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Recorded at Telstra Vantage 2019, this podcast is about meeting with the smartest brains navigating the razors edge of technology; it’s not about the future, because the future is here, ready or not. Hear from Telstra CEO Andy Penn, Telstra Group Executive of Enterprise Michael Ebeid, Accenture Senior Managing Director Johnathan Restarick plus more. Hosted by Dan Ilic.

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Episode 6 - Special Interview with Andy Penn, Telstra CEO

5G is here with Telstra one of those leading the charge globally. In this special interview, Telstra CEO Andy Penn, explains why 5G is so exciting, what we can expect from its rollout and the plans for implementation in Australia. He also shares how the company is embracing change, preparing to disrupt itself to seize a future of fantastic opportunities.


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 5 - More Value for Your Customers

A track record of sustained success is no longer a reliable predictor of future growth or even survival. 52% of the companies that were included in the Fortune 500 in the year 2000 no longer exist. The days of traditional customer loyalty are a thing of the past and the roles are now reversed. Today, businesses must constantly adapt their products, services, sales, and marketing strategy in order to compete and remain relevant to the customer. Telstra and Accenture executives Andy Penn, Bronwyn van der Merwe and more share their thoughts on what organisations can do to remain a "Living Business".


10 Jan 2020

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Episode 3 - Accelerating Platform Businesses

Platforms can be used to consolidate and share data in order to facilitate advanced analytics - predicting failure, optimising performance and in turn, generating new revenue and value for businesses. Communications and technology providers are at the forefront of this technology and are the enablers to help industries transform and reimagine the way they work and do business. Hear from Telstra's Chief Technology Officer Hakan Erikkson, Managing Director at Accenture Andrew Butterworth and more on how we can make this happen.


12 Dec 2019

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Episode 2 - Reinventing Products & Services

Industries are being squeezed from all sides. Top-line growth is stalling. Revenues have levelled off. Customers are finding new ways to engage digitally and digital disruptors are undermining the traditional base of services.  Businesses must take positive steps to ready their products and services for the next wave of innovation applications, from 5G implementation and beyond.  How will businesses keep up with the pace of change and ensure pervasive innovation is in-built into their new ways of working? Hear from Telstra executives Andrew Penn CEO, Michael Ebeid Group Head of Enterprise and Sarah Frank Head of Innovation at Telstra.


5 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 1 - Scaling Intelligent Enterprises

Today’s markets require strategies and capabilities that drive profitable growth in sustainable ways. Organisations need to streamline their back-office and find innovative ways to drive efficiencies. Hear from Michael Ebeid, Telstra’s Group Head of Enterprise, Jonathan Restarick Accenture Senior Managing Director and more as they explain the epic disruption happening today and the benefits of running an intelligent enterprise and industrialising your core business.


27 Nov 2019

Rank #5