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Welcome to 'She Said What?' with your host, Alyssa Harper! This is a space where brutal honesty is required and nothing is TMI. We'll be chatting all things health, wellness, sex, relationships and more. You're going to leave this space empowered to tell your stories and excited to become the best version of yourself!Connect with me on Instagram: @alyssataylorharper

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32. Visualization Will Change Your Life (Here's Why!)

Have you ever not gone for something because you "just can't picture yourself doing it"? So many of our daily choices come back to visualization and the lens we see ourselves through. It's time we wipe the smudge off that lens and see the potential that truly lies within us. In this episode, we discuss the science behind WHY visualization actually works and how you can incorporate it into your life to create the life you've always wanted. We discuss automatic negative thoughts and how to change the narrative because you deserve a live filled with decisions made out of self confidence, not fear.  Find Alyssa Harper (@alyssataylorharper) on: Tiktok Instagram Sources: The Powerful Connection Between Your Hips and Your Emotions The Anti Anxiety Notebook The Body Keeps The Score


6 Aug 2022

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31. How to Have Bigger and Better Orgasms

Have you ever wondered... What even is an orgasm? Does it just feel good or are there other benefits? Why do I sometimes feel sad after sex? Well, today you get the answers! In this episode, we also cover how your pelvic floor, your hormones and even your self-confidence can affect your orgasms. Get ready to enhance your sex life! Find Alyssa Harper (@alyssataylorharper) on: Tiktok Instagram Links  Ways to Give and Donate to Planned Parenthood The Three Biggest Implications For Black Women From Roe V. Wade's Fall


28 Jul 2022

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30. How to Genuinely Enjoy Your Period

This episode is all the inspiration you need to shift your mindset from "ugh I'm useless on period" to "my period is an opportunity to connect with myself". We talk about how to break out of the mindset of being in constant harvest and how to accept and even appreciate our cyclical ways of being. I share with with you all of the best foods to eat to support your hormones, the best exercise to do on your period, how to journal & reflect in this phase and how to create a work/school schedule that doesn't leave you feeling drained. It's time to shift our patriarchal beliefs around our periods and begin to lean into all the beautiful benefits they give us! Find Alyssa Harper (@alyssataylorharper) on: Tiktok Instagram Resources: In The Flo - Alissa Vitti Why Does The FDA Recommend 2000 Calories


18 Jun 2022

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29. Stop Having Boring Sex | How to Spice Things Up

Being in a healthy long-term relationship is a beautiful thing. But sometimes, after things are comfortable and consistent, we can start to lose the excitement towards the sex life we share with our partner. This is often when people start questioning if the relationship is as good as they thought it was. It can be hurtful to not feel wanted and frustrating to see this spiral. But instead of assuming that a change in the sex life means the relationship has to end, why don't we talk about some alternatives. In this episode I give you an understanding of WHY this can happen and WHAT you can do to spice things up and get that feeling of novelty back. Find Alyssa Harper (@alyssataylorharper) on: Tiktok Instagram Resources: Where Do Kinks Come From? Frenchie - My fave condoms (hyaluronic acid ones are amazing) & lube! Dame - great toy selection (US & Canada) Max Black - all things sexual wellness (Australia) Normal - Australia, US, UK, Canada, New Zealand

1hr 12mins

3 Jun 2022

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28. What To Eat in The Different Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle + Q&A w/ Moonli

Joining us in this episode is Moonli, a Hormone and Period Nutritionist (how cool is that)?? She is teaching us all about eating for the different phases of your menstrual cycle, why food is such a key factor in balancing our hormones and how to implement this in a way that isn't overwhelming. She also answers ALL of the questions you guys sent in:  What even happens to my hormones in my menstrual cycle? What if I have PCOS/Endometriosis/irregular periods? Is it different? Can I still sync my cycle? What if I'm on the birth control pill/the hormonal or copper IUD? Does that change things? Are HIIT workouts wrecking my hormones? Does my food have to be organic? Which foods can I eat to get rid of cramps/acne/bloating?  Also, is bloating something to worry about?  And more! This girl is a powerhouse and you guys are going to LOVE this episode. Find Alyssa: on Tiktok on Instagram Find Moonli: on Instagram Learn about Moonli’s Cycle Syncing Course Sign Up for Moonli’s Course with a 5% OFF Discount Dirty Dozen List (Foods to Buy Organic) Books/Apps: In The Flo - Alissa Vitti Woman Code - Alissa Vitti Beyond the Pill - Dr. Jolene Brighton The Period Repair Manual - Lara Briden Taking Charge of Your Fertility - Tony Weschler Our Hormones, Our Health - Susanne Esche-Belke and Suzann Kirschner-Brouns Read Your Body (app) Flo (app)

1hr 42mins

23 May 2022

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27. Be Your Authentic Self w/ Blue | Coming Out Queer & Non-Binary + Rebuilding Your Values & Community

In this episode, we have the opportunity to hear from Blue; a queer, non-binary, HILARIOUS friend of mine. Blue teaches breathe work/meditation, AND works with an organization called The Man Cave that helps facilitate conversations with young men to help them deconstruct and reform their ideas around masculinity. Blue has an inspiring story of healing, challenging their beliefs and becoming their most authentic self. Blue challenges me to be a better human on a regular basis so I KNOW this episode is going to fuel you with joy, excitement for life and the permission to explore everything life has to offer.  Find Alyssa: on Tiktok on Instagram Find Blue: on Instagram Resources: Alok on Instagram (gender non-conforming reference mentioned by Blue)

1hr 18mins

13 May 2022

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26. Women in Science, Living in a Man's World & The Truth About IUD's | w/ Roxanne Nai'a

Joining us today, we have Roxanne Nai'a who is a Science Communicator and Social Psychology Doctoral Student who studies processes that impact women's experiences in the world; things like sexism, objectification of women and sexualization. In this episode we get to hear what it's like to be a women  working in science and all about the incredible studies she has done (even Cardi B had something to say about it)! We also hear about her journey with the birth control pill, the IUD and how she travelled to Canada for an IUD that wasn't available to her in the USA (if you are someone who menstruates in the USA, you NEED to hear this)! This episode is packed with empowering knowledge and the kick of feminism that we all need.  Find Alyssa: on Tiktok on Instagram Find Roxanne: on Tiktok on Instagram Resources: Racial Disparities in Postpartum Pain Management Gender Bias in Pain

1hr 12mins

6 May 2022

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25. Letting Go of Judgement for a Healthier Relationship with Yourself and Others

You probably don't think of yourself as a "judgemental person", when truly, most of us are (in one way or another). In this episode, I walk you through changing your mindset, so that you may live a life that aligns with YOUR values and allows others in your life to do the same. When we can adjust our automatic judgemental thoughts about others, we have better relationships, more confidence in ourselves and live happier lives. Challenge yourself today with this episode!


2 May 2022

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24. 10 Ways to Stop Anxiety From Holding You Back From Trying New Things

This episode is here to challenge your thinking around anxiety and give you the tools to help you get through the fears you have about trying new things or progressing in life, whether that be in your job, in relationships or just simply putting yourself out there. A little bit of nerves are normal when we're trying something new but if it's starting to feel heavy and they're stopping you from creating the life that you want, it's time to pause and work through this. In this episode I'll give you my 10 greatest tips to treating anxiety, you'll hear some of my own stories with it and you'll leave feeling empowered to change your patterns of thinking for good.Resources:Natural Ways to Lower CortisolThe End of Mental Illness by Dr. Daniel AmenVitable Vitamins (ALYSSA50 for 50% off first month); Ashwagandha supplement mentioned

1hr 11mins

18 Apr 2022

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23. Relationship Seasons w/ Sam Harper | Leaving the Church, Mental Health, Coming Out

Many people are scared to commit to relationships because they feel like it'll stunt their personal growth. But if anything, my husband and I have supported each other in this journey, better than if we were to have done it alone. Just as we individually, go through different seasons in life, so does our relationships. Sam and I have changed so much since the day of our wedding, yet, we are way more satisfied about our relationship now, than we were then. Today we tell our story of going through challenging seasons together and coming out stronger. We give advice on what to when a major disagreement seems like it's going to ruin the relationship.

1hr 28mins

8 Apr 2022

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