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The very best in soulful deep house with a warm latin centre, sprinkled with classics.All mixes can be streamed from Mixcloud richie.haynes@outlook.comwww.mixcloud.com/c2emusicwww.soundcloud.com/c2emusicDownloads are available from Itunes, Google Play and my website along with Podomatic.Paste the following into ITunes to continue to receive the latest mixes.http://www.c2emusic.com/feed/Join me every Thursday live on www.pressureradio.com from 12pm GMT for two hours of ear massage using the finest deep soulful sounds around. Thanks to everyone for your continued support it is truly humbling.I'm a house head forever, at least until I die. Enjoy!www.c2emusic.comwww.mixcloud.com/c2emusicc2emusic.podomatic.comwww.soundcloud.com/c2emusichttp://www.facebook.com/richie.haynes1http://www.facebook.com/groups/10530506581/http://twitter.com/#!/c2emusicwww.pressureradio.com

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c2eMusic March 2015

The core of this mix was played on Pressure Radio at the end of Feb. At the time I thought it would be released by the following weekend. Instead here we are on the last weekend in March. Time has flown this month that's for sure.There are a few different styles in this months mix. We start off on the deep side with artists like Shur-I-Kan and Milton Jackson before moving into a chilled vocal section led by one of Sydney's finest "Yogi"- one half of Random Soul. It's great being able to play music by people you actually know and Yogi lives down the road.For you lot on the top side - the Northerners (hemishpere that is) we have an early taste of summer courtesy of The Disclosure project. It's real top down cruise music. We follow that up with another gem from them in the form of "Piano Madness".Speaking of playing tracks by people you know it also gives me great pride to drop a couple of tracks by Pressure radios very own John Mateo, one half of legendary Mateo & Matos. It comes via a recent release by Glasgow Underground celebrating releases from 97 to 07. It's a great purchase if your looking for something to spend your hard earned pennies on.The mix switches again at this point into the bumping chugging deep European sound with some crackers - pick of the bunch being the inform Opolopo,We up the tempo again for a more house thumping sound featuring an Oliver Dollar remix of "This Old House"for those that remember the orig back in the mid 00's. Mr Phillips sounds like Pressure's own Kevin Anthony. Cracks me up everytime!One of my favourite bits of this mix are the two tracks that come in next - "Our Music" and "How You Feelin". I'm not a big fan of remixes of classics, but this time it's priceless. Trakheadz remix of "Our Music" is like marmite - you either love it or hate it. I am firmly in the Love camp.As always we keep turning the screw as the mix progresses so it's into the chunky stuff for a few.We round the mix out with a trip down memory lane for all those that remember Miguel Mig's timeless "Nude Dimensions"series. The track is from vol 3. and again acquired via the Glasgow Underground compilation. It's a great chill and watch the sunset track.It's that time of year again when clocks change so look out for new show times for the weekly Thursday session on Pressure. We will move back to 12pm in UK over the next couple of weeks, so it goes back to the Lunchtime session for your summer.Thanks to everyone that has supported and tuned in during the earlier 10am UK slot. Appreciate you risking getting caught head bopping at work :)Oh in case you were wondering - this months cover are the headphones I use - AIAIAI tma-1 Fools Gold Edition.  Great on the eye and the ear.Tracklisting:1: Shur-I-Kan - As We2: Milton Jackson - Sunlight3: DJ E-Clyps - That Brooklyn Ish4: Yogi, Tiki Tembo - Early In The Morning5: The Disclosure Project - J Numbers6: J. Axel - Piano Madness (The Disclosure Project Remix)7: Mateo & Matos - Body 'N'Soul (Ian Pooley's Soul Mix)8: Josh Butler - Be True9: Cést Moi - From A Birds Eye View10: Kutiman ft Karolina - Music Is Ruling My World (Opolopo Mix)11: Bobby Van Balen - First Imprint (Daniel Leseman Mix)12: Technique - This Old House (Oliver Dollar Mix)13: Trackheadz - Our Music (Kaje Trackheadz Remix)14: Tony Lionni - How You Feeling15: Mateo & Matos - Release The Rhythm (Slam Counter Plan Mix)16: Madji'k - Music Is My Therapy17: Souldynamic - Equitoriale18: Ross Couch - Burning Up19: Supernova - Hang On Time20: Kinky Movement - Show Me21: Way Back - Wolf For Nothing22: X-Press 2 - Down23: Frits Wentink - Shrewd24: Jersey Street - Step Into The LightEnjoy!


29 Mar 2015

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c2eMusic November 2013 - Here Come The Brits

Yeah I know - November Mix, but it's almost Christmas. Well it should have been released over three weeks ago, and to be fair in a couple of months time anyone visiting the podcast won't know any different! This mix was originally going to be a full two hours of new music, however five minutes into the show I saw a post on Facebook from Andy Ward saying he was tuned in. Yikes - pressure was on (no pun intended!), needed to put in a solid performance .The first ten tracks are new, well they were a few weeks back. The opening three provided a rare chance to string one of my favourite sounds together. Max Graef really encapsulates that sound - yes I need to speed them all up a wee bit as they are intended to be played down at 118 BPM. I love the result though, the beats have a rolling jazzy feel and the synths and vibes and right up my alley.Big call out to Rhemi (aka - Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk) who are on a great roll right now - so much so we have two tracks back to back. The Rhemi boys spearheaded an impromptu British invasion. Every track with one exception comes from a different UK producer and we pulled no punches either. Grant Nelson, Dave Lee, Ross Couch, Sean McCabe, Nick Moss, Richard Earnshaw, Danny J Lewis, Piers Kirwan and of course we couldn't leave out Andy Ward.  These guys are the Bentleys, Astons  and Jags of the house scene.  I've been playing this mix on my phone for weeks whilst waiting to get around to releasing it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.For those that can - I hope you are able to join me for the live radio show every Thursday - 10am to 12pm UK on www.pressureradio.comI'd like to wish everyone a great Christmas - and thanks for your support in 2013- look forward to sharing some sweet deep soulful house with you all in 2014 and beyond.....Tracklisting:1: Borrowed Identity - Dans la Nuit2: Detroit Swindle - Woman3: Max Graef - Zitze4: Washerman - Feeling Good5: Studnizky - Evora (Charles Webster Dub)6: Fulbert - Feel It7: Shur-I-Kan - Simpler Times8: Namy, Marc Evans - Reset (Rhemi Vocal)9: Rhemi - I'm Losing You (Amped Organ Mix)10: Groove Assassin - Afternoon Delight (GA Minesweeper Mix)11:  Carolyn Harding - Pick It Up (Sean McCabe Mix)12: Imaani - Live Without Love (Audiowhores Remix)13: Ayala - The Sun Has Come (Joey Negro Sundown Mix)14: Grant Nelson - Life (Discovery Mix)15: Ross Couch - Somebody Like You16: Danny J Lewis - When The Sun Breaks The Clouds17: Beppe Gioia & Thomas Toccafondi - Togetherness (Jeremy Sylvester Remix)18: Stuttering Munx, Elliot Chapman - Alright (Piers Kirwan Remix)19: Random Soul – Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Dubstrumental)20: Aki Bergen ft Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritchasher Remix)21: Soul Central - Song For Sharma (Original)22: Liquid People - Son Of Dragon23: Conan Liquid - Quincy's Joint24: Till Von Sein, Tigerskin - Home AloneEnjoy!

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21 Dec 2013

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c2eMusic - 2011 Nostalgia

Another throwback mix that's on my playlist and gets a decent airing. Mixed in June 2017, but comprised of tracks from 2011. This mix tips it's hat the deeper chunkier sound and there were some absolute scorchers six years ago.Don't be put off that it's not full of the latest tracks, there are future classics in here and as the old saying goes - don't knock it till you've tried it. Tracklisting:1: Luciano - Los Ninos De Fuera 2: Mic Newman - Systems & A Diana 3: Jef K & Gwen Maze - Boy Meets Girl (Original) 4: Alex Arnout - Move On (Original)5: Aki Bergen ft Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritcasher Remix)6: Sascha Dive - Drums Of The Jungle (Frank Roger Remix) 7: Lovebirds - Brotha (Raw Mix) 8: Conan Liquid - Moonflower 9: Conan Liquid - Help Me Out10: Kerri Chandler - Love Will Find A Way (Players Mix) 11: Sound Of One - I Know A Place (Prev Unreleased 124 BPM) 12: The Demitrios Project - Feel Alive (Sean McCabe Can't Stop Dub) 13: Lovebirds - Give A Sh1t 14: Art Of Tones - Dolces 15: Lovebirds - Chasing Things 16: J Paul Getto - Imma Let You Know (Original) 17: Phonik Funk - I'll Tell You Babe (Original) 18: Peter Horrevorts & Van Anh - It Keeps You Movin'19: Rabiano - Grasshopper (Original Mix) 20: Actual Proof - Hubble (Deep Field Mix) 21: Replika - Untitled (Ethyl Remix)22: Dimitri Max - Make It Last23: Lovebirds - Mandrill24: Juno What?! - Don't Wake (Love Over Money Brings The Strings Mix)Enjoy!

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15 May 2017

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c2eMusic May 2018

This mix was recorded on my eldest son Bailey's birthday live on Pressure Radio. There was no real intention for it be become a podcast. However I've been listening to it ever since, and I like it. The flow isn't right as I'd only got hold of half the tracks an hour earlier. That doesn't stop this being a nice mix to get into though as the tracks themselves are great little movers.Also since it's been a while since the last official podcast and with me now doing fortnightly radio shows it's best to get something out or you'll all think I've been kidnapped by aliens, or worse - EDM clubbers.This mix has some serious teeth towards the end courtesy of some excellent work from Adesse Versions and Nachtbraker - wallop!Off to Suncebeat next month in Croatia. Went last year and had a great time. Hopefully see some of you there.If you do see me please come over and say hi. Would love to meet you guys.Hopefully I get to hear some quality new stuff that I can bring back for another Sunce special mix.Tracklisting:1: Harry Wolfman - Stromboli2: Eli Escobar - City Song (COEO Remix)3: Rocco - Someday (Brian Tappert TRework)4: Detroit Swindle, Seven Davies Jr - Flavourism5: Massiande - Yesterday, Today, Forever6: DÁrabia - Key Lime (COEO Remix)7: James Teej - Hypochondriac8: Black Widow - House Is (Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal MixX)9: Daniel Leseman - Drums10: Soledrifter - I Can Heal11: Low Steppa, Mr V - My House (Joeski Raw Mix)12: Kraak & Smaak - Real Pain (K&S Remix)13: Mattei & Omich, Ella - God Made Me Phunky (Cleptomaniacs Remix)14: Vincent Caira - Movin'On15: Todd Terry, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown - Keep On Jumping (Re-Tide's Disco Mix)16: ATFC, David Penn - Hipcats (Extended Mix)17: Adesse Versions - Kameleon18: Sanjose - Flowing19: Adesse Versions - Pulp Fusion20: Nachtbraker - Small Towel People21: Adesse Versions - Raw (Live Edit)22: Damien Lazarus, The Ancient Moons, Afronaut Zu - Fly Away (Dennis Ferrer Remix)23: Vince Watson - Another Rendevous24: S3A - Something MoreEnjoy!

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16 Jun 2018

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c2eMusic & Karl Prinzen - Subliminal Vinyl Sessions

This is the audio recording of the live Facebook stream from HouseNation.Live on 4th June. It was an impromptu Subliminal Records set. We both decided to play three tracks each back to back.We played across three of the Subliminal sub labels - including Bambossa and Sondos. We ha d agreat laugh as it's rare to get to play vinyl these days and so it was a real trip down memory lane in more ways than one.Catch the show live on HouseNation.Live page on facebook every other Monday (4th June, 18th June....)Tracklisting:Watch this space.... I just want to get it released for now!Enjoy!

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14 Jun 2018

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c2eMusic Radio Show - 27/05/13 - Jam Packed Deep

This was an impromptu set recorded on my birthday. I had spent the morning with my beautiful wife and kids before dropping them at the airport. Got back home at 3pm - the Pressure airwaves were free, so what better way to spend your birthday than playing house music :)Almost three hours later a new deep house session had been created.Had fun hanging in chat with Dangsta and Dini. Whenever those guys are around you know what the result will be. They always bring out the deepness in me :)This is the first of a set of marathon sessions on Pressure. With me being in the house all alone I have time to spend my evening on the airwaves. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as the recorded shows make their way to the podcast.Some of them may only be released on the website www.c2emusic.com. So be sure to check there regularly.You also subscribe to that podcast using the following feed. http://www.c2emusic.com/feed/Tracklisting:1: East St Louis Players ft Aren B - Take My Hand2: BE - Pass It On3: Louie Vega - Vega 14: Mic Newman - Systems & A Diana5: Jef K & Gwen Maze - Boy Meets Girl (Original)6: Alex Arnout - Move On (Original)7: Lars Behrenroth ft Chezere - The Way You Move (Dub)8: Doc Link & Anastasia Samara - Vinyl Theme (Max Martinez Afrotech Mix)9: Pol_On - Heavy Rain10: Tom Middleton - One Clap Wonder (Milton Jackson Mix)11: Milton Jackson - Don't Worry About The Drums12: Pol On - I Need (2 Be)13: Shur-I-Khan - In The Groove14: Lovebirds - Give A Sh1t15: Evan Iff - Slide16: Souldynamic - Sunce17: Marlow - Put Off ft Comixxx & Knixx18: DeepCitySoul, DJ Romain - NY 2 UK (James Dexter Mix)19: Zoo Look, Amy Lyon - All Over Me (Detroit Swindle Remix)20: Rhode, Brown - Under Your Spell (Kyodai Remix)21: Dale Howard - Chancer22: Kyodai - The Scene23: Dale Howard - Never Know24: Ross Couch - Holding On25: Oscar Barila - The Last Goodbye (Maiki Remix)26: Doc Link ft Shay D. - L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E (Doc Links Orig)27: Pete Dafeat - Nightspark28: James Dexter - System Check29: Dajae - Don't You Want My Love (Sean McCabe Dub Remix)30: Ross Couch - Confession31: Giom - Hot Rabbits32: Ross Couch - Somebody Like You33: Danny J Lewis - When The Sun Breaks The Clouds34: Mena Keys - Break It Down35: Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Get It On36: Tigerskin - Yellow Tops37: Knee Deep - Gypsy Bucket38: Lovebirds - The Beast39: Lone - Coreshine Voodoo40: Claudio aka Clod - Who Do You Love41: Ross Couch - What's Going On42: Toby Tobias - Macasu (Motor City Drum Ensemble Loft Party Mix)43: Downtown Brooklyn Inc - 10 Jay StreetEnjoy!Featured Image is Packaging Design by London Studio Wellington, New Zealand.  For more information visit http://www.londonstudio.co.nz

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5 Jun 2013

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c2eMusic November 2019

It's been a long time since I released a mix of new music so I was pleased with the outcome of last Thursdays show.As always, no idea what I would play or in what order. That's often what stops me releasing a mix as it doesn't always flow right, or some of the mixes don't work.Thankfully this time things worked out well. It's a mix with three distinct sections. Firstly we have the deep mellow sounds to get us warmed up, before getting into a more traditional soulful section. That transitions into something a little thicker. Just as you start to wonder just how tough we are gonna go, up pops Sandy Rivera to commence our decent.Christmas parties and kids holidays will interfere with December's shows but we will see if we can get something out there in time for Xmas.For those yet to check out my set from VBW (and there's a LOT of you!) click this link:https://www.mixcloud.com/vocalboothweekender/richie-haynes-vb2019/ You'll be glad you didTracklisting:1: Sean McCabe - Infinity2: Wouter S - En Route To Paris3: Manould - Beat Back4: Envee - Brotherman (Pt.1)5: Cris Korey - Second Chances6: Vian Pelez - Keep It Real7: Dennis Quin - Eastern Market8: Kerri Chandler - My Paradise (Paradise 6:23 mix)9: Mark Francis, Kia Stewart - Life Lessons (SMB Dub Vocal Mix)10: Kerri Chandler, Treasa "Diva" Fennie - Heal My Heart (Kerri Chandler Dark Mix)11: Ron Carroll - Follow Me (Micky More & Andy T Mix)12: KT Brooks, Libby Jones - You Are Wonderful (Wipe The Needle House Mix)13: Sunkids, Chance - Rescue Me (Joey Negro’s In Full Swing Mix)14: Jasper Street Co. - Oh Give Thanks (Album Mix)15: Conan Liquid - Fly Away (Cohemian Rhapsody Mix)16: Moon Rocket, Re-Tide, LauMii - Chocolate17: Mattei & Omich - Want Too Feat. Ella18: The Downtown Brothers - My Back Door19: Jack Back, CeCe Rogers - Freedom (Harry Romero Extended Remix)20: Tom Bug, Grooveline - Satisfy Feat. IDA fLO (Alaia & Gallo Remix)21: Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham - You're In My System (Dennis Quin Club Mix Feat. Troy Denari)22: Detroit Swindle - Music for Clubs feat. Lorenz Rhode23: Homero Espinosa - To The Break24: DJ Musique, LVision - Tongues (Sandy Rivera's Dub Mix)25: 3 Winans Brothers, The Clark Sisters - Dance (Mike Dunn's Gospel Re-Touch)Enjoy!

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1 Dec 2019

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c2eMusic October 2013 - Right Before My Eyes

You may have noticed that there haven't been many c2eMusic podcasts released over the last few weeks. Initially it was due to work commitments, but more recently it was life chucking a grenade, the kind that makes you stop in your tracks and rethink, well pretty much everything. As a result there hasn't been much room in my tiny brain for music, even though listening to it keeps me sane. There is a big silver lining and I can't wait for the next chapter in life to unfold, as the title of the mix suggests what is most important to me has always been right before my eyes. Leah, my wife is the most beautiful and amazing person and I have been so lucky to have had her in my life for over 20 years. I can't wait to experience what the next 20 years have in store with her by my side. I know this podcast is all about music, but it is my podcast so if I want to tell my wife how much she means to me and how much I love her, then I will :) As you can imagine I haven't bought all that much music recently, but there is enough good stuff for just over 90 minutes of goodness. Remembering back before Pressure there was only a monthly release of 80 minutes! This is a mix of two halves, the first being on the deep and soulful tip, and the latter on the chunky side. There are a couple of favs in here for me, first being the Jill Scott Accapella over "Walberswick", I can still see myself jumping around with a huge smile on my face when i first played them together the other night. The other is what must be a c2eMusic exclusive - "Keep On Running" is originally a 111 BPM track which I've locked the key and sped up to 124! I can't get enough of it, if you hear it somewhere else, they nicked it from this mix.......that's my claim anyway!! We end with a classic from back in the day, but with a twist. Not sure when the next mix will be, possibly just another monthly in November but I can't make any promises, so you best make the most of this one! Thanks to everyone for your continued support, especially when the music isn't exactly flowing out the door as per usual.Tracklisting: 1: Chris Turner - Flylove (Orig 2013 Mix)2: Atjazz, Julian Gomes, Zano - Here To Stay (Zano)3: Soul 223 - Walberswick (Hoist Covert Mix) (Jill Scott - Golden Acca)4: Karizma, Osunlade - Hear & Now ft Osunlade5: Zakes Bantwini - Donaueschingen (Andre Lodemann Mix)6: Art Of Tones - I Don't Think It's Music7: Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix)8: Roland Nights - Burning Soul9: D-Pulse - Keep On Running (Andy Hart & Max Graef Mix)10: Cut Copy Paste - Say Do11: Denis Filipovic - Come With me12: Kyodai - What You Give13: NY's Finest - I Can't Wait Till Tonight14: A1 Bassline - Jaguar Shark15: Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Eric Kupper Mix)16: Kid Sublime - Afrofunkrhythm17: Ziggy Funk - Free Your Mind18: KOT - Finally (Nuyorican Soul Mix)19: Zofadisquo - Hemp (Canhamo Mix)Enjoy!

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23 Oct 2013

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c2eMusic 90s Re-Loaded Classic Vinyl Set

First up - wishing you all a happy new year.Nice to be able to release something on the first day of a new year. This is a recording of a live set I did back in November for a local classics night here in Sydney called Re-Loaded 90's Classics.Being the 90's everything was on vinyl. I did the first two and a half hours, followed by a back to back session to finish off. Most DJs aspire to getting the main slot at a gig, but I prefer to play earlier and control the transitions and intensity build up of the night. Changing the feel of the room, the mood of the crowd. Getting people up and moving for the first time. Setting the expectation for the rest of the night.You can hear that very clearly in this set. The first 45 mins is pretty chilled. The kind of stuff we used to hear in bars, or maybe the more soulful nights. The first few tracks are actually dominated by the Hamburg DJs Mousse T and Boris Dlugosh.If you listen to just the first and last 30 minutes you would swear they are from different nights, but as the mix progresses it just keeps building and it all makes sense.There are one or two fat finger moments, but it isn't often I play vinyl anymore. Hopefully it doesn't spoil your enjoyment as you take a trip back down memory lane to when house tracks really stood out.Thanks to everyone that came on the night - I got a lot of energy from your reaction to the tunes. it was definitely a joint effort :)Huge thanks to Marcus Stubbs for giving me the opportunity to play.Tracklisting:1: Lovebeads - This Is The Only Way (Mousse T's Raw Mix)2: Mousse T - Bad Boy3: Boris D'Lugosh - Booom Keep Pushin (Path Of Club)4: Wildchild - Can I Get A Ho5: Hardrive - Deep Inside6: Gusto - Disco's Revenge7: Bucketheads - The Bomb8: Jovanotti - L'Ombelico Del Mondo (Club Path Mix)9: Blackout Allstars - I Like It Like That10: Dave Angel - Funk Music11: Le Knight Club - Santa Claus12: Johnny Vicious vs M.F.S.B. - T.S.O.P. - (Theme From Soul Train '94)13: Todd Terry - Jumin'14: Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space - Reach For Me15: D-Mob - One Day (Erick "More" "Real2" Dub)16: Mr Roy - Something About U17: Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin Mix)18: George Morel - Let's Grooves19: Sandy B - Make The World Go Round20: Daft Punk - Burnin'21: Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness22: The Funk Junkeez - Got Funk23: H20 - Higher24: Lovebeads - This Is The Only Way (Mount Rushmore Superfly Mix)25: Basement Jaxx - Fly Life26: Mory kante - Yeke Yeke27: Alcatraz - Give Me Luv28: Klubbheads - Klubbhopping29: Kadoc - Night Train30: Farley& Heller - Ultraflava31: Size 9 - I'm ReadyEnjoy!

2hr 35mins

1 Jan 2019

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c2eMusic October 2019 Vinyl Sessions

Been away far too long. Lot's of travel kept me away from the decks for a number of months now which isn't ideal, but I am back now.This release is from the live Pressure Radio show on the 17th October. It was my first show in a few week too and I fancied a challenge so I went all in on a vinyl show - on the fly of course :)It starts off squarely with a UK Garage sound of the mid 90's and for a while it looks like this will be another UK Garage mix, but I figured it would be more fun to mix it up. The second half of the mix is a real bag of tunes from across the years from the beautiful Romanthony's Ministry of Love to Sandy Rivera's Changes.I've yet to buy new music so I'm hoping there is a ton of stuff for me to get my teeth into.In the meantime get your chops around this one and thank you for your patience, this is one of the longest breaks I've had since first learning to spin way back when.Tracklisting:1: Booker T & BB Stone Pres Belinda James - Groove Me (Booker T's Vocal Mix)2: Booker T & BB Stone Pres Belinda James - Groove Me (Bookstone Dub)3: Copyright ft Tasita D'mour- Release Yourself4: 3rd Exit - Da Chant (Vocal Mix)5: Coffee Kids - Dangerous Frequencies6: Mousse T - Everybody7: Jodeci vs Club Asylum - Freek Me Up (Freakin Tight Dub)8: 2 Can Play - Just Got Paid9: Double 99 - You Cheated10: Grant Nelson - Dance M.F.11: Foreal People - Shake (Joey Negro Club Mix)12: Underground Resistance - Galaxy 2 Galaxy 13: Romanthony - Ministry Of Love14: Chaka Khan ft mary J Blige - Disrespectful (Q's Shelter Vocal)15: Michael Watford - Love Don't Live (Dub-strumental)16: Lovebox ft Nadeen Holloway - Love U More Everyday (Morten Trust Mix)17: Mindinfluence pres The Solid Gold Playaz - The Best Part (Copyright Mix)18: Frankie Knuckles - Back N Da Day (Clepto Mix)19: Kings Of Tomorrow - Changes20: Tarantulaz vs Pharrell - Angel (Sir Piers Classic Club Mix)21: Baz - Smile To Shine (Kings Of Tomorrow World Mix)Enjoy!

2hr 2mins

31 Oct 2019

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c2eMusic Radio Show - 15-08-13 - Deep Soulful Soak

This week's show was off then on again. Resulted in another last minute trolley dash (don't they all?!)Some great stuff about on the soulful tip right now, anchored by the excellent Nathan Adams release on Tribe. It gives this mix a classic c2eMusic feel from a few years back. There is a nice mix of different styles through the mix as it transitions and builds.The opening stuff is really lush and deep like a nice fresh deep steaming bath. The vocals that then build on that continue with that warm bass courtesy of the production skills of Louie Vega and Sean McCabe.The mix ups a notch with the in form Rhemi (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk) who you can tell through their music are having a whale of a time right now. We continue to thicken the stew ever so gently one track at a time.Then out of nowhere comes the most incredible drop - "Keep On Drinkin'". I'll be honest it sounds really familiar but I don't know what it's from....can anyone help me on that? Big thanks to Frank Soto for putting me onto it during his show on Pressure the other day. Another highlight for me in the show was when I dropped Byrdman's Revenge - the Rhythm Masters mix from 2004. Wasn't sure whether anyone would remember it, I used to play it to death. Luckily the chatroom felt the same way as me, and I'm pretty sure we all made some shapes and threw some moves down, wherever we were.There's just time for a gentle rub down with a thick warm towel after that.Just don't forget to wipe around the bath after the water has drained!www.c2emusic.comwww.facebook.com/c2emusicwww.pressureradio.comc2emusic.podomatic.comTracklisting:1: Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque, DJ Whiskey - 2Sides2: Purple Velvet - Sparks Fly3: Submantra - Easy Action4: Claes Rosen - Daydreaming5: Shur-I-Kan - Kissing (Harold Heath Mix)6: Sandy Rivera - Changes7: Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque, DJ Whiskey - BE8: Nathan Adams, Louie Vega - Falling9: Mike Delgado - Falling Down10: Nathan Adams, Sean McCabe - I Wonder11: Wookie, Eliza Doolittle - The Hype12: Rhemi - Hairy Mary13: Eman, DJ Fudge - Kings Of Brooklyn (Davidson Ospina Remix)14: Ayala - The Sun Has Come (Joey Negro Sundown Mix)15: Adam Rios - Distant Chords16: Rame & Bonara, Zoe Xenia - Sick (Quentin Harris Re-Production)17: DeMarzo - Draw A Line18: Asa Buchanan - Keep On Drinkin'19: Stuttering Munx, Elliot Chapman - Alright (Piers Kirwan Remix)20: The Organ Grinder - Steam Roller21: Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge (Rhythm Masters Mix)22: Andre Lodemann - Eyes Wide Open (Alix Alvarez Mix)23: Jimpster - Porchlight & RockingChairsEnjoy!

2hr 5mins

16 Aug 2013

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c2eMusic August 2018 Vol2

It's been a long time since we had a two volume release for a monthly podcast however here we are. This one was recorded on Pressure Radio on 16th August.There are a good number of tracks from the Sunce Sessions mix, however the first part contains a load of quality new stuff which gives the mix a very different feel at the start.Kudos again to Conrad Bool who gave me heads up on a couple of little beauties - 'Alva - The Wall' and 'Black Loops - French Affair' and the amazing 'Orange Tree Edits'. Unfortunately there was a blip in the recording which has cut a small chunk of Orange Tree Edits out :(. We'll get em next time!Would be interested to know which of the two August mixes you prefer the most - please leave a comment to let me know.I'm off to Vocal Booth Weekender in September this year, it will be my first time and I'm so excited to get to meet the other Pressure Radio DJs. Big thanks to Andy Ward for allowing me to play at such short notice. Fo those of you going I'll be playing in the Pressure Cooker on Saturday afternoon. If you've been listening to c2eMusic over the years and you're at VBW please come say hi, I'd love to finally meet you guys after all this time.Finally it gives me great pleasure to announce that Underground Jack is back. Following a year off trying to secure the right venue we've come up trumps with Goodbar on Oxford St - it's even outside the lockout zone! First night is September 21st, the day I get back from VBW. I'll be joined by founder DJ Nycks and my HouseNation.live partner in crime Sydney's very own Karl Prinzen. We are going to put the Void 1 sound system to good use to bring you a sound unlike anything else you'll hear in Sydney. Looking to make this a bi-monthly event, as we aren't getting any younger. Hope you can come down to support the opening night.Tracklisting:1: Kaffe Creme - I -3 U2: Black Loops - French Affair3: Ed Nine, KE - How It's Done4: Alva - The Wall5: DJ Koze - Pick Up6: Detroit Rising - Little Bit (Sean McCabe Remix)7: Joyfull Family - All About The Jazz8: Rocco - Someday (Brian Tappert Rework)9: Detroit Swindle - High Life ft Lorenz Rhode10: Daniel Leason - Drums11: Orange Tree Edits - Pembe (Jimmy Rouge Edit)12: The Journeymen - Baby Love13: DJ MoReese - Pulsar14: Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix)15: Harry Romero - Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended Mix)16: Deetron - Photon17: Johan S - Watcha Do (Will Come Back 2 U) 18: Disko Headz - Starz19: Vincent Caira - Movin'On20: Vince Watson - Another RendevousEnjoy!

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19 Aug 2018

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c2eMusic August 2016

It was a case of third time lucky with this mix.  Bought half of the tracks at the start of the month and enjoyed the mix but didn't have enough for two hours.  Tried again mid month but didn't like the flow.  Finally I bought some more new tracks at the end of the month and mixed this on the fly on my Pressure Radio show.  Much happier with the result.Some big tracks in here, highlights for me "Dust Devil", "Valentine's Groove", "Coming To You", "Strings" and "The Ascent".Remember you can catch the show live on Pressure Radio every Thursday - 9 to 11pm Sydney, 12pm to 2pm London and 7am to 9am NYC.This mix is available to stream on mixcloud.com/c2emusic and soundcloud.com/c2emusic.If this download doesn't work, then pick it up from c2emusic.podomatic.comTracklisting:1: Pixel82 - Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix)2: Nachtbraker - Pollo Con Pollo3: Brame & Hamo - Retrospect4: S3A - Antois Benime (Austral Parc)5: Dairmount - Dust Devil (Dub)6: Adesse Versions - Wash My Car (Jacques Renault Edit)7: Angelo Ferreri - Walking Jazz8: Tokita, DK & The Doctor - Nobel's Prize9: KiNK - Valentines Groove10: Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue - The Blue Room11: Gershon Jackson, Rona Ray - Raindance (Shon Jackson's House Of Omni)12: JoioDJ - I Believe (F&B Main Mix)13: Soul Central - In-Ten-City (Vocal Mix)14: Jill Scott - Coming To You (House N HD Terry Hunter & Mike Dunn Soulfrica Mix)15: Alex Agore - Ultra16: Achilles & One - Sleepless17: KiNK - Strings18: The Journey Men, Hanlei - Feeling Myself19: Johan S - Running20: Ouer - The Ascent21: Soledrifter - Just Friends22: Delivio Reavon, Jennifer Cooke, Yax.X - Society (Josh Butler Remix)23: Mike Steva, Motty, Siobhan - Weekend Love (Louie Vega Ritual Dub)24: Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Jimpster's House Remix)Enjoy!

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27 Aug 2016

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c2eMusic - Deep Lovebirds

Last Pressure show before I head off to Europe for Suncebeat in Croatia. There was no new music this week, I just didn't have time to find enough.The mix itself is very deep for me. I think I consciously wanted to have it this deep without knowing which tracks would be right.The second half of the mix ended up being a homage to Germany's Lovebirds. What was meant to be the odd one or two ended up being the remainder of the show.That's a good thing, a very good thing because his style and sound have been top class for most of the last ten years.I'm sure I've said it before but if you see me at Sunce come and say "hi". I don't bite and would love to meet the people that listen and support. For those of you on the boat parties you will be able to find me up at the aft of the boat for the Conniousseurs, Diridim, Zanziboat, Basement Boys, Kaoz and Farewell parties.Tracklisting:


14 Jul 2019

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c2eMusic October 2015

C2eMusic October 2015 by C2emusic on Mixcloud This mix is a great advert for the diverse sound that house music has mutated into over the last 25+ years. That's helped with more than a few remixes, samples and originals from across the years.We start off as always with a deeper sounds, although this time there's a heavy jazz flavour.The sound pivots with an insane remix from Pezzner of "Candy Coated Perfection".There is then a cluster of nods to the old days. I won't spoil it, you have to listen.Producer of the month for me is Gilbert La Funk. Both tracks are magic, "New Dawn" just pipping.The mix ends with the most chilled track I've probably ever played. It's short and sweet and very very deeeeep,"Croydon Depot" is a great way to come down.Download the mix at www.c2emusic.comTracklisting:1- Tim Deluxe - Trying' Find A Way2- Joss Moog - Subtube3- Homework - Pleister4- Jazzman, Iban Montoro - Next To You5- Hamza - Acid Jazz6- Candy Coated Perfection ft Sacha - Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner Dub)7- Debonair - Real Talk8- Deezbootz - Catch The Train9- Djordje - Happiness10- NY's Finest, City Soul Project - Do You Feel Me (City Soul Project Mix)11- Jay Vegas - Body & Soul12- Demarkus Lewis - Got Me Runnin13- Gilbert La Funk - Kaleidoscope14- Steve Mill - Times Are Ruough15- The Fog - Been A Long Time16- Teddy Douglas - Check It Out17- The Djoon Experience, Kenny Bobien- Baptize Me (Terrence Parker Gospel Stomp Mix)18- Timmy Vegas - Timmy's Choir (2nd Coming Dub)19- Demarkus Lewis - Inside Urself20- Drop Out Orchestra ft Yvette - I Got It (H.I.M.W.O.L. Remix)21- Gilbert La Funk - New Dawn22- The Checkup - I Found House23- Anthony Beckford - Funky Lowdown (Monodeluxe Dub Mix)24- Henry Wu - Croydon DepotEnjoy!

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8 Jan 2016

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c2eMusic Pressure Radio April 2019

This mix has been sitting on a shelf all month. Recorded on the 4th April but only being released on the 24th!I had intended to do another mix in April which I thought would be the official podcast, but for one reason or another (Easter being one of them!) it hasn't happened.This mix has some beautiful disco flavours, some underground UK vibes and some pretty chunky deep sounds all building on each other.Have to call out Heat Alliance, I actually came across them in December and have been sitting on four little crackers that I picked up by them. They are all in this mix and sound great.Also great to be able to play some fresh Crackazat releases. One of my favourite producers, so talented.I launched a sister Mixcloud page for my other mixes on a deeper vibe - Argie Bargy Cartel which is myself along with long time Sydney househead Karl Prinzen of K-Life. We mix back to back three tracks each live on House Nation Live on alternating Mondays to the Pressure show which remains in its usual Thursday slot.www.mixcloud.com/argiebargycartelThanks to everyone that's supported the March podcast. Having been away for three months I didn't know whether everyone would have moved on presuming I'd stopped!Booking flights for Suncebeat and Vocal Booth Weekender this week, making it feel more real. Hope to meet as many of you there as possible. Gonna be a great Summer.Tracklisting:1: Heat Alliance - Losing You2: Kelly G - Feels Good (Yeah) (Little Louie Party Mix)3: Heat Alliance - Don't You Wanna4: James Dexter - Grip Roller5: Heat Alliance - We Gonna Do6: Terrence Parker - Unconditional (Crackazat Remix)7: Cpen, Bluey Robinson - I'm Searching (Kerri's 6:23 Again Vocal Mix)8: Scott Diaz - We Reminisce (Sebb Junior Remix)9: Kevin Yost - Messing With My Soul (Brian Tappert Re-Work)10: Heat Alliance - Fly Away11: Anthony Bois - Electric Piano On The Run (Crackazat Rework)12: Re-Tide - Naasty13: Sartorial, Moodena - Turn It Up14: Re-Tide - The Break Is A Delight15: Don Carlos - Alone (Micky More & Andy Tee Horns Mix)16: Saison - Till The Day I Die17: Paolo Martini - I'll Take You There (Dario D'Attis Remix)18: Mood II Swing - Call Me (DJ Duke's Moody Dub)19: Kassian - Bad Habbit20: Matt Mclarrie - Jazz Kneecaps21: The Journey Men - Don't Mess Around22: Qubiko - Mono Tono23: Demuir - Barres Laughs In Marseille24: Local Options - The FeelsEnjoy!

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24 Apr 2019

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c2eMusic Radio Show - 08-08-13 - Sound Of The Moooog

This week's show is named after the most featured artist in the set - Joss Moog. His recent EP Late Nite Beats has so much sizzle that we have 4 tracks from it in the show - very impressive. Big thanks to fellow Pressure resident Sahara 247 for the heads up on "Big Mike" and Mr Paul Grooves - who played after me last week and opened my ears to a few of the tracks in here including - "In Detroit", "Running", "Ministry Of Love" and "Wonder". "Pirate" Paul shouted when I dropped those tunes this week.........."Ahoy, me Hearties!!"The number of Pressure listeners has increased significantly these last few weeks. I'd like to think that's down to the quality of music the residents play - bringing you the best in Deep & Soulful house music. Whatever the reason we'd like to say a BIG thank you for your continued support and for choosing us to provide the ear candy for your daily musical fix.www.c2emusic.comwww.pressureradio.comwww.facebook.com/c2emusicc2emusic.podomatic.comTracklisting:1: Fil Lavin - Control2: Howard Sessions, Makka - Big Mike (Black Blooms Mix)3: Joss Moog - Lost Keys4: Rotty - Yeah I Love5: Jacob Bech - Continue6: Joss Moog - Call Me7: Billon, Lola Coca - Hurt Me8: Joss Moog - Late Night Beat9: Scope - I Want10: Effluxion - Just Can't Stop (Original Bump)11: DJ Garphie, Diviniti - Character 269 (Gareth Alexander Garage Remix)12: Manjit - In Detroit13: Matt Jam Lamont, Brian Keys Tharme, Lifford - Let You Go (Deep City Soul Remix)14: Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure)15: Young Hand - Break It Down16: Detroit Swindle - The Make Up17: Romanthony - Ministry Of Love (Andre Cromm Remix)18: One D - Playful Duck (Ilya Malyuev's Duckhouse Funk Remix)19: Dawn Tallman - Believe in Love (Spen's LektroSoul Mix)20: Joss Moog - That Woman21: Audio Junkies - Wonder (Dub)22: Dusky - Truth Capital T23: Bellavoid - MomentsEnjoy!

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10 Aug 2013

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c2eMusic Legends – Sounds Of Spen

Adding another DJ to the c2eMusic hall of fame.  Plenty of energy with this one as we head over to Baltimore to pay homage to Sean Spenser better known to you and me as DJ Spen.Whether it’s the Jasper Street Co., Muthafunkaz, Deepah Ones, or just plain DJ Spen the results are the same. Take it to church pumpin’ rich chunky soulful house music.He first crafted his trade at Basement Boys Records before stepping up to create Code Red. More recently he created one of the most prolific labels on the Soulful house scene – Quantize records.His live sets always get the place rockin’ with an up beat chunky bounce.This set was was put together on the fly and ideally I’d like to spend more time on the programming however the reaction during the show and listening to it a couple of times it’s well worth a release in it’s current form.4 the love of house, 4 the love of beats, 4 the love of dance.Tracklisting:1: Michele Chiavarini, Elfredo – The Music Tells Me (DJ Spen, Thommy Davis Remix)2: Melissa B – Be Free (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Flying Colours Hump)3: Ziggy Funk ft Taliwa – What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Party Mix)4: DJ Spen pres Damond Ramsey – Feel The Heat (DJ Spen Re-Edit)5: Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke – Mighty Skies (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Koffee Mix)6: Lisa Millet – When I’m Dancin'(DJ Spen Alternate Vocal)7: Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman ft Laquana Jones – We’re Gonna To Make It (Muthafunkaz Hump Mix)8: Michelle Weeks & Tallman ft Laquana Jones – We’re Gonna To Make It (Muthafunkaz Bridge Mix)9: DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz ft Ann Nesby – It’s So Easy (Muthafunkaz 12″Vocal)10: K-Klass – Dance With Me (Main 12″ DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz mix)11: Marc Evans – Down Time (A Drink B4 We Dance) (DJ Spen Extended Mix)12: The Muthafunkaz – I Do Love You (AllIWannaDo) (Muthafunkin’ Dub)13: Marc Evans – Reach Out For Love (Muthafunkaz Out Reach Remix (Extended Version)14: Marc Evans – Reach Out For Love (DJ Spen Sneak Tribute Track (Extended Version)15: DJ Spen presents the Jersey Maestros ft Renee Smith – He’s So Real (Muthafunkaz Tell Ya Bout Him Remix)16: DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – To The Rock (Praise Party Vocal)17: Chieko Kinbara – Changed My Life (Produced by DJ Spen)18: Danny Clark & Jay Benham ft SuSu Bobien – Wondrous (Muthafunkaz Remix)19: Typheni – Is It Love (Neal Conway & DJ Spen Afro Latin Remix)20: Toni Granello ft Lina Lee Hopkins – Lift Him Up (Muthafunkaz Praise Party Mix)21: Deepah Ones – Epic Proportions (Da Bang Banga)22: DJ Spen pres Dana Weaver – Heavenly (Deepah Ones Remix)23: Key To Life ft Kathleen Murhpy – Find Our Way (Breakaway) (Muthafunkaz Found A Vocal Mix)24: Kenny Bobien – Let Me Show You (DJ Spen & Karizma Remix)Enjoy!

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5 Sep 2016

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c2eMusic Radio Show - 11-04-13 - Deep Soulful Salad

So named because we have a real mix of styles in here and it is just so damn tasty, I mean no extra dressing required tasty, and the freshness of the produce...... Once again big up them farmers.Another show of almost only new tracks with the only exception being the last track, which you have to listen right to the end for, wait till your iPod stops, don't guess it's finished or you'll miss it :)With all the clocks having changed around the world now the show starts later in the Northern Hemispere and the effect has been great.  More people able to listen in both in the chatroom and on the outside.The mix goes through a number of transitions, or if we are sticking with our salad theme flavours.First up is the smooth deep sound that underpins the whole mix - the lettuce if you like.Fair to say there is a lot of lettuce in this salad :)  almost 40 minutes worth, don't worry though there are a few varieties to entertain your palette.We then have a good wedge of vocal sounds - adding the soulful edge to what would otherwise just be a deep salad - you know tomatoes, onion and the basics - no cheese though - you won't find cheese in a c2e salad!I ended up adding more than originally planned, but we were cooking on the fly and it tasted good.There are then the herbs and spices which sit between the vocals and the meat (no one said this was a veg salad).  They are the transition tracks that bind the whole mix together.Into that we add the meat, and plenty of it.  Very lean medium rare thinly sliced and seriously tasty.It has flavours you won't tire of.  I made it last night and it's still tasting great next day, and I've eaten two portions back to back!Hope you can join me next week (Thursday's 12pm to 2pm UK time) in the musical kitchen.  No ingredients or recipe yet, let's see what we can whip up together.Big thanks to everyone that tuned in and to the Thursday morning Pressure family who hang in the chatroom, always a pleasure.Now go grab those salad tongs and get stuck in.  Seconds are compusory :)www.c2emusic.comc2eMusic Facebook Page - if you like then please.......like!www.pressureradio.comc2eMusic Official PodcastTracklisting:1: Mindsoul - Don't Stop2: Elef - Lazy Liz3: Fred Everything - Brothers & Sisters (AM Pacific)4: Boolu Master, The Decks Group - Thinking Again (The Master Mix)5: Johnny Dangerous - Beat That Bitch (Soul Channel Instrumental)6: Evan Iff - Slide7: Zoo Look, Amy Lyon - All Over Me (Detroit Swindle Remix)8: Shea - Where Did You Go (Atjazz Floor Dub)9: Botshelo Huma, nkokhi - Something New (Josh Milan's Honeycomb Vocal)10: Kings Of Tomorrow, April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera Classic)11: Namy ft Josh Milan - From Now On (DJ Spen & N'Dinga Gaba Remix)12: Ralf Gum, Kenny Bobien - The Only Way (Terry Hunter Mix)13: Nativeroots, Zano - Taking Over The World (Sean McCabe Overdub  Mix)14: Akabu, Alex Mills - Everybody Wants Something (Akabu Warehouse Mix)15: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer (Part 2)16: David Harness - Soaring Over Brasil17: Eltonick - Last Call18: Evan Iff - Busy19: Erin Leah -Radio Billie Stereo Ella (Thommy & Spen Dub)20: Sonarpilot - Open House (Danny J Lewis Remix)21: Animist - Reeser22: Lars Vegas - The Game23: Supernova - Never Give Up24: Bordertown, Wicks - Do You Know25: Marlon D, Bhoddi Satva - Power Of The Drum (Marlon D's Deep Tribal Mix)26: The N69 Project - Vitamin Trax27: Bacteria - Touch Your Soul28: Alan Smithee - Blue Blackness (Dub)Enjoy!

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12 Apr 2013

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c2eMusic August 2018 - Sunce Sessions

August podcasts are extra special these days as they follow on from a July that sees me and thousands of others soaking up the magic that is Suncebeat in beautiful Croatia. I always come back buzzing with tunes I have to find, and so they invariably end up in the August podcast. It's like a little time capsule that invokes special memories every time you listen.Always great catching up with people from all over the world both old and new. This year I met so many cool people from all over - Darren from Adelaide, Courtney from Atlanta, Francesca from DC, The Durham massive :) , Terri, Liyana and Triphina from London, Paulette from Nottingham, Pal Sorli from Norway and my Bajan brother from another Wayne and his partner Martine. This mix is for you guys and the good times had on the boat parties.Musically the mix starts off on a warm deep tip with a couple of soulful drops along with the odd classic. Things toughen up with a mix of tunes that resonated with me at Suncebeat. The incredible 'Starz' dropped by Neil Pierce, 'Photon' played by Grant Nelson on the picnic boat, 'Pick Up' dropped by Karizma at Barbarellas and 'Revolution' and 'Someday' played by just about everyone!As homage to those that couldn't make it this year we have 'Blues For You' for DC Wood from DC. Look forward to catching up next year instead.I danced soooo much at Sunce this year and hopefully you will too listening to this mix.A big shout goes to Caz B who reached out just after getting back from Sunce. it's so cool to meet people who feel the music as much as I do, such a shame we didn't meet at Sunce.Lastly I have to thank Conrad Bool, he put me on to a few of the tracks in this mix. His musical knowledge is stuff of legend and he's a top bloke to boot. Snores like a Yeti but we won't hold that against him.Credit for the cover goes to Foto Genix. The man with the cam.Tracklisting:1: Byron The Aquarian, Cropper - Song For A Friend2: Chevals - See You When I Gift My Broken Heart3: Bruce D'Angelo - Can I Get A Witness4: Introbeatz, Layfar - On Something5: Low Steppa - The System (Extended Mix)6: Joyfull Family - All About The Jazz7: Christian B, Lavvy Levan - Mystery (Rapson Twice the Mystery remix)8: DJ Steaw - Everydayz9: DJ MoReese - Pulsar10: Solution - Feels So Right (Original Victor Simonelli Mix)11: Detroit Swindle, Lorenze Rhode - High Life12: Daniel Leason - Drums13: Kyle Kim, Sheree Hicks - Never Alone (Kenny Carpenter Redemption TV Mix)14: Kelvin Sylvester ft Dee Lavender - Daylight (Revival Mix)15: Rocco -Someday (Brian Tappert Rework)16: DJ Koze -Pick Up17: Todd Terry - Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix)18: Dennis Quin, Shermanology - Move Out Of My Way19: Disko Headz - Starz20: Deetron - Photon21: Johan S - Watcha Do (Will Come Back 2 U)22: Harry Romero - Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended Mix)23: Logic - Blues For Yo (Hard Dub)24: Lorenze Rhode - On TopEnjoy!

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5 Aug 2018

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