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Welcome to the Pedcast, a walking podcast recorded on location and in motion, alongside local experts with deep roots and a unique perspective on their neighborhood, their city, their journey. We'll get into everything from food and drink, to art and music, to local politics and activism. And in doing so, we'll explore the intersection of a sense of place and a sense of purpose. Hitting the streets of Chicago and beyond.

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Todd Smith: Beer Mile Evangelist

On the eve of the Chicago Marathon, I hit the track with endurance athlete, entrepreneurial daredevil, and all-around madman Todd Smith (IG: @todd1smith). We talk all things Beer Mile Chicago (FB: Beer Mile Chicago) - celebrating its 10th running 10/13! - and why, costumed or not, you should partake. Cheers, Todd! 


4 Oct 2018

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Audrey Jonas Part 2: Portage Park, Gentrification & the Places That Feel Like Home

In Part 2 with comedian & Second City standup instructor Audrey Jonas (IG: @audreyaudreymarie), we venture out to the streets of Portage Park. We talk local landmarks, the limits of nostalgia, and the best worst pizza in the neighborhood. Plus, World Cup!


30 Aug 2018

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Audrey Jonas Part 1: Portage Park & the Making of a Stand-Up Comic

We're back at it with comedian and Second City stand-up instructor Audrey Jonas (IG: @audreyaudreymarie) in Portage Park, a historically Polish community on the northwest side. In Part 1 of 2, we confine our walk to the park itself and our conversation to Audrey's comedic journey. How does one become a comedian? Is this a good or bad time to be one? What are the questions that comedians hate being asked? All that and more in this episode of the the Pedcast!


14 Aug 2018

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Jack Rogosin: Heat & Sole on Howard St.

In my favorite episode to date, I hit Howard Street in Rogers Park with Jack Rogosin (@jackrogosin) of legendary neighborhood sneaker store P&J Footwear (@pandjfootwear). We discuss his journey from "undercover cop" to a mainstay on the block, plus his thoughts on gentrification, the best bang-for-your-buck sneakers, and the tastiest ten-buck meal in the neighborhood. Lace 'em up and hold on tight - this here's a spicy one.


10 Jul 2018

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Luka Dukich: Chicago Bull's Digital Point Guard

It's impossible to talk about modern sports fandom without talking about social media. This is especially true for NBA fans, who enjoy a constant stream of rumors, memes and highlights from a thriving community of writers and #NBATwitter personalities. From the armchair analyst to the NBA player himself, everyone has a platform.  So where does that leave NBA teams? What's their role in the conversation? In this episode, we explore those questions. My guest is Luka Dukich, Senior Manager of Digital Content for the Chicago Bulls. We talk NBA Twitter, using social media to enhance the fan experience, and much more.


6 Jul 2018

Rank #5