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018. Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Pharmacy School

On today's episode I share things I wish I knew before I started pharmacy school. I also shared this on my personal account and received input from other pharmacists or students.. I graduated in 2019 and I have learned so much from then.Here are some of the topics I discuss:different career paths available in pharmacy and how pharmacy is such a small worldthe amount of time I spent studying and time managementtime commitment how long it takes to finish schoolYour GPA isn't everything and you can still land a residency based on your communication and characterhow saturated the job market ismental health deteriorating during schoolpossibility of finding a job with the marketways to pay off loans during school without parents helpdebt to income ratiohow under appreciated pharmacists areIf you liked this episode share it with a friend who can relate and let me know what you though of it by email: doseofmandb@gmail,com and follow on instagram: instagram.com/adoseofmandbAlso rate it 5 stars and write a review I would appreciate it!


25 Jul 2021

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017. May Yazdi, MSN, FNP-C: Holistic Health Coach

On today's episode we have special guest May Yazdi, FNP-C. She shares her journey as she transitioned into a registered nurse, then continued to complete her nurse practitioner degree. And then later on integrated into a holistic health coach.We discuss how to push through during difficult times when you feel like odds are all against you and so many tips on how to practice wellness. Topics we cover are:Her journey throughout school, and her powerful breakthrough during taking her board exams,What a holistic health coach is and how she combines it In her practice as a nurse practitionerWord of advice to students that just finished in their schooling and how to go about job huntingHer mission as a Nurse Practitioner and holistic coachIf you have any personal questions for May: reach out to her on instagram at: instagram.com/mayyazdi - she also has her own Podcast called Mays Anatomy check her out on your platform of choice!!Also please let me know your thoughts on this episode -- by email: doseofmandb@gmail.com or instagram: instagram.com/adoseofmandb


18 Jul 2021

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016: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became An Adult

Today's episode was so interesting to make I wanted to continue the theme for this month on things I wish I knew before... so this week's topic is about how to be an adult or what I wish I would have been aware of or warned before I grew up.being more present in where you are exactly in liferesponsibilities and the more they increase as you get olderfairytale love and expectationsmore school doesn't mean more money necessarily not everyone has good intentions for you and people are bound to hurt youpeople are going to disappoint youalways be vocal about how you feel and your emotions are validI also shared this post on my personal account on Instagram and I shared the thoughts everyone posted because I felt it completely and I wanted to share them all with you as well. I hope this episode is relatable and if you felt it was please let me know by email or instagram. your girl always loves to hear from you: doseofmandb@gmail.com, instagram.com/adoseofmandb


11 Jul 2021

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015. Dr. Ashlee Hayes, PharmD, MHA: Leadership Coach

This episode we have special guest Ashlee Hayes, PharmD share her journey as a retail pharmacist and how she transitioned into the career of her dreams. She is currently a leadership coach full time. Ashlee helps other women with landing jobs they are passionate about whether that’s in the healthcare field or something else they are looking to pursue such as their own personal brand. She is also a new author of Influential Dad, Empowered Daughter which just released recently - so amazing and so proud of her accomplishments!Some topics we cover in this episode are:What made her want to transition into this role?What steps did she take to get to her career?A memorable moment during her experience as a coachWord of advice for new pharmacists trying to venture out and do something differentIf you would like to reach out to Ashlee personally here is her contact info: email: hello@rxashlee.com or instagram: instagram.com/drashleehayesAlso please let me know what you thought of this episode by email doseofmandb@gmail,com and follow my instagram at instagram.com/adoseofmandb


4 Jul 2021

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014. Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Fitness Journey

On today's episode I share some things I learned over the years as I trained and gone through different phases of my fitness journey. I go over five main takeaways I keep at the forefront of my mind whenever I am stuck or losing my motivation to keep going on. I hope that this was relatable to you and if so please share it with a friend. Or let me know by reaching out to me by email or instagram - doseofmandb@gmail.com or instagram.com/adoseofmandb


27 Jun 2021

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013. Jasmine Osman, PharmD: PGY1 Resident

On this episode Jasmine Osman, PharmD PGY1 Resident at Franciscan Health Hospital. She shares her experience as a resident, here is some topics we go over on this episode:Her journey after graduated pharmacy schoolWhat made her want to do a residency?An experience she loves about this experience?What is one thing that is challenging for her?What is one word of advice she would give to other student pharmacists about to graduate?If you want to reach out to her or to ask any questions about the discussion: you can contact her on her social media and/or email: instagram.com/jasmineos__if you enjoyed this episode rate it 5 stars and share it with a friend.. Let me know your thoughts by email or instagram: doseofmandb@gmail.com or instagram.com/adoseofmandb


20 Jun 2021

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012. What Pharmacists Really Do?

On today's episode I share a recent experience in the workplace environment. I had a patient comment that made me want to share with the world what exactly a pharmacist does in the retail setting.I give a breakdown of the steps it takes to process a medication along with the other tasks we do while processing new prescriptions being dropped off to pick up later. I hope this brings more insight and understanding to our profession as a whole.If you found this episode helpful or know someone who can relate or learn from it definitely share with a friend. And let me know what you think by:email; doseofmandb@gmail.com or instagram; instagram.com/adoseofmandb


13 Jun 2021

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011. Dr. Jamie Wilkey, PharmD: Pharmacogenomics

On today's episode we have special guest Dr. Jamie Wilkey, PharmD share her experience as a pharmacy and how she transitioned into a pharmacogenomics consultant. How she felt stuck in retail pharmacy and how she was able to transition without doing a residency.Some topics we go over in this episode are:-- How she transitioned into this position, with no residency-- What experience you need for the job-- Background about her online course and training to become a pharmacogenomics consultant (what exactly pharmacogenomics is)-- Pros and cons to the career-- Do you need a specific personality to enjoy this positionIf you would like to ask more questions, or reach out to Dr. Jamie Wilkey. You may reach her by Linked In or email at jamie@archeshealthgroup.com And as always if you know anyone who would benefit from this episode please share with a friend or let me know how you thought this episode was onInstagram: instagram.com/adoseofmandb or email: doseofmandb@gmail.com


6 Jun 2021

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010. How to Handle Burnout

On today's episode I discuss burn out. What burn out is, how to look out for signs both mentally and physically when you reach burn out. I go over what I do to help decrease the rate I would reach burn out or even get burnt out. And what I do to overcome being in burn out mode.Some things I do currently would be:Practice being present or mindful Learn to let go of things that happen (good or bad)Journal it out - let all my feelings down on paper and assess my feelings for what they areGym - my happy place - or something you enjoy that helps you escape reality for a bit (this is completely up to you)Self care day - I like to be alone, limit social media, spend time shopping with friends or family - again this is specific to what a self care day is for youWriting poetry another form of freeing what's inside of me mentally and physicallyI hope this episode brought you some helpful tips or insight, if you know someone else who can benefit from this definitely share it with them ALSOlet me know any feedback would be amazing at:instagram: instagram.com/adoseofmandb or email: doseofmandb@gmail.com


30 May 2021

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009. Asmaa Badr: Anissa Women's Fitness

This episode we have special guest founder of Anissa Women's Fitness Asmaa Badr. She shares her journey through creating a platform for fitness through women and for women. Where women are able to share their fitness goals, and work together to achieve them with accountability and challenges.Topics we discuss are:Body comparison with InstagramHow she breaks down achieving a goal for her and her foundationHow to stay motivated when you're not feeling itWhat steps she takes when working toward a goalWhat her mission is as a coachIf you have any questions specifically for Asmaa, or want to join this community for women here's how to reach her: email: info@anissafitness.com instagram: instagram.com/anissawomensfitnessReach out to me and let me know what you thought about this episode and share with a friend if you think they'll find this helpful: email: doseofmandb@gmail.com instagram: instagram.com/adoseofmandb


23 May 2021

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