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On Voices of IFES, we go straight to the source to hear about ministry projects, ideas, and perspectives. It features interviews with students and leaders from around the IFES fellowship. Among other things, you’ll hear about pioneering new campuses, using computer coding to spread the gospel, and keeping integrity in a highly secular context. You’ll learn from people from every corner of the world and discover the amazing ways our Fellowship is reaching students. Voices of IFES is produced by Maéva Oltra.

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Desarrollar conocimientos sobre ciencia y teología con ILC

La iniciativa Logos y Cosmos, o ILC, es un aspecto emocionante y relativamente nuevo de IFES, que fomenta el diálogo entre la teología y las ciencias. Únase al anfitrión invitado Toto Bermúdez, Secretario General de CBUU Uruguay y miembro del equipo regional de América Latina, mientras se sienta con Ale, Coordinador de LCI en América Latina, y Marcio, Profesor de Arquitectura y Planificación Urbana en la Universidad de São Paulo y "catalizador" de LCI, para discutir lo que la LCI está haciendo en América Latina, cómo impacta en el ministerio estudiantil, y cómo se puede orar.  https://lci.ifesworld.org/es/


23 Jun 2022

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Is God’s Word worth it? Introducing IFES Scripture Engagement with Ricardo Borges

Have you heard the term Scripture Engagement before? In this episode we meet Ricardo, IFES Secretary for Scripture Engagement. He shares why this has always been so important to IFES, how a new ministry has developed in recent years, what the role of the Scripture Engagement team is for national movements, and how you can get involved.  You can find out more about Scripture Engagement here. As Ricardo says, get in touch with scriptureengagement@ifesworld.org to share your story about the challenges and opportunities involved in engaging with Scripture in your life and context.   Ricardo refers to The Word Among Us, a training resource that provides insights into how Scripture must inform every part of our life and work. You can download it here.


28 Apr 2022

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What it means to feed the hungry in the Caribbean with Kerwin Stuart

Meet Kerwin, Associate General Secretary for the IFES Caribbean region, or CARFIES. He shares his journey from his own to student days to working with IFES, and introduces us to the region, giving an overview of Caribbean student ministry with all the numbers.   Kerwin updates us on what happened with the funds given to last year’s Global Giving Day Caribbean project, pioneering in the British Virgin Islands. He also discusses the exciting new ministry of Jean-Davy, and how your gifts for this year’s Global Generosity Day could have an incredible impact for Christ amongst young people in French-speaking Caribbean territories.  NB: When this podcast was recorded, Global Generosity Day 2022 was planned for 9 March. This was postponed until 6 April due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The CARIFES website is here: https://www.carifes.org/ Discover Global Generosity Day and give to Jean-Davy's ministry here: https://ifesworld.org/global-generosity-day-2022/  


31 Mar 2022

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Tim Adams: his backstory and priorities for the future

IFES General Secretary Tim Adams discusses the steps in his life that lead him to become IFES General Secretary at the beginning of 2021. He talks through some of the challenges and achievements of his first year in leadership of IFES, and explains what’s next in 2022 and beyond – including some of the structural changes he has made, and the new IFES strategic plan, Thriving Together.  


25 Feb 2022

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A Christmas Message from Tim Adams

‘This Christmas I pray that each of us will find the humility, curiosity and openness to once again follow the star and be ready to encounter Christ in a fresh way’  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. In this Christmas message, IFES General Secretary Tim Adams shares his reflections on the attitudes of the Magi as their academic pursuits led them to Jesus – in humility, joy and worship.  At the end of another tough year, we are looking to Jesus like the Magi, confident that we will find everlasting joy with him whatever we are going through, and we looking to continue to move forward together in 2022, leading students to discover this joy for themselves more and more.  Listen to our Christmas playlist  here. Listen to Prayerline. 


23 Dec 2021

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L‘humillité avec Joël Cornuz des GBUC Canada

Etes-vous une personne orgueilleuse ? Dans ce Voices of IFES, Joël Cornuz, secrétaire général des GBUC, le mouvement francophone au Canada, nous parle avec beaucoup de joie de son nouveau livre, qui s'appelle « Vivre avec humilité ? » il explique comment il en est venu à l'écrire, et comment il a eu un impact sur le ministère parmi les étudiants. Nous discutons des hauts et des bas du ministère au Québec et de la façon dont vous pouvez prier pour les étudiants de cette province. Soutenir les GBUC: En donnant En priant Acheter le livre "vivre l'humilité?"


16 Dec 2021

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Le Christ éternel dans les temps présents avec Armand Dzadu des GBU Togo

Panaf'22 est presque là ; la 6e conférence des étudiants GBU en Afrique francophone se déroule au Burundi en août 2022, rassemblant des étudiants d'au moins 19 pays. Dans cet épisode, nous faisons la connaissance d'Armand Dzadu, secrétaire général de GBU Togo, qui explique comment COVID a changé la façon dont nous interagissons avec l'évangile. Nous découvrons comment les conférences précédentes ont changé la façon dont les étudiants s'engagent avec les GBU ; et nous fixons nos yeux sur l'espoir de Panaf'22 - voir les étudiants prendre des initiatives, s'approprier le ministère pour eux-mêmes.  Pour en savoir plus sur Panaf'22, cliquez ici : http://gbuaf.org/panaf22/ Si vous souhaitez soutenir Panaf' pour permettre à des étudiants de se rendre à panaf vous pouvez donner ici.


2 Dec 2021

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Different culture same gospel with Julia Tilford from GBU Portugal

Julia answered a job advert and left her country to work with students in Portugal. Two years in, she’s producing Bible study material, discipling students through Bible study, encouraging groups in many cities, and thinking through a long-term move to Portugal.  Join us on this episode of Voices of IFES as Julia walks us through what student work with GBU Portugal is like, the different challenges and opportunities she’s encountering, and how we can be praying for her.  If you want to support them in their ministry you support them here.  If you wish to contact them: gbu@gbu.pt


18 Nov 2021

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Five million people and many more million sheep with Ben Carswell from TSCF New Zealand

Fifteen years ago the student movement in New Zealand TSCF was on the brink of closing. Since then there has been a stark turnaround, the movement has multiplied and TSCF has been breaking new ground on New Zealand campuses and further afield in the South Pacific.   On this Voices of IFES hear Ben Carswell, National Director of TSCF New Zealand, as he fills us in on how God has had his hand on this movement, and what’s going on there right now.  Support TSCF in their ministry here. 


4 Nov 2021

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A seedbed of leaders for the church and society with GBU Chile

Students are the protagonists of the mission in Chile. In a country that has lost faith in institutions, the Christian students who live a life of integrity make the biggest impact. That’s why the GBU is doing everything they can to empower their students.   On this Voices of IFES, listen as IFES General Secretary Tim Adams interviews three members of GBU Chile. You’ll hear why Chile is a vibrant and promising country and why the GBU has high hopes for evangelism on their campuses, despite the costly effects of the pandemic.  


21 Oct 2021

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