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It's Tech Tuesday and welcome to Remote Access! Join Greg and Evan as they reaact to the latest technology news and their own personal experience with technology.

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Secret Agent Twitter

In this episode Evan and Greg discuss Verizon's battle with Netflix, D-Day with Google, The CIA's Twitter and much more.


10 Jun 2014

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Continuity In Our Devices

In this episode Evan and Greg discuss self driving cars, Skype's translator, and we cover all the news that came from Apples WWDC.

1hr 21mins

3 Jun 2014

Rank #2

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Uber has no Seoul

After a long break Evan is back and in this episode Evan and Greg discuss, Seoul Korea banning Uber, Kindle Unlimited, Facebook's Save Button, and much more.


26 Jul 2014

Rank #3

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Remote Access: Auto Directive

On this episode of Remote Access, Evan is in Scotland so our special guest Scott Miller has joined us from the RFG Podcast. On todays episode, we talk about the future of autmoative controls including birth control pills.


20 Jul 2014

Rank #4

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Android In All Your Devices

In this episode Evan and Greg discuss the Google I/O, Trapper Keepers, Digital ID Cards and much more.


1 Jul 2014

Rank #5