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Kevin Mullins and Neale James present The FujiCast Photography Show, a podcast for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Featuring special photographer guests, gear reviews, Fujifilm camera tips and your questions.

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#120 Daily cast NEWS and socially distanced street

An announcement today on when the daily shows will make way for every Monday again. Today we talk street photography and ask if there is a good lens for social distanced shooting, plus lights, keeping it simple and sound for that video work. As always, complete links to all we talk about on www.fujicast.co.uk 


20 May 2020

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#48 Success, is it hard work or just plain luck? Make 2020 your year!

In 2020, book less but charge double. Is that as simple as it sounds though? How can you achieve success? Is it hard work or luck? Also this week we talk with James Lawrence who has the job of training clergy at the Church of England. Finally a man who can help us as photographers when it comes to that frosty welcome we sometimes find when entering church as a professional. And, should you hire a retoucher? James Lawrence: https://jcl-photography.weebly.com/ Kevin and Neale's sites: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/

1hr 19mins

13 Jan 2020

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#16 From Nikon's D750 to Fujifilm's X-T3 with Reggie B

This week we chat about business, shooting alone, street law plus San Francisco wedding and portrait photographer Reggie Ballasteros talks about his move from the Nikon D750 to FujiFilm X-T3, how it's changed his photography and why he made the swap. http://reggiebphotography.com/ Presets: http://reggiebphotography.com/fujifilm-preset https://www.simplr.us/ https://www.nealejames.com/ https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk/

1hr 14mins

3 Jun 2019

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#119 It's TECH FREE TUESDAY - the most eclectic yet!

Eclectic is a word we've use a bit of late, but today's Tech Free Tuesday is certainly that. Tuesday's have become the 'let yer hair down day' where we get personal and conversational about life outside photography as much as in. Thank you to those who pose the stranger and more amusing questions. Just some light relief between all the photography questions we get to. Tomorrow back to books and photography.


19 May 2020

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#39 Robert Capa, the best war photographer ever?

For those listening November 11, this is of timely importance, since it's Armistice Day. So with a respectful nod to photographers who paid the ultimate personal price whilst making pictures in war zones, special guest Giles Penfound, former army photographer discusses the reality of working in those places that most of us would not dare tread - and he talks about the life and work of Robert Capa. Also this week, has Mullins turned into a flash user, hear Neale's most embarrassing photo moment and what happened when Kev got stuck in a lift on a photoshoot. X-Weddings last chance to book! https://www.x-weddings.co.uk/ Mullins weddings: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk/ Neale's weddings: https://www.nealejames.com  Giles Penfound: https://www.gilespenfound.co.uk/ 

1hr 19mins

11 Nov 2019

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#34 Why do my pics look c$@p? And shhh, some XP3 talk!

This week the show comes from Chez Kev, or Studio Mullins if you will, as we go on the road for a couple of weeks during Kevin's busy speaking season. Neale tackles Kev with a below the belt XP3 question or two and you ask Jeremy Daalder, owner of Image Science a clutch of questions about colour calibration, monitors, printing and whether we really need to worry about all that stuff anyway in a segment we could have called 'Why do my pics look so c$@p.'  Simplr straps: https://simplr.us  Image Science: https://imagescience.com.au/  Kevin Mullins: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk  Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com  X-Weddings: https://www.x-weddings.co.uk 

1hr 12mins

7 Oct 2019

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#46 Behind the scenes and best of the guests pt 1

The first of two parts where we take you behind the scenes and play back some of our favourite moments and guests. And if publishing a photography book is a new year resolution, then you'll want to hear the whole show!  https://www.fujifcast.co.uk/theboys http://www.seantucker.photography/ https://www.chrisfloyd.com/ http://ameliatroubridge.com/ https://100strangersandtheirdogs.wordpress.com/author/freeekmusic/ https://www.houghtonphoto.com/


30 Dec 2019

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#38 Being a press photographer with guest Paul Rogers

This week special guest Paul Rogers talks about becoming a press photographer and his transition to wedding photography as Fleet Street started to close the photo desks. Favourite photo books revealed, and Mullins talks about his new favourite film emulation. Paul Rogers: https://rogerspictures.com  Simplr Straps: https://simplr.us  Mullins online: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk  X-Pro3 review: https://www.f16.click  Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com Last tickets remaining for X-Weddings! https://www.x-weddings.co.uk 

1hr 1min

4 Nov 2019

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#81 ASK ANDREAS - a special edition

The daily photo podcast goes a little more on brand today although we think it's a great listen for all flavours, in terms of understanding what the camera companies are doing at this time for their customers. Andreas Georghiades the Marketing Manager for Fujifilm UK takes questions that you wrote in with. Also a throw forward to a second special tomorrow as we speak to 'our man' in Manila, photographer Gary Tyson. Write to the show: click@fujicast.co.uk 


11 Apr 2020

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#69 Mentored by Bill Brandt, the incredible documentarian Fran May

MAIN SHOW MONDAY as we've been calling it talks today to respected British documentary photographer Fran May. Her honest pictures of Britain during the power strikes and financially turbulent times of the 70s are now the subject of a book featuring pictures that Bill Brandt, her mentor, commented would one day form a precious and important portfolio. As always your questions to click@fujicast.co.uk and Kev's photo book review. Fran May: https://www.franmayphotography.com/

1hr 10mins

30 Mar 2020

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#66 When this is all done, how to flourish as a photographer

Today, a list of stuff to do daily, should I posting my wedding pics right now and Bryan Caporicci on what happens when the doors open again for business? Who will prosper and how can you flourish. And Kev talks of the days he used to walk 22 miles as a street photographer. Sprout Studios business for photographers: https://getsproutstudio.com/ Send your thoughts, questions and stories into click@fujicast.co.uk 


27 Mar 2020

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#78 Tips for a fledgling photo business

In today's episode we answer the five 'big' questions posed by a new photographer two years into his business. We have Kev's 'Book you should buy when it's safe to spend money again' and there's another Daily Photo Challenge. Send your questions for the show to click@fujicast.co.uk 


8 Apr 2020

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#103 Bought the teeshirt, worn it, and shot it too! Commercial and day in the life work

Our Sunday guest is established commercial shooter Stuart Bingham, who has not just bought and worn the teeshirt, but shot it too. He talks about the tentacle like nature of commercial work where one commission can lead to so many others. ALSO, how to shoot Day in the Life sessions with Kev. Remember to keep sending your tech and non tech photography questions in so that we can chat about your passions and businesses. Send to: click@fujicast.co.uk  Find all links to Stuart's work and the topics we talk about by going to https://www.fujicast.co.uk


3 May 2020

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#116 Sharks, waves and photography, meet Russell Ord

It's Saturday, so it's interview time! Today, Russell Ord, a Fujifilm X-Photographer who is one of the world's best loved surf photographers. He's fearless and shares his tips for making pictures in the harshest of environments. Also, black and white, can you make a living from it? Send your questions to click@fujicast.co.uk See Russell's work: https://www.russellordphoto.com/


16 May 2020

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#36 I trained to be a war photographer! Ondrej Vachek

This week on the show, Ondrej Vachek talks about funding his own trips and training to photograph in The Ukraine. A fascinating insight into a photographer's mind who pays to go to places most of us wouldn't dare. We also talk about the name of the show! What's new on the Fujifilm lens roadmap and hear Mullins fall apart, just for a moment when faced with that, shhh, B word! Ondrej's website: https://www.ondrejvachek.com  That anniversary link we talk about: http://bit.ly/2OYVdA8  Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com  Kevin Mullins: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk  X-Weddings: https://www.x-weddings.co.uk  Simplr straps: https://simplr.us 

1hr 6mins

21 Oct 2019

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#80 Pictures you shouldn't show your client & QUIZ TIME

You've been particularly great with your questions of late and today, one for Kevin he wasn't quite expecting; pictures that should never leave the edit suite. There's another Daily Photo Challenge and it being a Friday, the new photography quiz. Keep your questions, thoughts and lockdown stories coming in to click@fujicast.co.uk 


10 Apr 2020

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#3 Finding your photo mojo with guest Patrick La Roque, zooms, primes and your questions

This week Kevin and Neale's special guest Patrick La Roque takes to the road to reignite his passion for photography in part one of a two part mini series. The lads cover everything from Victorian death pictures, to zooms versus primes and a surprise contact from one of the subjects in Darcy Padilla's seminal work; Family Love.


18 Feb 2019

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#58 THE FUJICAST goes DAILY! Photographers against Covid-19!

Of course it'll be different for every country, but here in the UK and much of the world, measures taken by our governments mean that normality is on hold. So we want to throw our closed sign round to read open. We'll be doing a five day a week daily photo show, with the occasional weekender I'm sure. We'll start by addressing the elephant in the room, but from then on, we want to hear from photographers of all kinds and makes of camera. Photographers against Covid-19. Email in to: click@fujicast.co.uk 


19 Mar 2020

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#87 Will Kev and Neale be throwing in the photography towel?!?!

Well the questions get personal today. We also talk GAS and whether it's really necessary to have every piece of new kit plus it's the Friday Bar Nuts Quiz to test your photo knowledge. Answers Monday plus Kev brings the final Daily Photo Challenge of the week. Don't forget to keep emailing your questions and what you're doing during lockdown to click@fujicast.co.uk 


17 Apr 2020

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#4 Finding your photo mojo part 2, street shooting law and Fujifilm Q&A

This week on the show Kevin and Neale play part 2 of special guest Patrick la Roque's story on finding your photo mojo. Kevin talks about the legality of street photography and there are Q&As on destination weddings. Contact the show: click@fujicast.co.uk See more of Kevin's work: www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk The resource for Fujifilm photographers: https://f16.click/ See more of Neale's work: www.nealejames.com 


25 Feb 2019

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