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unFAITHFUL: redeeming infidelity

Have you experienced the pain of infidelity? Is someone you love going through it and you wonder how to support them? Do you want to hear stories and learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t end up in a crisis of your own? This show is for you!Hosts Nick and Bekah Moes, founders of Family of Hope, bring you a collection of miraculous survival stories, interviews with industry experts, and hot topics along the road to recovery. Each episode will promote hope, help, and healing for those who have experienced infidelity caused by an affair, sexual addiction, or pornography.

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Nick and Bekah's Story-Part 1

We're sharing our very first story... our own! In part one of Nick and Bekah's story, we'll give a detailed account of our destructive cycles and how they paved the way for betrayal through infidelity. We'll also discuss the role of pornography in the destruction of our marriage, and what became the turning point in our healing journey. For detailed show notes, including discussion questions visit www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


10 Feb 2019

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Is this the end?

On today’s show, we’re asking the question: is this the end? Should an affair mean the end of a marriage? We’re addressing: the unique perspective of the betrayed vs. the unfaithful spouse obstacles both will need to overcome what it's going to take to recover indicators a marriage can survive after infidelity For detailed show notes, and discussion questions visit http://myfamilyofhope.org/podcast. For our latest blog, additional resources, and contact information visit Nick and Bekah at Family of Hope.


5 Mar 2019

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Hope, Help, and Healing

In our introductory episode, you'll meet hosts Nick and Bekah Moes, founders of Family of Hope Ministries. We'll introduce our show format and discuss what to expect from future episodes.  We'll also share our 3 foundational pillars for couples facing recovery from infidelity: hope, help, and healing.


10 Feb 2019

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How Will I Ever Trust My Spouse Again?

How will I ever trust my spouse again? A question anyone facing a betrayal asks themselves over and over again! In the absence of trust, a couple must learn to create safety for each other both inside and outside the relationship. In this episode Nick and Bekah talk through what it takes to rebuild a foundation of trust by giving you 10 ways to create safety inside your relationship. This will help you to create an emotional environment that is supportive of a healthy recovery.


16 Sep 2019

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Nick and Bekah's story- Part 2

In part two of Nick and Bekah's story we're talking all about our affair recovery process and the lifestyle of healing we're now committed to. We'll discuss the role of faith in our healing journey and share all of the details of our extravagant redemption.  For detailed show notes, including discussion questions and links to additional resources visit www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


10 Feb 2019

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The Whole Truth

What does your spouse really need to know? In this episode we address full disclosure and why it’s SO important in the early stages of recovery. We also talk about the consequences of withholding information, and suggest some tips for keeping “discovery” a safe process for both parties. Detailed show notes, and discussion questions are available at www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


26 Mar 2019

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Whatever It Takes

Let’s pick back up where we left off. In the absence of trust a couple must learn to create safety for each other both inside and outside the relationship. Today you’ll evaluate areas your relationship is vulnerable as we explore 10 parts of your life that require healthy boundaries in order to create safety from the outside. If safety is the goal, it will require doing “whatever it takes.” DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE of today’s content. All 10 points with discussion questions are included. You’ll find it in the show notes at www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


7 Oct 2019

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Liz Jones- What I've Learned

In a profound turn-around, Liz Jones is now the Associate Pastor over Marriage Crisis under the Care Department at Gateway Church. She is the head of an incredible crisis marriage team that has served thousands of people to-date and is still growing! I talked to Liz about this beautiful evolution, and asked her all kinds of questions about what she’s learned about Affair Recovery over the years. We talk about: types of support couples need in recovery the difference between surviving and thriving what is “success” in affair recovery? developing empathy toxic shame what if the affair was many years ago? and much more! Shownotes and discussion questions are available at www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


26 Aug 2019

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Liz + Jeff's Story

On today’s show our friends Liz and Jeff share their journey through infidelity. Themes of our conversation include how our family of origin impacts the lens we view marriage through, ways that shame keeps us stuck, “rules of engagement” when recovering from infidelity, why they stayed even when everything fell apart, and what “making it” really means. Liz and Jeff also share several things they did wrong, and some things they did right… you won’t want to miss this one! Show notes and discussion questions are available at www.myfamilyofhope.org/podcast.


6 Aug 2019

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How to Handle the Pain

Betrayal at the hands of your spouse leaves wounds that seem impossible to heal. How do you move forward when all you see in front of you is pain? As you journey through recovery, you’ll learn that you have choices when faced with pain. Those choices will either transform your pain, or transmit it. Join us today as we discuss the process of grief and “how to handle the pain.” Discussion questions and shownotes are available at https://myfamilyofhope.org/podcast. To stay up-to-date or give a tax deductible gift text FOH to 555888.


8 Jan 2020

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