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S6 Ep16 - Cost of living and doing business

As everyone starts to feel the pinch Kate touches on what the difficulties are for businesses with Covid support having now fallen away, inflation seriously impacting consumer spend and the cost of doing business rising at an astonishing level.  Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


27 Apr 2022

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S6 Ep15 - Labour Shorages

Kate speaks about the labour shortages the industry is experiencing and what UKH is doing to support businesses and highlight the issue in Government.  Also available on: Spotify  Apple  Google  Amazon


4 Apr 2022

Rank #2

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S6 Ep14 - update on Ukraine

Kate offers an update on how hospitality can support Ukraine and what the continued impacts are with new updates from Government.  Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


17 Mar 2022

Rank #3

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S6 Ep13 - A week liasing with Governement

We caught up with Kate after a hectic week of meetings with Government, including three select committee evidence sessions. Hear more about how Kate has been championing the industry in this episode of Discussions with Kate Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


15 Mar 2022

Rank #4

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S1 Ep10 - Hospitality Rising - a solution to the recruitment crisis

Kate Nicholls (UKH CEO) and David Sheen (UKH Public Affairs Director) sit down with Mark McCulloch (Founder of Hospitality Rising Campaign) to discuss the official hospitality industry response to the recruitment crisis. This campaign, which is backed by Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board, aims to change the perception of working in hospitality for the better. Listen to find out what this campaign is all about and how you can play your part.  More information can be found at: https://hospitalityrising.org/ Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


8 Mar 2022

Rank #5

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S6 Ep12 - is 2022 shaping up to be another tough year?

In this episode Kate covers a wide range of topics including the global implications of the Ukrainian conflict, the ending of restrictions for hospitality businesses across the nations, our short to medium term asks of Government and what we hope to see in the upcoming Budget statement, and touches on the Hospitality Rising and CareerScope initiatives. Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


3 Mar 2022

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What sort of start has 2022 gotten off to for hospitality?

Kate is back to talk us through the areas of work UKH is plugging away at as we start the year. Kate touches on some big projects on the horizon that aim to help hospitality's recovery. 


1 Feb 2022

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S6 Ep10 - Omicron

We caught up with Kate on Monday 29 November following news over the weekend of new temporary measures coming into force to help slow down the potential spread of the new Covid variant Omicron. We discuss what the industry can expect, what steps businesses should take and what Kate thinks will likely happen over the busy Christmas period. Also available on: SpotifyAppleGoogleAmazon


30 Nov 2021

Rank #8

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S1Ep9 - How technology is helping hotels drive better efficiencies

Hospitality businesses have had to adapt quickly in the face of the Covid pandemic. In this episode UKHospitality Chief Executive, Kate Nicholls invites guest Neil Tolley from Fourteen IP, David Woodward from Aruba and Head of IT, Strand Palace Hotel & Chair of the HOSPA IT Committee discuss the role of technology in a post-pandemic world. We explore how customers are reacting and what they will be expecting going forward with insight from those closest to one of the innovative technology solutions which has helped countless hoteliers navigate the new landscape thrown up by the lockdowns and Covid regulations. Fourteen IP is a Global Systems Integrator to the hospitality industry providing Cloud Telephony & Guest Internet solutions across, Europe, North America & Mexico. Aruba designs and delivers Mobility-Defined Networks that empower a new generation of tech-savvy users. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOSPITALITY TECH SOLUTIONS SUCH AS EVA VISIT: https://fourteenip.com


25 Nov 2021

Rank #9

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S6 Ep9 The Budget

With the Chancellor due to deliver his Autumn Budget and Spending Review, we catch up with Kate and Tony to get their thoughts on what they expect and what UKHospitality has been lobbying on in the run up. 


26 Oct 2021

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