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This is the podcast where we explore the mental health and fitness journey of athletes , competitors and fitness entrepreneurs at the top of their game.

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#006| Ben Wintour: How to turn knives into an outdoor Calisthenics gym and change lives

This Episode will also be released on youtube. Please Subscribe to The Champion’s Journey on youtube for video of this episode. In this episode we interview Ben Wintour who co-founded Steel Warriors with Pia Fontes, an outdoor gym with pull up bars made from the steel of knives that were surrendered to police. Ben gives a a very open and candid discussion about the process from the initial idea to the finished gym. This is an absolutely incredible story about people looking for imaginative ways to deal with the problem of knife crime. He touches upon the many companies and people that would eventually champion the creation of this gym. The things we cover are as follows: The initial phase where Ben and Pia  started thinking about more imaginative ways to bring awareness to the problem of knife crime What they found out about reasons why young people carry knives with their initial research How they came up with the innovative solution of combining recycling knives with building an outdoor callisthenics gym How the created links with multiple partners to help bring the dream of a calisthenics gym to life Having Anthony Joshua endorse the charity and give money raised from his talk to help fund Steel Warriors gym The communities that were came together to use the gym Steel warriors future plans to build more outdoor gyms all across the uk Follow at the website Steel Warriors and on instagram @SteelWarriors Get in touch with Ben Wintour @bwintour Get The Champions Journey Audiobook on Audible or The Book on Amazon Kindle. @thechampionsjourney on instagram subscribe to The champion’s journey on youtube for weekly episodes Join the Mailing list by emailing thechampionsjourney@gmail.com


22 Jan 2019

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