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Al B Sure Cryptic messages about Kim Porter. Strange behavior of Puff Daddy

Kim Porter's death has been highly publicized and also there has been some concerns raised by many people online because of how she died and also the connection between Clive Davis and Puff Daddy all this is all just speculation and rumor and alleged but at the end of the day what if some of those concerns are true it has been said that Kim was writing a book and then her untimely death happened right after now this is all just my hypothesis of what I believe it does not mean that I am blaming anyone more calling anyone out for what has happened this audio has been provided for entertainment purposes only


30 Nov 2020

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Sweety Pies Murder For Hire-IG Scam Exposed Dana Chanel

Tim norman indicted. The Own network show is no longer on air but Tim Normans future is up in the air.... Sweety Pies owner has not commented on her sons arrest in connection to her grandsons murder. Black love and money and power couple exposed as scammer's?


28 Aug 2020

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Raw and uncut review of Akons Black People go back to Africa or move on from slavery.

Akon had a recent interview with Vlad TV and lets just say right now is not the time bro!


27 Aug 2020

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Orlando Brown Shocking Statements about Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon speaks out


2 Apr 2020

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R.Kellys girlfriends Azrial and Jocelyn fight at Trump Tower Live

R.Kellys young girlfriends throw down on social media.


14 Feb 2020

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B2K Member Caught on camera

Rayj caught cheating. Jboogz Caught up with a leaked video.


16 Jan 2020

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General news hot topics

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1 Jan 2020

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Kevin Hart cardi B goes off on media plus more

Cardi B goes off on the media yet again. Kevin Hart big trouble after accident passengers file lawsuit.


21 Oct 2019

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Antonio Brown's rape accuser, Cam Newton's grandmas bonnet plus more

Antonio Brown's rape accuser says he sent threatening text messages.Cam Newton worried more about his clothes than his wins for the NFL team he's on. Kanye West Sunday service brings in thousands


23 Sep 2019

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K Michelle vs Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna's music career+_3(


31 Aug 2019

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