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Helping Others Succeed by Sharing Success! This is Learn from Others where we interview a cross-section of successful individuals so you can learn from their experiences, achievements and even their mistakes. We ask four questions that will educate and inspire! Greg Stanley will be your guide as we join our guest on a journey from adolescent daydreaming to success in today’s world. Join us on this adventure as we Learn from Others together!

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097: Recovery Entrepreneur - Daniel Henderson is the Founder of RecoverWisely Inc.

Daniel recovered from alcohol addiction only to fall off of a 200 foot cliff. During his second recovery, he noticed the similarities between addiction and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and his entrepreneurial spirit took flight. Find out how he survived and more about his company that offers addiction treatment consulting and recovery coaching on the Learn From Others podcast. Listen to more career journey at www.LearnFromOthers.org Learn from Others is an educational podcast for students that highlights diverse career paths across the 16 career clusters identified by the United States Department of Education. Greg Stanley is the host and he interviews successful individuals about their careers, personal development, overcoming obstacles and even failures. This career podcast is one students can explore different career paths and learn from others so they can succeed.


11 Nov 2019

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