagram.com/ms.amber.elle/

1hr 2mins

25 May 2021

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