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This is an audio show from the author of the wrestling columns series, "From the Eye of the Dragon." It features exclusive news stories, commentary, and much, much more on the world of professional wrestling!

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Tap OUT Podcast: WrestleMania 23 Preview!

Dragon Talk Podcast finally returns under a new name and look: Tap OUT Podcast! To commemerate this debut episode, Tap OUT host Tim Wronka was joined by his good friend and wrestling extraordinairre, James Argento! Tim and James talked for an hour about all the WrestleMania matches, and who's going to win and what we should expect. They also threw in some conversation about steroids, backstage news, Hulk Hogan and the 2007 Hall of Fame!So what are you waiting for? Click play and listen to wresting opinion as never before heard about WrestleMania 23!Length: 60 minutes.Remember to leave your comments and send to a friend!

1hr 5mins

28 Mar 2007

Rank #1

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Survivor Series Review with Special Guest Host!

Dragon Talk Podcast came through once again with another great show, and this one may be its best yet! Tim had a special guest on, and that was James Argento! James is a good friend of Tim's and is one of the most knowledgable peope out there when it comes to wrestling.So join these two as they not only talk about Survivor Series, but everything from TNA to NCAA football!Length: Approx. 45 minutes.Don't forget to send to a friend!


1 Dec 2006

Rank #2

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Why TNA, Why?

Dragon Talk Podcast is back this time around with an in-depth review of TNA Genesis! Join Tim Wronka as he rants and raves about the train wreck that was this event. He also talks about current trends in TNA, as well as some WWE topics! Don't miss this great show!Length: 23 min.Remember to leave comments and send to a friend!


21 Nov 2006

Rank #3

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TNA Sting: Return of an Icon DVD Review!

Join Tim for this exclusive review of TNA's latest DVD release, Sting: Return of an Icon! Listen as Tim gives you his opinion, tells you about the content, rants, and much, much more!And at the end ... Tim has a special question for all of you!Length: Approx. 20 minutes.


3 Nov 2006

Rank #4

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Bound For Glory Preview!

Join Tim for this exclusive preview of TNA's biggest event ever!


22 Oct 2006

Rank #5

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Kurt Angle in TNA: Good or Bad?

It's real... it's damn real.... Tim's here to talk about Kurt Angle in TNA!Why did Kurt go there?What's going to happen?How will Kurt fit in?Will he survive?All these questions and more, so make sure to give this a listen!Length: 32 min.Make sure to leave feedback, and send to a friend!


28 Sep 2006

Rank #6

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TNA Woes!

Length: 19:07Listen to Tim as he rants and raves about TNA's latest decisions, including booking, new talent, and much, much more! You don't want to miss this rant!


22 Sep 2006

Rank #7

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Unforgiven Preview

Length: Approx. 20 minutesAfter a several month absence, Dragon Talk Podcast is back with an Unforgiven Preview! Don't miss this show as Tim has a lot to say about this RAW PPV!


17 Sep 2006

Rank #8

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Dragon Talk, Episode 4

Length: 18:22My experience LIVE at TNA's Final Resolution! Plus in-depth talk on Angle and Edge's title wins! This is the best show yet, so don't miss it!!!


18 Jan 2006

Rank #9

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Dragon Talk, Episode 3

Length: 10:45Talk on Jeff Jarrett and more!


15 Dec 2005

Rank #10