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Ops Cast, by MO Pros (www.themopros.com), is a podcast for Marketing Operations Pros by Marketing Ops Pros. Hosted by Michael Hartmann, Mike Rizzo & Naomi Liu

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EP 19 - The View of Marketing Ops from the CMO’s perspective

In this episode we have a conversation with Paul Mosenson, who has led marketing, to get his perspective on Marketing Ops, Revenue Ops, and more. We touch on things like the value that the CMO sees in marketing ops, how to position marketing operations to be a part of the strategic GTM conversations and the need for ops to be creative AND analytical.Recorded live on July 29, 2021.


30 Jul 2021

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EP 18 - Measuring Marketing & Revenue Team's Effectiveness

In this episode, we did a deep dive on all things marketing reporting, analytics, attribution, etc., etc. with Nic Zangre. We discussed ways to approach it, and how the role of "data hero" is becoming more important in Marketing Ops.Recorded live on July 21, 2021.


22 Jul 2021

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EP 17 - Having an Ownership Mindset with Marketing Operations / Martech

In this episode we talk in detail with Steve Petersen about the importance of having an ownership mindset with Martech as a Marketing Ops professional. Steve talks through what that looks like from a practical standpoint. He also shares some tips for how to move toward this mindset...and some of the things to watch out for.Recorded live on July 14, 2021.


15 Jul 2021

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EP 16 - HubSpot is only for startups/small companies, right?

During this episode we do a deep dive with Connor Jeffers, the CEO and founder of RevOps consultancy Aptitude8. We talk about the perception of Hubspot as "only" for small to medium sized businesses and how that may have changed.We even discussed a scenario that co-host Naomi Liu had with Hubspot a few years ago to provide more context. If you are not familiar with Hubspot and want to learn more, then this episode is for you.Recorded live on July 8, 2021


8 Jul 2021

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EP 15 - Marperations: the Intersection of Marketing and Operations

In this episode we talked with Arjun Sen, the CEO of ZenMango and former CMO at Papa John's about the concept of "Marperations" that he coined. We covered what that means as well as how Marketing Operations professionals need to be advocates for the customer as much as they are focused on enabling the business. Recorded live on June 30, 2021.Episode Brought to You By: MO Pros The #1 Community for Marketing Operations Professionals


30 Jun 2021

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EP 14 - Building Marketing Ops at a Home Builder

In this episode we talked with Tyler Stouder about his experience joining Arbor Homes, a homebuilder based in the midwest US. What many people may not realize is the historical lack of technology adoption, in general, in the real estate industry...especially with marketing technology. He shares some lessons learned on the importance of keeping track of data from prior roles (or research) that will help you sell internally to invest in MarTech. Recorded live on June 23, 2021.


23 Jun 2021

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EP 13 - The IT Part of Marketing Ops

In this episode we discuss the part of Marketing Ops that seems to be the most common part of the role, IT, yet is also the part that many of us want to play down. Learn from our guests, M.H. Lines and Helen Abramova on the topic. Find out if you agree that Marketing Operations is "IT for Marketing" or if it is something more. Recorded live on June 9, 2021.


10 Jun 2021

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EP 12 - The Path to CMO is Through Marketing Ops

In this episode of Ops Cast we chat with Vivian Chan who feels that the future CMO will come from Marketing Operations. Tune in to hear why she believes the future of C-suite will be from the Marketing Ops background and get some practical advice on being HEARD by your leadership for the brilliant mind that you have!Recorded live on June 3, 2021.


3 Jun 2021

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EP 11 - Leading a Marketing Ops Team

In this episode we talk with two founders and leaders of HR tech companies about the challenges of leading and managing teams...with a lens toward Marketing Operations teams. Our guests were:Kate O'Neil, Co-founder and head of Marketing at TeamingSophie Wyne, Co-founder and CEO of arigladWe covered everything from resources and challenges, to how parenting applies to leadership.Recorded live on May 27, 2021.


27 May 2021

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EP 10 - Go-to-Market Data with Amanda Thomas

In this episode, we talk with Amanda Thomas about go-to-market (GTM) data. How do you source it?What are the challenges and how should we be thinking about it?We also got into the challenges with data hygiene and how to build a case for the investment in it for an organization.Recorded live on May 19, 2021.Sponsored bv MO Pros The #1 Community for Marketing Operations Professionals


19 May 2021

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