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If you’re a sales leader, executive, key account manager or customer serving professional in a B2B industry, you're in the right spot! I want to show you how you can activate the three core drivers that produce fanatical fans and highly profitable customers for life.Hi, I'm Jermaine, a customer growth author, speaker, consultant, and business relationship specialist. I help key account leaders become the advisers their customers never want to leave. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast to be notified whenever a new episode drops. Be sure to check out my website for some informative content on the blog: jermaineedwards.com

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The Single Most Important Thing in Key Account Management

In our latest episode of the Key Customer Growth Podcast, I’m talking about the single most important skill in key account management… Customer Leadership. We cover the posture of customer leadership and the key leadership qualities you can utilise inside your organisation. When my companies moved from customer management into personal and customer leadership that’s when things shifted significantly.  We created new opportunities, maintained profitability and formed new partnerships. Listen to it in full now and let me know what you think - make sure you also read my blog post on the same topic.


1 May 2020

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How To Apply Hyper Adaptation Inside Your Organisation

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin We live in a time when we’re constantly needing to adapt, as change can’t be ignored. Adaptability is the skill every organisation needs if they want to succeed. It is no longer about whether you can change or how fast the change is happening. It’s now about how quickly or easily you can change. It is this change that creates advantages. In this week’s podcast, I go into detail on Adaptation Theory to seek advantages that I call ‘Hyper Adaptation”. Don’t be fooled into thinking that hyper adaptation is about doing things faster, as doing the same things faster will only get you more of the same result. You can listen to the full podcast to learn how you can start getting these advantages inside of your organisation and read my blog post on Hyper Adaptation for more insight on this topic. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


17 Apr 2020

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How to Handle a Customer Crisis

This week’s episode of the Key Customer Growth Podcast is a short but vitally important one. You’ve heard me talk a lot about crisis management in the past few weeks, specifically in the context of your customers. It’s crucial for your organisation to know how to protect your most important key customers in any crisis. There are five customer phases that will help deepen relationship ties and protect opportunities, as well as your profits. I’m running a complimentary live workshop on April 14th to talk you through the customer crisis plan. This can be implemented within a few days at rapid speed to respond to any kind of situation and protect your profits, reputation, relationships and revenues. Listen to the podcast to find out about the importance of a Customer Crisis Plan and sign up for the webinar here. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


10 Apr 2020

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Managing Customers in a Crisis

Our latest episode of the Key Customer Growth Podcast is here and it’s on a topic that is very commonly overlooked. In current times, it’s easy to know that we’re in a time of uncertainty and crisis. We’re having to pivot in all areas of our lives to make it work. However, crises aren’t always easy to predict, especially if you have no mechanism for evaluating the possible risks. Today’s podcast is about how we can manage our customers in a crisis. When a crisis hits, it can be easy to stop focusing on our customers, which can lead to damaged relationships having an impact on your bottom line. Every business should have a customer crisis plan, but in reality, most don’t. This podcast will start you on the journey of getting yours in place. If you’d like to go even more in-depth, I’ll be running a complimentary live masterclass to walk you through exactly how to create one and manage your customers in a crisis. You can sign up for the masterclass here. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


4 Apr 2020

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Solving Customer Problems in a Crisis

We’re living in uncertain times right now. In fact, a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Not just as business customer leaders but in our personal lives, too. That’s why this week's episode of the Key Customer Growth podcast is about solving problems you didn’t see coming, just like the current crisis. I made it specifically about dealing with your customers. Life loves to throw curve balls and there will most likely be many more coming your way from a business and a personal perspective; we need to make sure we’re ready for them. Join me as I cover strategies to get you ready when the unsuspected challenges arrive as well as covering different techniques such as the thinking time process. You can also read my blog post on solving problems you didn't see coming to be even better prepared to deal with this kind of situations. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


27 Mar 2020

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The KAM Customer Life Cycle

The latest episode of the Key Customer Growth podcast is out and it’s a good one! I talk about something I haven't heard spoken about in the key account context. It's usually only used in terms of marketing and sometimes from a sales perspective but never really as identified steps that are helpful for somebody managing a portfolio of top customers or a key customer themselves, where it can be really powerful. And this thing is.... the Customer Life Cycle. In this case, The Key Account Management (KAM) Life Cycle. So the big question here is… How do we know what stage our customer relationships are actually at? It’s a challenge to know, but when we do, the knowledge will improve our customer relationships. I go in-depth on the eight stages of the Customer Life Cycle, which is a vital model for giving greater clarity and confidence in the steps taken by your customers, in this episode. If you’d like to know how to implement the full relationship journey of your customers inside your organisation, listen to the episode and read my blog post on KAM Customer Life Cycle.


20 Mar 2020

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Why Your Customer Conversations Might Suck

How do you rate the quality and impact of your customer communication and conversations today? The reality is, we often overestimate the quality and impact of them. It’s important that we provide enough space to think about what we can do to improve them significantly, what might be missing or what's possible if we chose to be more intentional with customer communication and conversations. Don’t allow George Bernard Shaw’s quote of “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” to go unrecognized. Just because you say something doesn't mean they heard it, believe it or will act on it. You have the ability to design the customer conversation you want to experience, so pursue what I call “meaningful customer conversations”. Listen to my podcast where I share research into six of the common fallacies we make about our communication, four customer conversation principles and five powerful conversational practices you can implement and invest in. I also talk about this topic in my blog post Why Customer Conversations Go Wrong. I'm confident when you apply what I share, you'll immediately notice the quality of your engagement improve and ultimately start to have really meaningful customer conversations. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


13 Mar 2020

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Buying Decisions

In this week’s episode of the Key Customer Growth Podcast, we’re covering the buyer’s process, in particular that of your most important customers. Have you ever been surprised by a customer's decision to not choose you, especially when you thought you were their number one choice? You took all the right steps, controlled the process and ticked all the boxes but for some reason, the customer either decides to do nothing or, worse still, they go with a competitor! Why do they do this and how can we stop it? Fact: once we’ve acquired a customer, they may not always see you as their number one choice. You need to know how customers make buying decisions. Truly understanding the buyer's process will reshape and completely reinvigorate the way in which you structure every conversation to yield huge results. One of my customers generated an extra 22 million from one project alone by doing this. I go into detail on how you can refine and implement the buyers process and generate results inside your organisation in this episode of the podcast, and also in my blog article on Unblocking any Stuck Customer Opportunities.


6 Mar 2020

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Growth Systems

In this week's episode of the Key Customer Growth podcast, I talk about Growth Systems. Growth Systems are the most important systems and practices needed to support growth drivers. If you don’t know what growth drivers are, make sure you listen to my last episode on Customer Mastery. Growth Systems enable you to effectively assess how well you’re really doing in key areas. They stop you leaving money on the table and impact your long-term results within your business and with your customers. When applied, growth systems can lead to an increase in revenue by four times! Without them you won’t be able to properly leverage, grow and assess what is working for you internally and thus improve to have sustainable long-term results with customers. To find out more about the six growth systems and how to activate them in your business for greater results, listen to the podcast and read my Growth Systems article. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


28 Feb 2020

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RAS Moments

In episode 13, I discuss something I came across many years ago that has had a gradual impact on my life. RAS moments. These are Random acts of Success. You’ve probably come across these before in your career and life, too. They are successes that we cannot repeat or replicate or to which we can look to predictably produce year-on-year results. And therein lies the problem. If we can’t get the same specific results by doing the same things, then it means we have failed to fully understand exactly what it is that contributed to our success. In the case of customer relationships, this is when we have a big win with a customer, but when we sit down to review we realise that it was based on never-to-be-repeated strategies and a bit of luck. This makes the win random. In the episode, I share with you four powerful approaches you can implement to have a shift in perspective rather than a change in activities. Listen to the whole podcast and read the blog post on RAS moments. Jermaine Edwards Your Customer Growth Guide


21 Feb 2020

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