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A new podcast for everyone needing some escapism in troubled times. Expect a mix of politics, culture, fashion, dating dilemmas, North vs South London, and laughter. There's one rule: don't say the C-word! Hosted by Luisa Porritt and Julia Cambridge.

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Lockdown... Actually with Tom Morrison and Gareth Lewis Shelton

As we enter Lockdown #3, we knew you'd need some cheer to fill your ears with and turn that January frown upside down. Fear not! We made a Christmas and New Year Special episode of Not The C Word just for you. And it's a CRACKER. Julia and Luisa talk to the Northern Powerhouse, Tom Morrison, about the Great and the Grim of Christmas traditions. Prepare yourself for a lively debate about Love Actually and injected turkeys. Then Gareth Lewis Shelton, Chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems and co-founder of Pop Up Painting, chats to us about the science behind his measured and achievable New Year's Resolutions. Treat yourself to some laughter to get through lockdown.Great and the Grim of Christmas traditionshttps://groceries.morrisons.com/products/morrisons-the-best-cremant-de-limoux-sparkling-wine-533895011https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/12/which-pigs-in-blankets-christmas-crisps-tasted-most-like-the-real-thing/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-9035585/Mary-Berry-festive-rescue.htmlNew Year's Resolutionshttps://www.nme.com/news/music/harry-styles-postpones-uk-and-european-tour-indefinitely-2839592https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/08/9943323/beyonce-black-is-king-world-building-b7GuestsTom Morrisonhttps://twitter.com/ThomasMorrisonhttps://www.shirleywilliamslectures.org.uk/https://www.cheadle-libdems.org.uk/cheadle_gold_clubGareth Lewis Sheltonhttps://twitter.com/GarethLSheltonhttps://twitter.com/LGBTLDhttps://popuppainting.com/

1hr 30mins

11 Jan 2021

Rank #1

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Cummings and Goings with Emma Kennedy

A look back on the week in which a strange man named Dominic Cummings dominated the headlines in the UK, Trump got trolled by Twitter and the first spark of the largest Black Lives Matter protests seen to date was ignited by the actions of Amy Cooper (please note this episode was recorded before news spread of George Floyd's death). We are joined by the fabulous Emma Kennedy; author, lego builder, winner of Mastermind and Masterchef, to discuss lockdown birthdays, her views on Cummings and why #ClapforCarers mattered. Featuring Will Coles as the 'Voice of Tatler'.Lockdown winners and losershttps://www.tatler.com/article/zoom-etiquettehttps://www.instagram.com/fransbookshop/https://www.instagram.com/christineandthequeens/https://www.instagram.com/lauramarling/https://www.vogue.com/article/jacinda-ardern-earthquake-live-tv-interviewhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/virus-effect-butterflies-are-everywhere/articleshow/75425710.cmshttps://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/environment/count-butterflies-your-garden-during-lockdown-help-track-climate-change-2551580https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52439934https://inews.co.uk/news/consumer/potatoes-uk-coronavirus-lockdown-too-many-why-explained-2858359https://www.economist.com/briefing/2020/05/09/the-worlds-food-system-has-so-far-weathered-the-challenge-of-covid-19Politicshttps://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/26/us/central-park-video-dog-video-african-american-trnd/index.htmlhttps://twitter.com/PaddyMcGuinness/status/1265314862491631617https://www.brewdog.com/uk/barnard-castle-eye-testhttps://www.spectator.co.uk/article/getting-coronavirus-does-not-bring-clarityGuesthttps://twitter.com/EmmaKennedy

1hr 4mins

5 Jun 2020

Rank #2

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Be Alert! With guests Samira Rafaela and Jenna Stewardson

Not The C Word returns for a second BUMPER episode. This week we have actual real live guests, including Dutch MEP Samira Rafaela. She talks to us about the challenges and opportunities of being a fresh politician, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's case and her preferred Rishi Snack. Jenna Stewardson, who saw her tweet go viral after BBC newsreader Huw Edwards quote tweeted her, reflects on the men who have unexpectedly become attractive in lockdown. And we of course discuss our latest lockdown winners and losers, as well as considering the poignancy of VE Day and 70 years since the Schuman Declaration. Links:From our weekhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJL4UGSbeFghttps://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000j49t/hospital-coronavirus-special-episode-1http://camdennewjournal.com/article/nancys-heroic-recovery-captures-hearts-of-nationWinners and losershttps://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/apr/30/yoga-with-adriene-how-the-youtube-star-won-lockdownhttps://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/originalvirtualpubquizhttps://nospacejustaplace.gucci.com/en.htmlhttps://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/07/sir-keir-starmer-owe-ve-day-generation-protect-virus-care-homes/https://airqualitynews.com/2020/04/21/video-air-pollution-returns-to-china-as-coronavirus-lockdown-is-eased/https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/05/coronaviris-covid-19-air-quality-cities-lockdown/https://www.thedailybeast.com/italy-coronavirus-lockdown-basics-forget-the-toilet-paper-get-your-hair-donePoliticshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuEf9xMmYuohttps://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/lib-dems-luisa-porritt-says-uk-s-future-in-europe-not-outside-1-6645239Guestshttps://twitter.com/samirarafhttps://twitter.com/jenstewardsonx

1hr 11mins

22 May 2020

Rank #3

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Welcome to NOT The C Word

In our very first episode, we share why hedgehogs are among Julia's lockdown winners and why Luisa thinks black tights are a lockdown loser. We ask whether the Chancellor is hot and if politicians are becoming more authentic. Finally, you'll hear why both of us have nominated two guys called Anthony to be our dream guests on the show. Tell us your dream guests and general feedback by emailing notthecword@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram @not_thecword, on Twitter @NotTheCWord1 and on Facebook @NotTheCWord.

1hr 1min

9 May 2020

Rank #4

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