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Walking buddies Jesse and Sheryl dig into the drama, conflicts and unsolved mysteries lurking on everyone's favorite neighborhood social network.

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Uninvited Door Hangers

Scared of burglars?  Deluged with junk mail?  Annoyed by realtors?  Sheryl and Jesse discover through a post by their neighbor Art that mid-city LA is being overrun by burglars, junk mail, and realtors all at once.  Take a walk with the co-hosts as they try to determine how real the danger is.


6 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Lost & Found Pets

Is there a special dog, chicken, or turtle in your life?  Would you know what to do if your furry/feathery/scaly friend went missing?  What if you found somebody else's beloved pet?  In this episode, Jesse and Sheryl talk to three different people who solved their AWOL animal problems by logging onto their neighborhood social network and reaching out to the community for help.


19 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Used Condom at Reynier Park

After a used condom is found at Reynier Park, Sheryl and Jesse learn that this tiny park is jam-packed with picnic tables, trash cans, and strict rules about what activities are permitted or forbidden.  But who gets to make the rules: The immediate neighbors?  The park visitors?  And what happens when there's a culture clash between the different parties?  Take a walk with the co-hosts around one square block of LA that is fertile ground for tension.


3 Jan 2020

Rank #3

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Construction PSA

Construction has begun on a 16-story high-rise luxury building on Wilshire Boulevard, and Justin wants all the neighbors to know about it.  But is Justin posting because he's concerned about the building's impact on traffic, or does he have ulterior motives?  And how will this high-rise affect others in the neighborhood?  Jesse and Sheryl take a walk up to Wilshire to find out.  Features special guest, comedian Brian Kiley.


16 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Homophobic Hamburgers

A new hamburger joint, Black Star Burger, has opened in the neighborhood, but it's owned by a Russian rapper named Timati who included an anti-gay lyric in a song. Some neighbors want the restaurant to be boycotted, while others think that's going too far. Jesse and Sheryl decide to pay a visit to Black Star to determine if the new restaurant is a positive addition to the neighborhood.


30 Jan 2020

Rank #5