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The F.I.O.Effect Show - Let's get real.

'The F.I.O.Effect Show' podcast focuses on discussing variety of topics and their relationship to mental health. Podcast will be used to educate listeners on mental health, fight the stigma, and will include hot topics! We will also have guest speakers who will participate and join us in some of our debatable episodes.

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Thank You For The Music. Pt 1

Join Fiorella and Luis as they get lost in the music, relate it to mental health, and share the importance both mental health and music play in our lives. Get to know them deeper as they share experiences in which music impacted their lives! Enjoy the show!Need help? Thinking about suicide? Call 1-800-273-8255 or text "HELP" to 741-741.Thank you for living.


7 Apr 2020

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Thank u (2019), Next (2020)

As 2019 has ended, we speak on things we should leave behind us, and how to make sure we enter the new year with a better perspective. Fiorella and Gabriella also speak about their personal experiences with leaving things behind! Hit play to learn the how to, and what to leave behind in 2019.


2 Jan 2020

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Suicide 101: Part Two

Episode focusing on discussing Suicide, creating a safety plan, sharing stories of suicide survivors, and discussing the importance of taking responsibility for our mental health. If you or someone you know are having thoughts of hurting yourself or killing yourself - Please call the Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text "HELP" to the Crisis textline at 741-741. Thank you for living.


15 Nov 2019

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Woman UP.

Kyra and Fiorella go in depth about their experiences of being a woman and how it affects our mental health. We also speak about women empowerment, breaking the stigma, and speaking life unto all womxn listeners. Happy International Womxn Day!


8 Mar 2020

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I'll be missing you (24)

Fiorella and Gabriella speak about Kobe's and the other victims unexpected, tragic death. Focusing on grieving, the stages of grieving, and ways in which the listener can cope and deal with a loss of a loved one. Episode should not be used as a replacement of therapy- please seek the help you deserve!As always, Thank you for living.


11 Feb 2020

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