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Faking It Podcast with Gabe and Mark

Hosts Mark and Gabe explore the ways in which they’ve fibbed, fabricated, or outright lied about books they (haven’t) read, movies they (haven’t) seen, and all other manner of cultural object, large and small, trivial and seminal, that they (haven’t) experienced. Join them as they attempt to right past wrongs and explore the ways our anxieties about culture and consumption shape us.

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S2 E4: David Levine

This week we're joined by artist / writer / director David Levine. David's work involves the line between acting and being, the question of what constitutes a performance, and the enigma of acting-as-craft. Plus once David lied his ASS off about The Empire Strikes Back. All in all, a pitch perfect amalgam of the high and low, the real and the artificial, the heady brew that makes this podcast what it is.Episode edited by Eavvon O'Neal and Mark

1hr 12mins

13 Feb 2020

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S2 E5: Ben Sinclair

This week we're joined by Ben Sinclair, co-creator and star of HBO's High Maintenance. You'll be transported into Ben's past, where he managed to smuggle a bread knife into elementary school and dupe his classmates into thinking it was his grandfather's from WWII. Look, everything's fine now. Ben is fine, we're all fine. But this early, slightly threatening foray into fabrication and fakery set the stage for Ben's life as an actor and writer. Come for the childhood tales, stay for a story about shaving a baby's head. Episode edited by Mark and Eavvon O'Neal.Follow us on Twitter @fakingitpod

1hr 5mins

27 Feb 2020

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S2 E3: Alena Smith

In this episode we welcome Alena Smith to the podcast. Alena is a writer and creator of the TV show Dickinson on Apple TV, and she's here to talk about her slightly sketchy knowledge of the Harbinger of the Golden Age of Television: The Sopranos. But more than that, Alena takes us through the ins and outs of getting by in the television industry. What's a "general meeting"? Do you get a water bottle when you attend one? How many episodes of Breaking Bad do you REALLY have to watch? FIND OUT! Episode edited by Eavvon O'Neal and MarkFind us on Twitter @fakingitpod

1hr 12mins

30 Jan 2020

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S2 E2: Amy Phillips

In this episode we welcome Amy Phillips, managing editor of Pitchfork. Amy takes us through some pivotal moments in her life, first as a passionate music fan, then as a fledgling critic, and finally as a working journalist. What kind of faking do you have to do (and avoid) to make it as a music writer? Listen in and find out.Episode edited by Eavvon O'Neal and Mark


16 Jan 2020

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S2 E1: Norman Brannon

For our first full-length episode of Season 2, we sit down with the multi-talented Norman Brannon, guitarist and songwriter for Texas Is the Reason, among many other bands. Norman tells us about his early days in New York's hardcore scene, the faking required to get by among the punks and skinheads without getting shunned (or worse), and what it was like to navigate that world as a then-closeted gay Latino man. Lace up your Docs and tune in, friends.Episode edited by Eavvon O'Neal and Mark.You want to get in touch? Let's get in touch. You can email us at fakingitpod@gmail.com. Follow @fakingitpod on Twitter for episode extras and other goodies. You can also follow Mark @marksussman and Gabe @jetsetjunta. And of course we would LOVE it if you would rate, comment, review, like, and subscribe here and on iTunes.

1hr 13mins

2 Jan 2020

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S2 E0: Season 2 Preview

FAKING IT IS BACK!! In this Season 2 preview, Gabe and Mark discuss all of the new things you can look forward to from us in the coming months. And that means, first and foremost, lots of guests. Who are they? Listen and find out.


26 Dec 2019

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S1 E5: Iiiiiiiin West Philadelphia ...

In this, our FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON 1, we explore Mark's avoidance of the classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a cultural touchstone for millions. But not Mark. Why has he led people to believe he knows anything at all about The Fresh Prince. Listen and find out! (Note: previously, we accidentally uploaded an incomplete version of the episode. This is the real one. Sorry about that!)Edited by Eavvon O'Neal. Theme by Mark.


17 May 2019

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S1 E4: Moby-Dick Is Not About Pirates

In this episode of Faking It, we explore Gabe's avoidant attitude toward Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick. Gabe pursues this beast of book through the dark waters of deception and dissimulation, finally slaying the beast and, hey, we all learn a little something on the way. Production note: the sound is a little weird on this one. We're aware of it. We're working on it. Sorry about that! Episode edited by Eavvon O'Neal. Theme by Mark.


2 May 2019

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S1 E3: Rusty Tin Cans and Seal Meat and Tom Waits

Mark’s had his time with Tom Waits, but Gabe has spent his entire life misleading and prevaricating about America’s favorite faux-homeless singer-songwriter. Your hosts dig into the pros and cons, the highs and lows (mostly lows) of this dusty-ass icon.

1hr 5mins

18 Apr 2019

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S2 E8: Kevin Nguyen

Self-isolation continues, but we refuse to give up on the Faking It dream. This week we pulled Kevin Nguyen in to talk about the joys and discomforts of football fandom, the genesis of his novel New Waves, and the downsides of niceness in literary communities. It's a wide-ranging, hilarious conversation between three people starved of in-person social contact who silently realize that all of life is now unsettlingly similar to a podcast. Episode edited by Mark and Eavvon O'Neal

1hr 15mins

23 Apr 2020

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