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Rose Cole, C.N.C., C.N.H.P., holistic nutrition coach, certified nutrition consultant, and certified natural health professional, is co-author of the book Audacious Aging with Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil. A nationally recognized speaker on the subject of natural health and nutrition for more than a decade, Rose has helped clients use her step-by-step natural methods to overcome their health obstacles, achieve permanent weight loss without dieting, and increase their energy so they can take back control of their life and health. Rose is also the creator of www.RoseCole.com, a resource of hundreds of free natural health and holistic living videos and articles.

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"Bikram Yoga VP Shows Us How Yoga Can Make Your Relationship Sizzle"

Rajashree Choudhury, one of the most knowledgeable yoga masters in the world and Vice President of the world-renowned Bikram Yoga, will be joining us on Rose Cole Radio on October 21. We are pleased to have Rajashree with us to share her advice on how yoga can revive your relationship and add sizzle where it may have fizzled.Movies like "Couples Retreat" are urging us to value that time away from the every day stressors and yoga can be an escape that won't break your bank. Rajashree will be showing us how yoga can fully concentrate us on strengthening the bonds in our relationships while keeping us fit and fabulous at the same time.


21 Oct 2009

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"Ask Rose Live! Receive Answers to Your Burning Natural Health & Nutrition Questions."

If you had 45 minutes to ask your burning natural health and holistic nutrition questions to a Certified Nutrition Consultant what would you ask? On our October 14th radio program, Rose Cole will be answering YOUR questions LIVE in an interactive and open format. Anyone can call into the show to ask their questions on holistic health, nutrition and wellness or you can dial in to listen to the questions that other people have! Sometimes, listening to other people's questions is all we need to get answers for ourselves too! The call-in number will be posted the day of the show so stay tuned for that but this will be one show you don't want to miss!


14 Oct 2009

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"How to Spook Your Raw Food Fears Away"

Eating “Raw” unheated foods have become all the craze, so we couldn't have chosen a better guest with Halloween right around the corner then The Raw Foods Witch, Nathalie Lussier. As many of you know, I am an advocate of using “raw” foods to boost metabolism and have beautiful skin, and this radio program with Nathalie will help us learn how to get healthy and energetic using raw foods, and help you overcome any unknowns or misconceptions you may have around eating raw food. We'll discuss the 2 necessary ingredients to making the transition to raw food as easy as waving your magick wand. (Hint: It’s got nothing to do with the food!) We'll also uncover how getting clear on your raw food stumbling blocks is the key to overcoming them. Lastly, we'll look at the 5 most common raw food hurdles and why we have them. The benefits of going raw are endless and we'll uncover those with Nathalie!


28 Oct 2009

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Living Longer with Jonny Bowden!

In this episode of Wellness with Rose Radio we’re joined by author and nutrition specialist, Dr. Jonny Bowden. A columnist for Better Nutrition and Clean Eating magazines, Dr. Bowden is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition, and health. Tune in to hear this former personal trainer with six national certifications in exercise and a Master’s degree in psychology discuss his latest book, “The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer.” You don’t want to miss it!


13 Jan 2010

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Becoming a Relationship Blackbelt in 2010 with Maryanne Comaroto!

This week on Wellness with Rose Radio we’re excited to have award-winning author and radio personality, Maryanne Comaroto! A licensed hypnotherapist, Maryanne leads life-changing workshops in which she gives people the tools to transform their relationships in fulfilling and sustainable ways! Join us for the interview and learn how to become a Relationship Blackbelt in 2010. This year make healthy New Year’s (not New Tears) resolutions. Wednesday, January 6 at noon.


6 Jan 2010

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