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By listening, you will not only be privy to listening to the distinguished voices of Tay Zonday and the eccentric Taylor Nikolai, but you’ll come to know our world.See, Tay and Taylor started in the world of social media over a decade ago. They both have seen the great heights at which viral status can attain, but also seen the lows that inevitably come.If you’re to take anything away from listening to this podcast, it’s to understand that anyone can do this. Anyone can go viral and from that, anyone can make a career in social media.Tay Zonday and Taylor Nikolai aren’t the type of people you’d expect to be popular in the world of social media, yet here they are.Listen to this podcast to extract value from individuals from all sorts of backgrounds: from movie stars, to best-selling authors, professional athletes, to influencers with millions of followers. Listen to this podcast to hear our experience.Listen to this podcast to understand the process.Listen to this podcast to see how we all tackle our ‘Chocolate Pains’ to get where we are.Brand Building, Social Media, Marketing Talk with Celebrities, Instagram Stars, Youtube Stars, Professional Athletes, Movie Stars and more.

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#9: WeRateDogs | Twitter Creator Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson, founder of WeRateDogs, a canine lifestyle brand with more than 8 million followers. Matthew created WeRateDogs as a college freshman and has released a book, apparel, and worked with numerous national brands. Let's get to the bottom of Matthew’s Chocolate Pains.

1hr 3mins

23 Oct 2018

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