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There’s No Honeymoon in Hillsongland Part 2

Grace and I pick up where Part 1 left off and move into the realm of salacious discussion and juicy commentary on the likes of Brian H. Carl Lentz and what we think on all that.  Grace is on fire so don't miss her ideas and thoughts as she brings back the freshest opinions from the inside out...  Come chat with us about married and unmarried life... in leadership and the front rows... in Part 2 of this special chat. Let's talk! Producer : Kimberly Robinson :)


23 Oct 2022

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There’s No Honeymoon at Hillsong Part 1

Grace is back ! Our semi reg cohost joins me for a late night chat about deconstruction, adjusting to life in the outside world... marriage.. family.. and what the hell has she been told?  Only out of Hillsong culture for 2 years, Grace shares her insights fresh from the hothouse and out in the sun! We had a lot of fun with this and hope you will too. Come chat!\ Producer: Kimberly Robinson


13 Oct 2022

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Lindsay Duncan - A Bit Tricky to Deal With

Lindsay Duncan is a faithful listener of the Leaving Hillsong pod and he has recently published his second book, Becoming Ben - From God to Gay. He sat down with me to talk about writing this time, how he creates his fiction, and why oh why he put himself through it! Lindsay is a psychologist with over 30 years' experience and he also shares his lived experience in the pentecostal movement including coming face to face with Frank Houston in the late 60's at a youth camp.  This is a warm and wise conversation with a warm and wise man.  These are some great pearls being dropped here so join us please and settle in for some old time charismatic history and what changed... come chat! Producer : Kimberly Robinson


3 Oct 2022

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A Bit of a Tyrant Part 2

Dave started up as a youth pastor, but as he tell us, "everything great they said would happen DID happen... after I left.." But it wasn't an easy path and Dave had to find his way out of a psychiatric maze of medication and diagnoses... and on the path to his own happiness along with his wife.  In Part 2 we discuss Dave's regrets about the role he played in driving the Vision of Hillsong and the orders he followed and gave... It's such an urgent and important conversation as so many people have these lingering worries about what was done to them but what they allowed, or saw, or perpetuated. In the name of God.  Pull up your beanbag and let's spill the beans on Leaving Hillsong when you cringe looking back!  Let's talk! Producer : Kimberly Robinson 


2 Oct 2022

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A Bit of a Tyrant

How much of the damage done at Hillsong is the fault of the every day person? Of the leaders? Of the people up top?  We start opening the dynamics of this power and how abusive systems perpetuate by talking with Dave who spent 13 years following his 9th grade conversion experience dedicated to making the world a better place for God with his youth group.  Looking back though, he worries about the influence he had as he rose up in the leadership ranks and we talk about how that happened and what to make of it.  Join us for this important discussion about a happy kid who wanted to hang out with his friends and use his energetic, fun loving personality to bring about change for humanity and wound up thinking it had all disappeared... Producer : Kimberly Robinson


25 Sep 2022

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Tom Tilley -The Life I Didn’t Even Know I Would Get to Have (but Felt So Right)

Tom Tilley has been known for over 15 years around Australian music circles and media, working as a journalist on Triple J's Hack program, the Australian ABC and on commercial networks.  And while his friends and colleagues knew he'd grown up in a religious home and church, they didn't really understand. So Tom released a book this year called Speaking in Tongues, and he joins me and Fiona who was also a CRC kid (see A Pentecostal Agenda) to talk about writing that book and what this coming out has been like!  It's a very thoughtful and revealing conversation about a young man finding his way and now, looking back at how he got there in the face of unusual barriers.  See the book giveaway on Facebook and Instagram too! Come chat!  producer: Kimberly Robinson


18 Sep 2022

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A One Star Review Part 2

How do you solve a problem like Mesiti? Who are these men who make the decisions over our worlds as religious devotees?  What do you do when a roving evangelist has a prophecy over your life? You do what Luc did and fulfil your family's dreams, and, God's.. or so he thought.  Join Luc and me while we discuss the different influences of Hillsong and the CLC movement and the huge effects it had on his life, then and now....  Luc has had a long and winding road and he's not apologetic for the stance he's taking, and one that's cost him so very much to make.  So pull up a couch and come chat with us about #leavinghillsong and what life was like for Luc after....


11 Sep 2022

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A One-Star Review

What would you do if you were given an ultimatum to choose between your family and your faith?  Luc gives Pentecostalism a one-star review and he's got a bunch of reasons why. That scenario is just one of them... Luc joins us to discuss growing up AoG and CLC and Hillsong.. and what he saw, felt, and heard along the way...  There are so many stories in this one that it's a 2 parter and a few content warnings that may be distressing... or just your childhood if you grew up fundie Christian.  So join us please! As we revisit the good old days of CLC and Hillsong's meteoric rise in one man's life...  Talk then! Producer: Kimberly Robinson


4 Sep 2022

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A World of Trouble Part 1

Where does the money at Hillsong go?  The oldest question in the book, Natalie Moses, a former employee, currently stood down with pay, has filed a complaint in the Federal Court that she saw a lot of where it went and it was corrupt, unethical, illegal and fraudulent.  On this episode, we speak with solicitor, former AoG/ACC executive officer, and PhD candidate  in this field Alex Spencer about what this complaint means for Ms. Moses and for Hillsong's future.  You won't want to miss this one!  Part 2 will be Barry Bowen from Trinity Foundation taking it from a global level because Hillsong may well be in a world of trouble.  Come be part of this chat and bring your notebook cos wow! Producer: Kimberly Robinson


29 Aug 2022

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A World of Trouble Part 2

Barry Bowen from the Trinity Foundation in Texas (trinity.fi.org) joins me today as a TV evangelist investigator and researcher, reporter and journalist to discuss Natalie Moses's case from a US point of view.  Ms Moses's allegations include shuffling money on off to the US and Barry talks us through some of the  the ramifications of what this means.  Then we have a little chat about What Would Carl Lentz Do next?  It's super great. Enjoy and just leave Hillsong as soon as you can if you haven't already. Please? Come chat. This is just incredible! Producer: Kimberly Robinson


28 Aug 2022

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