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A podcast for the Ordinary Joe. Podcasts with celebrities, princes, models, and the greatest minds of our time are great. But sometimes, maybe you'd like to hear from someone that you can actually relate to. The Extraordinary Joes podcast will sit down with ordinary folks: small business owners, yoga instructors, coffee shop managers, cancer survivors, life coaches, ultra marathoners, comedians, authors, and more. These are the types of people that might be your neighbor, friend, or someone you might admire in your community. Hopefully, you'll learn that extraordinary isn't too far out of reach, after hearing from ordinary folks, just like you and me.

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Session 3: Jenna Starkey - Fulfillment Coach

Life giving chat with an incredible coach, Jenna Starkey.


18 Dec 2019

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Session 14: Antoine Maddox - Former Professional Basketball Player, Prison Ministry

Antoine Maddox is a former member of The Washington Generals, the lovable losers and longtime foe of the Harlem Globetrotters. Antoine fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a professional basketball player that he worked towards from the time he was...


25 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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Session 13: Karissa Cross - Woodworker, Creative, Encourager

Listen in as I chat with Karissa Cross, thesandingblonde on Instagram, and hear how she created her successful woodworking business from scratch. After a tough divorce, Karissa was determined to continue her life as a stay at home mom, and through that...


8 Apr 2020

Rank #3

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Session 4 - International Man of Mystery

Stories, travel tips, and life lessons from and international man of mystery


1 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Session 10: Rogelio Quintanar - Runner, Coach, Community Builder

Episode 10!!!Episode 10 featuring Rogelio Quintanar. Rogelio is the founder of the Quintanar Running Company, providing private coaching, event management and consultation, course design, and USATF certification. One of the things that makes Rogelio an...


12 Feb 2020

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Session 5: Lance Weiss - Comedian, Podcast Host, Laugh Maker

An Extraordinary Party with an Extraordinary Joe, Lance Weiss - NYC based comedian


8 Jan 2020

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Session 8: Bo Mann - Wake Up Coffee Company

Bo Mann: Action taker, coffee drinker, change maker


31 Jan 2020

Rank #7

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Session 12: Chris Busby - Father of Childhood Cancer Survivor, Co-Owner of Live Oak Fitness

For most things in life, I feel that I can relate to others, have some understanding of what they are going through, or put myself in their shoes. For families who have battled cancer, I can't. Sure, it's a "challenge", it's a time to "have faith", it...


18 Mar 2020

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Session 11: Claire McCarter - The Intentional Friend

Clair McCarter is an author, podcaster, and friendship enthusiast. As a military spouse, Claire moves every two years, and is faced with the challenge of not only building new friendships in each location, but also continuing to nurture friendships...


20 Feb 2020

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Session 9: Keith Hand - Real Estate Investor

Keith Hand - Real Estate Entrepreneur


5 Feb 2020

Rank #10