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A Podcast exposing the environmental exposures that are negatively impacting our health and simple ways on how to change our environment for the better.Join conversations with experts, registered Building Biologists and Certified Low Tox Coaches, Laudy, Simone & Tammy as they seek to inform & empower others in making healthier choices.

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A Podcast exposing the environmental exposures that are negatively impacting our health and simple ways on how to change our environment for the better.Join conversations with experts, registered Building Biologists and Certified Low Tox Coaches, Laudy, Simone & Tammy as they seek to inform & empower others in making healthier choices.

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Healthier Homes and Living

Latest release on Nov 12, 2020

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: HHL, Jo Whitton and Healing Foods, GAPS and Fitting It All In- Episode 13

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Today we chat to Jo Whitton, founder of the Quirky Cooking blog, author of the Quirky Cooking thermomix recipe book, the podcast host of Quirky Cooking Chats and co-author of the instant bestseller Life Changing Food cookbook. On top of that Jo supports families by running cooking workshops, gut health retreats, seminars, and classes around Australia and overseas.

Today’s chat delves into Jo and her family’s personal journey with discovering healing foods, GAPS and how you too can support and nourish your family.

Jo is a wealth of knowledge and we guarantee that you will have many great takeaways from this podcast.

We enjoyed today’s chat with the phenomenal Jo Whitton and we are sure you will too.

We chat about:

-  Jo’s journey from homemade to healing homemade

-  Jo’s journey with intolerances

-  How Jo discovered the GAPS diet

-  The GAPS, gut and brain connection

-  How GAPS enabled Jo’s son to get off medication

-  How Jo supports other families going through GAPS

-  How to tell if you may have gut dysbiosis/leaky gut

-  Jo’s tips on dealing with fussy eaters

-  How white settlement destroyed the health of indigenous Australians

-  What Jo learnt from her time with indigenous Australians and how much she would still love to learn more

-  Jo’s tips on fitting it all in

Aug 02 2020

1hr 7mins


Rank #2: HHL, Simone Albert and Life Threatening Allergies, Mental Health Awareness and Supporting Families- Episode 12

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Today’s podcast is with Simone Albert, counsellor, author and speaker in the food allergy space.

We explore her family’s personal journey of living with a life-threatening food allergy after her youngest son’s frightening experience and diagnosis shortly before seven months of age.

Already a registered nurse, Simone decided to pursue counselling due to the lack of support and awareness of the mental health aspect surrounding an allergy diagnosis and the impact this has on life for the individual and family.

Simone is a recognised leader and advocate in the allergy support space and has spoken at many events to raise awareness of living with allergies.

In today’s conversation we also discuss some of the possible reasons behind the rising prevalence of food allergies.

Most recently Simone has written her first book ‘Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis: A Guide to Understanding and Navigating the Emotional and Psychological Phases of Allergies’. Simone discusses how she wrote the book centred around the 8 phases of an allergy journey and how the book is written to provide practical tools and support to individuals and families.

We enjoyed today's chat with the warm and passionate Simone Albert. And we hope you do too.

For the full list of show notes go to our website Healthier Homes and Living.COM.AU

Join us for a chat about:

  • How Sim’s family journey began with life threatening allergies
  • Sim’s personal experience as a mum
  • The difficulty in starting school with a chronic condition such as allergies
  • The necessity of schools to be supportive but also recognise the individuality of each child and case
  • Some of the challenges Sim’s son faced and felt
  • Some reflections from hindsight
  • Some possible theories for the rise in allergies
  • The psychological and mental health aspect of allergy diagnosis
  • Sim’s passion to be preventative in our mental health
  • What you can do to support someone you know with allergies and what not to do or say
  • How it is important to extend invitations to children with allergies
  • The deliberate organisation of the book through phases
  • Why Sim encourages journaling
  • How we can start to train our mind to think positively
  • Some tips for a family experiencing a NEW allergy diagnosis

Jul 26 2020



Rank #3: HHL, Cyndi O'Meara and Empowering Yourself with Knowledge, Ancestral Eating and Critical Thinking- Episode 11

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Today we have back nutritionist, film maker, best-selling author, international and TEDx speaker, and founder of Changing Habits and the Nutrition Academy, Cyndi O Meara.

In May, we spoke to Cyndi about the changes in agriculture, the chemical food system vs regenerative farming, the importance of community, what wheat is today?, glyphosate, its registered use in Australia and spreading the awareness and manifesting what you want.

Today we, delve deeper into food. We explore our anthropological origins and how that historical knowledge can inform us of how to nourish ourselves properly.

Cyndi also generously shares an in depth look into some of the topics covered in her nutrition course and how knowledge gleamed from the course will not only empower you to nourish yourself but also those around you as well.

Today's episode also explores some of the rising fear amongst some people in the current climate and Cyndi shares her Top 15 Tips on what you can do to build yourself up instead of being afraid.

There are lots of actionable and empowering gold in today's episode but there is also some new topics around the current climate mentioned too, we ask that if you so wish to explore those further, that you explore them with an open mind and with critical thinking.

We enjoyed todays chat with the passionate, genuine and generous Cyndi O Meara. And we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Why the Nutrition Academy- how Cyndi’s Nutrition Academy course helps you work out what is what with food?
  • The benefits for individuals to improve their own health with food
  • Anthropological principals and how it influences us today
  • The body’s innate ability to respond to the right ingredients
  • The ability to be a critical thinker once you have a philosophy
  • The gut connection to our immune system and its importance of feeding the gut and what it needs
  • Diet, heart health, cholesterol, sugar, ketogenesis
  • The importance of feeding someone properly and how the state governments ridiculous $2.50 allowance per person in homes is inadequate
  • The empowerment of a mother (and graduates) in completing this course and then being able to nourish herself and her family and thereby positively impacting her family’s health and the planets
  • How the course enables graduates to support, consult and educate others because not only do they have the knowledge but the course assists them with how
  • The importance of being a ‘critical thinker’ especially for our health now
  • The important “eat real food” message at the moment
  • The importance of self education
  • The benefits of courses to assist our growth and knowledge
  • How to be part of the first intake and get ONN’s Healthier Homes course for FREE
  • The FREE microbiome post graduate course for graduates of the nutrition course
  • The Healthy Keto Way Course and how it can help you get out of the sugar-crazy-breakfast-cereal life and get back into control
  • The problem with eating today and benefits of cyclical ketosis for most people
  • How we should be focusing on what we can do instead of focusing on fear
  • What FEAR stands for
  • A personal account of a friend who contracted the virus on returning to Australia
  • The Department of Health and Human Resources acknowledgment that COV-19 symptoms are enough for documentation of a COV-19 case without a test
  • How wrong the Codral advertising of ‘soldering on’ is and people should stay home if they are unwell
  • Its time to stop being afraid and focus on what you can do with Cyndi's Top 15 Tips

Go to our website for a full list of show notes with all the links from todays podcast.

Jul 19 2020

1hr 10mins


Rank #4: HHL, Jane Vandermeer and Personal Care Products that Support Us, Fast Fashion and Dressing for Confidence- Episode 10

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With people becoming more conscious of the benefits of lowering the amount of chemicals they are exposed to and searching for more ‘natural’ products, it is important to be discerning when choosing products.

You see when a company begins with the aim of it being low tox or healthier or green, it is important to look at the motivation and ethics behind it. As our interview with researcher and business owner Jessica Kiely last month highlighted, manufacturers are clever at including some of the buzz words when describing their products in order to get your attention, without them necessarily being better or best for us.

So it is not only difficult to filter through the jargon but it can also be notoriously time consuming when trying to access the information that helps us make informed choices.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to introduce our listeners to our conversation guest, Jane Vandermeer. Founder of Intuitive Whispers, Jane’s product range are up there with the best on the market in terms of health and doing what they say they do.

As a woman who has had a long and continued career in the fashion industry, she therefore knows what it is like to be on the go in high pressured environments and knows the need for products that perform.

With her own journey with many breast scares, research into product development and her unwavering stance on keeping her products high quality, so they do what they say they do, she is an inspiration to feminine beauty.

Beyond Jane’s divine range of personal care products, we believe it is important to highlight Jane’s expertise in the fashion industry where she still helps women as well.

We enjoyed our conversation with the gorgeous Jane and are sure you will to.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Jane’s beginnings in fashion
  • Women’s tendency to just ‘power through’ and ignore the whispers
  • The importance of self-care for women
  • What Jane takes from Eleanor Brayer
  • Jane’s journey of suppressing the knowledge of toxins in personal care products due to the lack of alternatives that work
  • Jane’s resulting breast lumps and heavy metal toxicity from the toxins in deodorants
  • Jane’s message of being educated so you can make choices based on what sits ok with you
  • Jane’s Breast Care deodorant and why it is a one of a kind product
  • How Jane is actively supporting creatives and young women’s emotions as well as their personal care needs with her Young Woman Deodorant
  • Jane’s product testing in different humidity’s and dedication to using what works
  • Jane’s plan to support men too
  • The Young Woman Deodorant’s angel wings and Jane’s special connection with her niece
  • Jane’s love of French perfume and how that has inspired her to create her high-grade beautiful perfumes
  • The benefit of purchasing the sample pack
  • The inspiration for each of Jane’s perfumes “Pretty”, “Magnifique” and “Beauty”
  • Jane’s nurturing work helping women and fashion
  • Jane’s new monthly membership (opening Aug 2020) akin to an affordable ‘private stylist’ to support women further
  • Jane’s realistic approach of focusing on our body shape and having key pieces as opposed to fast fashion

Here are the links to Jane's divine products:

Head to our website for all the FULL show notes and links from today's podcast.

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Jul 12 2020



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Rank #5: HHL, R Blank and Managing Our EMF Exposure- Episode 9

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Today’s interview is with R Blank.

R is an entrepreneur, technologist and author. He is the CEO of Shield Your Body, which creates and sells easy and affordable products for people trying to reduce their exposure to wireless radiation from devices like cell phones and laptops. 

R has had an impressive 20-year career in software development for companies that include Apple, NBC, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, IKEA and Mattel. He also co-founded Wildform where he co-created the first video encoder for Flash (which was sold to Google). 

R has authored numerous articles, videos, courses and books in technology and software development.

With his experience and motivation, R stands out in the industry and offers knowledge that is easy to digest and understand.

Today’s interview is massive and even if you feel EMFs have been covered, there is so much more explored in today’s interview and so much gold unearthed as well.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Healthier Homes and Living with the incredible R Blank.

Join us for a chat about:

·  What EMF stands for

·  Where EMFs are created and where it all began

·  How much ambient background EMFs have risen compared to naturally found EMFs on Earth

·  How the amount of ambient background EMFs keeps growing each year

·  The energy of ionizing EMFs compared to the energy of non-ionizing EMFs

·  How the science of the last several decades shows that the original assumption that less powerful EMFs means less danger

·  R’s 3 key takeaway facts when assisting his father write the book Overpowered

·  R’s inspiration for creating SYB

·  The growth in awareness from people about the dangers of EMFs

·  The level of opposition surrounding current new technology rolling out

·  R’s series of content development to not only educate concerns relating to EMFs but also give people an avenue of being able to express their concerns

·  The historical pattern of irresponsibly deploying new technology despite the lack of testing

·  Why new technologies differ from previous technologies

·  Why the new technologies are proving to be a tipping point

·  Why the new technology is not just a cell phone technology

·  The new technologies ability to allow the explosion of the Internet of Things and therefore our exposures

·  How solutions drive SYBs product development

·  How we use the tech closest to us can greatly influence our personal exposures to EMFs

·  How the younger you are the more vulnerable you are to the effects of EM radiation

·  The transparency of SYBs product claims

·  The process taken to get an SYB product to market

·  What an EMF attenuation test is

·  SYB is the only company that has independently tested its entire product catalogue

·  SYBs latest product available to protect your entire body whilst you are sleeping

·  R’S aim to bring products to market that can protect people from EMF sources that are not in their immediate control

·  What consumers should be aware of before buying shielding products

·  Why it is important to use a shielding product in the manner for which they are designed

·  Rs most common and useful immediate easy swaps or habit changes that are cheap or FREE that you can do today to lower your exposure to harmful EMFs

·  R’s take-home message that it is what you do with the technology closest to you that is in your control that can dramatically reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs

·  Why distance is key!

·  R’s empowering message that even though there is no escaping EMF exposure, there are things we can do to manage it

Jul 05 2020



Rank #6: HHL, Joachim Herrmann and Healthy Homes and Building Biology- Episode 8

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Today’s conversation is with Joachim Herrmann.

Joachim is a pioneer in the Australian Building Biology industry who originally studied the German Building Biology course in New Zealand. Passionate about biology, ecology and social studies he has always been interested in making connections.

It is no surprise then that when he conducts home and office consultations throughout NSW to improve health and productivity, he often works in conjunction with other holistic healing professionals like allergy specialists, child therapists, naturopaths or integrative medicine practitioners.

In today’s conversation Joachim explains why he created the Healthy House Australia certification and what it encompasses. We also delve into some of the important factors Building Biologists look for to help their clients and discuss many tips that people can start to consider or adopt to assist them on their journey to establishing a healthy home.

We love that Joachim is a positive individual that is dedicated to providing empowering messages to help people on their journey to health.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Healthier Homes and Living with veteran Joachim Herrmann.

Join us for a chat about:

  • -  Joachim’s beginnings in Germany
  • -  The beginnings of Building Biology and Building Biology Standards in Germany
  • -  Joachim’s Healthy House Australia Certification
  • -  Joachim’s aspiration to provide people with Healthy Homes
  • -  Issues overlooked with 6-star energy homes that are sealed
  • -  The importance of ventilation and “breathing homes”
  • -  Joachim’s simple steps to creating a healthy home
  • -  How our cars are important spaces that shouldn’t be overlooked
  • -  Some extreme findings Joachim has come across recently
  • -  Why government standards for radiofrequencies varies between countries
  • -  How the Australian standard for radiofrequency exposure is based on thermal effects and why it is inadequate
  • -  Joachim’s passion for providing homes as a person’s sanctuary where they can rest and grow
  • -  The importance of personalising homes by taking into consideration occupant’s individual needs and health
  • -  The silver lining of lockdown allowing people to connect back with their homes
  • -  Where to find Joachim

Visit our WEBSITE for the full show notes and products mentioned in this episode.

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Jun 28 2020



Rank #7: HHL, Raphael Siket and Building Healthy Homes- Episode 7

Podcast cover
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Today we are chatting to Raphael Siket the director of Ecolibria. Ecolibria are a Building Biology science company that assess existing buildings and indoor environments as well as offer building design consulting for new builds and renovations.

Over the last 12 months or so, Raph has been undertaking an exciting project of retrofitting a volume-built house with Passive House and Building Biology principals. In today’s conversation Raph shares some of his insights, learning and tips inspired from his journey.

There are many useful takeaways from this interview which we have documented in the show notes for you.

We enjoyed today’s chat with Raph and we are sure you will enjoy it too.

-  Raph’s journey to Building Biology

-  Where Raph’s passion for Building Biology comes from

-  Common issues Raph finds that impacts Indoor Air Quality in residential and commercial buildings

-  Briefly what passive house design is

-  Raph’s journey to passive house and what he discovered

-  How Raph has gone about retrofitting his volume built 2005 home

-  Some discoveries after stripping back the house

-  Details Raph has documented during the process and how it may help inform

-  Some of the challenges Raph came across during the retrofit

-  Considerations needed in making material choices

-  Advice if you are using a volume builder to build your home

-  The issues of carpet and how to get around some of the potential health issues they create

-  The material Raph has reconsidered and why

-  The importance of being site responsive, practical and functional for the occupants when selecting materials

-  Tips for people retrofitting a home

-  The importance of glazing/windows and insulation

-  Raph’s favourite parts of the journey

-  Raph’s favourite 3 elements of the build

-  Where to find Raph

Head to our website for all the FULL show notes and links from today's podcast.

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Jun 21 2020



Rank #8: HHL, David Blake & Millimetre Waves, SafeTech & Light- Episode 6

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Today's chat is with SafeTech Electronics Systems Integrator, David Blake.

David has a wealth of knowledge about technology and how to integrate it into our homes and environments in ways that are safe so we can still enjoy all that it brings.

David is very solution focused. He looks at each client's situation, budget and needs and uses his creativity to create personalised custom solutions.

Today's chat is a big one- a lot is covered and a lot is discussed. So we suggest setting yourself up, strapping yourself so you can enjoy the ride. (All the notes are in the show notes below but you may still want to listen to it a few times.)

David helped us out with the editing for the show this week, we hope you enjoy the changed up intro. We think it shares his sense of humour and fun.

We enjoyed todays chat with the phenomenal David Blake and we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • The different electromagnetic fields- natural and manmade
  • What cell tower assignments are and how they keep increasing
  • The difference between 5G (5 gigahertz) on your router/modem and 5G being rolled out
  • What the frequency changes could mean for electrical sensitivity symptoms
  • Some of the ways David helps keep his electrical sensitivity symptoms in check
  • How David encouraged his children's school to provide some wifi free classrooms
  • Some ways we can have technology and use it safely
  • How we could potentially use wireless technology and artificial intelligence safely and in our favour
  • What exactly is the next generation of wireless technology being rolled out
  • David's view on the next generation of wireless technology being rolled out
  • The benefits of owning a screening meter like the MitoMeter
  • Why Our New Normal have chosen to align ourselves and resell the MitoMeter
  • What the Mitometer measures and doesn't measure
  • The facebook support group for MitoMeter owners
  • How David reduces his exposure to external harmful EMFs whilst in his car
  • The issues with shielding and the importance of testing with a meter like an Esmog Spion
  • The impact of a faraday cage on biological growth
  • The problems with light today and lack of straight forward solutions at present
  • How light has changed from candlelight and the incandescent light bulb
  • The different screens (televisions, computers, etc) available and what they have to do with light
  • David's suggestion to reduce your exposure to problematic light
  • The move away from using electronic experts (e.g. electricians, Systems Integrator, etc) to integrate technology into our homes and the issues it has created
  • The importance of community, community and community

Full show notes and links on our website

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Jun 14 2020

1hr 12mins


Rank #9: HHL, Jessica Kiely and Natural Perfume- Episode 5

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Today we lighten things up with lovely social entrepreneur Jessica Kiely.

Jessica has been immersed in the green beauty and low-tox world for the last five years and created the WORLD’S FIRST online shop for natural perfume and today we chat about natural perfumes and what green beauty really means.

At The Natural Perfume Collective, Jessica doesn’t just showcase and promote natural perfumes she and the natural collective, research and review natural, ethical, vegan and cruelty free perfumes that they’ve tried and tested themselves, all to help us access the most inspiring and uplifting brands available globally that live up to their claims.

For the Our New Normal Community, Jessica has generously offered a 15% off Winter Special that can be used for any online purchase at The Natural Perfume Collective by using our special code at checkout. To obtain the code join the Our New Normal community mailing list by signing up on our website. Offer is valid for the duration of winter- until the end of August 2020! Thanks Jess.

We hope you enjoy this refreshing episode of Healthier Homes and Living with Jessica Kiely.

Join us for a chat about:

  • What green beauty means and doesn't mean
  • Jess’s definition of ‘natural perfume’
  • What ‘Clean Beauty’ is
  • How Jess deciphers through all the marketing
  • The research that goes into vetting products
  • The importance of natural fragrances
  • The transgenerational issues with phthalates
  • Moments in our lives that tend to make us more aware of issues with environmental toxins such as phthalates
  • Looking into a company’s ethics
  • Tips for getting your natural perfume to last longer
  • Jess's favourite scents
  • A suggestion on how to start the transition to natural perfume

Here are the links to Jess' favourite fragrances at The Natural Perfume Collective:

Head to our website at HealthierHomesandLiving.com.au for all the FULL show notes and links from today's podcast.

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Jun 10 2020



Rank #10: HHL, Kara Kieley & EMFs, Solar, Dirty Electricity & Shielding- Episode 4

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Today’s conversation is with Building Biologist, Kara Kieley.

Kara has a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences, experience in the Natural Health industry and further to herBuilding Biology qualification, she has specialist training in Advanced Electromagnetic Field Radiation testing.

She has developed a passion for lowering Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in environments since noticing the correlation between certain symptoms and exposures. Her new venture with Marco at Spectral Design is their combined passion of not only providing comprehensive electromagnetic frequency testing but also building design for low EMF environments and healthy living using Building Biology principals.

Kara is extremely knowledgeable and has a way of explaining a sometimes complicated topic like EMFs in easy to understand terms. Our conversation today is a great starter for anyone who has been wondering what all the hype is regarding EMFs however it also provides some insights for people who are already familiar with the issues surrounding EMFs.

We hope you enjoy our chat with Kara and her mesmerizing Canadian accent.

Join us for a chat about:

-Kara’s background

-Why Kara chooses to focus on EMFs

-What EMFs are

-What to be aware of with ‘so called’ smart meters

-Austria and electro hypersensitivity

-What ‘smart cities’ will enable and potentially what we need to be aware of with them

-Dirty electricity and what contributes to it in our homes

-Some of the issues with solar

-Things to be aware of with shielding materials, gadgets and clothing

-Conductive and non-conductive clothing

-Adverse health effects clients often report to Kara

-Common issues Kara finds in her work

-3 tips that may help minimise your exposure to EMFs

-Where to find Kara

Here is the link of where to find Kara & Marco:

-Spectral Design

Head to our website at HealthierHomesandLiving.com.au for all the FULL show notes and links from today's podcast.

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Jun 09 2020