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Children of Rhatlan

In this podiobook: Garum and Vayin are "duals," twins trapped in each other's minds and bodies, sharing one life. When a deranged wizard hunts them, whom can they turn to? Their mentor? The city guard Vayin loves? The Wizards' Guild? In a world that hates duals, anyone could be their enemy, and one misstep could get them killed."Children of Rhatlan is a unique romp through an original world that not only entertained me, but made me think as well. I can think of no higher praise for a fantasy novel."-Steve Lazarowitz, author of Alaric Swifthand"There were enough twists and turns to keep me riveted until the last lines. Children of Rhatlan is a winner!" -Jonathan Lambert, Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy"Magic, treachery, valor, prejudice-Fesmire builds a world sword and sorcery fans will welcome and adventure fans will want to explore fully." -Lisa DuMond, SF Site and MEviews

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Chapter 15: The Dual Hunt - Children of Rhatlan

-In this episode: Garum foolishly decides to go out on Market Day.


15 Nov 2006

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