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How To Kill Engagement By Building A Burning Platform

Andy shares three reasons why your efforts to create a burning platform are going to go up in smoke.

4 Feb 2015

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How to Lead in Ambiguous Situations

A key responsibility of leaders – especially in uncertain times – is to reduce ambiguity for their followers. Andrew shares ways to do it: Increase tolerance of ambiguity Help people to understand the difference between perfect and good enough Be prepared to tolerate some kinds of mistakes Either find a purpose or make one Cultivate a bias for finding answers out in the world

21 Jan 2015

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Small Change, Big Results

Andrew explains how finding key maneuvers to nudge things in the right direction can be more beneficial than pursuing grand all-at-once change efforts.

10 Dec 2014

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Be more competitive by shifting from push to pull

Experts in every sector have the tendency to push the ‘best’ solution onto clients. As a consequence, they often end up working hard to nearly-but-not-quite satisfy them. They also tend to converge on the same technical solutions, so failing to differentiate themselves. Better to let the customer or client pull the solution they really need from you. Andy discusses a number of examples, from professional services, manufacturing and even local government, and invites you to consider how you can use this idea to stand out against the competition.

28 Sep 2014

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Remarkable Customer Experience

What can a High St optician, an old Disney cartoon and the Duke of Edinburgh teach us about creating the kind of remarkable customer experience that leads to stand-out results?

9 Sep 2014

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Maximise Results With Minimal Energy

Andrew discusses nine keys to getting great results with less effort.

9 May 2014

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Why Use Consultants?

Thinking about using consultants? Is it a good idea? Can’t you just do it yourself? Here’s my take, including reasons why sometimes there is no substitute for going outside, what to watch out for if you do so, as well as perspectives on how to get the benefits a good consultant will bring.

2 Jun 2013

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How to Raise Fees in Professional Services

Providing greater value, and therefore getting more, and more profitable sales, depends crucially on how well you understand and fit your offerings to client/customer needs. Andrew uses an example from professional services to show how you can use some well-targeted questions to build your understanding and tailor more valuable solutions, for which you can then charge a premium.

9 Apr 2013

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Communicating Strategy: The Three Stories

However well you formulate your strategy, its success or failure is going to depend on how well you translate it for the needs of those who must support it. Andrew discusses some thought experiments to help convey the concept of The Three Stories You Need To Tell About Your Strategy, from his book The Performance Papers. Read more about the Three Stories here.

18 Mar 2013

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Practical Keys To Innovation – Part 2 of 2

Andrew continues his discussion of keys to foster innovation: Allot and protect time and space away from your routine Improvise the before and after of using your product or service Pay attention to packaging and ease of use Run time-limited experiments Emphasize improvement  over mere problem solving

31 Jan 2013

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