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For female business owners who want to know how to use social media to get more clients. This podcast will share tools and strategies on how to carve out a place for yourself and your business in a busy online world, whether you're quirky, quiet or quite overwhelmed.

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17. Finding Calm in Business - Interview with Katie Jane

For many of us finding calm in every day seems impossible or a miracle when it happens. In this interview with Katie Jane, we discuss how adding calm to your business is a way forward for a sustainable business model. She opens up on some of her practices and suggests that if you're not feeling it, throw your to-do list out the window and go and do something else. I can't wait for you to have a listen & see how this affects your business and work moving forward. Find out more about Katie Jane: https://www.instagram.com/katiejanewellness_/ https://www.katiejanewellness.com/


28 Jul 2021

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16. The #1 Thing That Will Make or Break Your Sales Page

If you've ever had the experience of lacklustre online sales, then this episode is for you! In my experience of reviewing hundreds of sales pages & spending tens of thousands of dollars on paid ads, an outstanding OFFER will change everything. I mention my NEW ecommerce video ad toolkit which is available now for $27 at https://mirandaivey.com/toolkit Tune in now for: 2.06 How to get people to action quickly by incorporating an amazing offer 5.10 What makes an offer so special 9.01 Why I don’t love recommending this type of offer for online courses 11.22 How I made a big mistake with my offer 14.28 The most popular type of offer for ecommerce 17.20 How to motivate fence sitters faster


21 Jul 2021

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15. Be Specific In Your Copywriting To Attract More of Who You Want

Following on from Episode 14 with Sophia Pallas, in this episode I cover some easy copywriting tactics that you can use to attract more of your customers. There's no point offering a blanket approach to copywriting anymore as everyone is so busy, your Facebook ad or sales page will glide on by. By calling out who you want to attract on your website and in your paid ads, your copy will connect more with the people who need it most. For a system how to connect more with your customers download my book 'No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff' on my website https://mirandaivey.com/book or buy a hardcopy on Amazon and Booktopia. In this episode: 2.42 Why trying to talk to everyone is talking to no one 5.14 The places where you want to call out who you want to attract 5.28 #1 question need to ask yourself when you’re writing any type of copy 8.17 Using your personal experience in your copy 9.36 Why the kids TV show Bluey is a great example of connecting with your audience 12.10 Steps to go back and review your copy now


13 Jul 2021

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14. Embracing Who You Are with Astrology Focussed Copywriter Sophia Pallas

Sophia Pallas is an amazing copywriter who has been interested in astrology since she was a teenager. In this chat she shares how anyone can get started using working by the moon phases to have more energy in their business. As well as how she feels like her marketing is so much easier now that she is embracing being more herself. We cover everything from her recent name change (hint: it’s not what you expect!) and also some awesome copywriting tips that anyone can start to use from today. Get in touch with Sophia; https://www.instagram.com/sophiapallas/ https://www.facebook.com/SophiaArthurPallas Download her free astrology copy opt-in https://sophiaarthur.com/cosmic-comms-style/ 7.30 How Sophia started working with the phases of the moon 10.25 How to start noticing your energy around the moon 11.14 Planning your online launches with the moon 12.44 When it’s best to hold strategy days in your business 15.16 Embracing the meaning of the moon 18.35 This isn’t where she intended her business to go 21.23 How she lets her hair down 24.38 The story behind her name change 32.06 How she feels about marketing 36.41 The secret to good copywriting 39.11 Why the connection is in the details Get my free copywriting guide for Health & Wellness practitioners: https;//mirandaivey.com/copywriting


6 Jul 2021

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13. How to get Better at Online Marketing

Doing your marketing can feel like a never ending job. In this episode I share a simple strategy that will see you nail your marketing week after week so you can relax on Friday night knowing you've done a "good job!" I mentioned the idea this in Episode 12 with Hayley Carr, so this is an expansion on that for you. 02.50 Why getting yourself worked up about your marketing does you no favours 4.14 How to work out your platforms 7.20 What a deliverable is and why they'll help you get better at marketing 13.12 How to make your marketing gold actually happen Want some great ideas on how to get you out there? Check out my free 7 Day Visibility Challenge https://mirandaivey.com/expert or grab a copy of my book https://mirandaivey.com/book


29 Jun 2021

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12. Blowing up Traditional Business - Interview with Hayley Carr

Hayley Carr is a Life Coach, Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mentor and 11x Karate World Champion. While she might sound tough, she also got knocked down by chronic fatigue which in turn lead her to embrace a different business model. Rather than hustle and burn out, Hayley talks about how she sees our feminine softness as our greatest strength and is a big advocate for rest and having fun.  If you've ever thought that you needed your business or marketing to look a certain way, then strap your ears in as Hayley opens up a can of limitless possibility in this episode of Real Fabulous Marketing. 4.46 How Hayley advocated for women and start lifting them up 7.30 Tapping into her feminine archetype and softness 9.02 How Hayley turned her greatest challenge into a strength 14.59 Her answer to NLP being just sleazy slimy sales tactics 18.33 Hayley's  simple marketing strategy 22.47 Why one post may have a bigger impact than you realise Find Hayley online: https://hayleycarr.tv/ https://www.instagram.com/hayleycarr.tv/ My new book "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" is out now for $4.95 get your copy here: http://mirandaivey.com/book


23 Jun 2021

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11. Three Factors in Making More Sales Online For Ecommerce Businesses

In Episode 10 I interviewed Kirsten Jackson about her thriving online art business. In this episode I make it even more practical and give every ecommerce business owner three things to focus on right now. Whether you're starting out or you're already running a profitable business, if you're wanting to make more sales online, you won't want to miss this! Resources mentioned in this episode My free Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/adsolutelyfabulous My book "No one wants to buy your stuff" https://mirandaivey.com/book 3.50 You need to start thinking about your Instagram / Facebook like your online storefront 6.40 Get clear on your brand aesthetic and other things will fall into place 8.25 How to start planning a photo shoot 12.20 When you've got great content you can start to run good Facebook & Instagram ads 15.23 The single most important factor when it comes to running successful ads


15 Jun 2021

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10. Busting the Starving Artist Myth - Interview with Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson is a successful marathon running modern artist. She has her own gallery in Sandringham, Melbourne but her art can be seen hanging in the homes of collectors around the world. One of my favourite things about Kirsten is that she’s on a mission to break the starving artist myth and shares her story and expertise in her online program for artists called Steps to Success. Her ethos behind her artist “Art should make your soul leap. Go ahead, feel joyful” which is so in tune with the vibe Real Fabulous Marketing. I’m so pleased to have her as my first guest as she let us in behind the very colourful scenes of her artistic practice and business. You can find out more about Kirsten Jackson and see her artwork at https://instagram.com/kirstenjackson_gallery 06.22 How Kirsten started with prints in her business 10.25 Kirsten's easy hack to make her artwork more recognisable 11.44 If you're an Artist and not doing this, you're losing sales 17.57 How she started her online course for artists 20.21 What Kirsten is doing next 24.03 Kirsten's advice for artists who feel like giving up


10 Jun 2021

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09. Why your customers are a goldmine of content ideas

Coming up with content ideas for social media can be a total drag for many business owners out there. In this episode I cover some ways to rethink the interactions you're having with customers and potential customers to turn them into content gold! 1.41 The pros and cons of low cost content planners 3.23 Why any interactions you have are a good goldmine for content creation 6.04 How to make your content more relatable 7.38 Do this with your content to build even more trust Want more social media content ideas that simply flow out of you? I've got a ton in my book "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" grab it here https://mirandaivey.com/book


2 Jun 2021

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08. Can You Share the Same Content On Instagram & Facebook

Is saving time by using the Auto-Publish feature from Instagram to Facebook worth it? In this episode I discuss whether it’s a good idea and some pitfalls to avoid if you’re currently sharing all the same content everywhere. 02:24 How to play to the strengths of each platform 07:55 Why do you want to be on both platforms? 13.23 My main reason for being on Facebook 16.44 Using Facebook Groups for online word of mouth 18.01 Remember to do this if you are auto-publishing


26 May 2021

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