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Chatting Crit: A Steel City Underworlds Podcast

Tom Bond and Michael Carlin from the Steel City Underworlds Blog host a new Warhammer Underworlds Podcast designed to improve your competitive miniatures game. Want to understand what a metagame is? Want to build the best deck you can for the warbands you love? Want to be as prepared as possible for your next big tournament? This podcast will get you ready for your next Grand Clash, get listening!

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Objectively Objectifying Objective Objectives

Episode 3 of Chatting Crit is here to objectify objective play in all its glory.  Nicoló Ciuppani guest features on the podcast, fresh off of his brilliant run at the Warhammer World Grand Clash to go through how to build and play objective style decks to the max. Join myself (Tom Bond), Michael Carlin and Nic as we explore why objective play is so strong, talk about what cards to include in your decks, and how to approach key matchups on the board. This is objectively the best podcast you will ever listen to.

2hr 12mins

23 Feb 2020

Rank #1

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The Underworlds Dojo: How to Practice Effectively

Once you have your ideal Warhammer Underworlds deck crafted, your objectives and power cards chosen, you will want to take it to the tabletop to get the practice started! Join Tom Bond, Michael Carlin and guest Dan Smedley as we talk about how to practice in the most efficient and effective way. We cover setting goals for practice sessions, practice techniques and common practice pitfalls. Join us in the Underworlds Dojo to get lean for the next Grand Clash!

1hr 6mins

3 May 2020

Rank #2

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Taking Control of the Beastgrave

Episode 4 coming straight to your door, but being left there and we will stand 2 metres away to make sure you receive it safely. Tom, Mike and Sandro stay well away from eachother and everyone else as we talk about every aspect of the control archetype. We come from a somewhat different angle as we assess the history of control, talking about Relics, Turtlecast and Tome Mollog. We assess what makes control tick, and divulge some top card choices for their decks. Finally we talk through how to control every matchup we come across, priming you for your next tournament. Want to cement your hold on the Underworlds, manipulate your opponents and cackle madly as your warband foils every enemy plan you encounter? Buckle in, and prepare to take control.

2hr 40mins

22 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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The Aggro Archetype: "Do You Even Crit Bro?!"

Welcome to Episode 2 of Chatting Crit! Join Myself (Tom Bond), Michael Carlin and this episodes guest, the beautiful Dan Jones as we venture through the history of aggro play and talk about the varying warbands and styles on offer. We cover key deck-building tips, and then discuss the match-ups you might find yourself in when you take your aggro deck to a tournament. If you want to sharpen you blades, hone your axes, and polish Snirks massive ball, listen in as we divulge all in spectacular, gory, limb-severing detail!

2hr 17mins

27 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Meta Matters

The first episode of Chatting Crit, called Meta Matters, is out now! Aman Singh Khusro helps us define and dissect the Warhammer Underworlds meta in our first foray into the audible arena. If you're at all wondering how to work out whats strong for the next grand clash, give it a listen! We talk through old metas and how they came about,followed by a look at the current meta and why it exists the way it does. We even dabble in some anti-meta discussion, so you can surprise opponents at your next big tournament. Take your miniatures game to the next level with the Chatting Crit Podcast!

1hr 31mins

4 Jan 2020

Rank #5