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Associate Equity: a Deep Dive into Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Having trouble attracting and retaining associates? This episode picks up where the last one left off. My partner, Diwakar Sinha, joins me on the show and we take a closer look at an "earned equity" model called Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). We'll talk about the mechanics of RSUs; where they work best; and share some client experiences in implementing the model. That plus Ashley's question on COVID's impact on the industry and the Daily Dad Blog - all on today's show! Questions? Send 'em along to: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.comAnd be sure to leave us a rating on the show!

22 Jul 2021

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Associate Equity: Attracting, Motivating & Retaining

The biggest problem facing group practices is attracting and retaining associates. If you can solve it, you stand a better chance of building and operating a successful business. Traditional "buy in" methods don't work anymore, so what's the solution? Our experience in Corporate America taught us that an "earned equity" opportunity is the best way to attract top talent, motivate them to produce high-level results, and retain them for the long haul. Tune in to find out more details!All of that AND a brief discussion on the Ken Burns documentary on Ernest Hemingway on today's show.Email your comments or questions to: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.comAnd be sure to leave us a rating!

15 Jul 2021

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Personal Journeys: Dr. William Harvey of Harvey Family Dentistry

Sometimes it's just nice to hear words of wisdom from someone who has already ventured down the path you're on. Dr. William Harvey gives his insights into the highs, lows and even natural disasters that could plague a growing business. I take a question on "the biggest challenge facing dentistry" and beg for some guidance from the audience on the best gourmet coffee machines.

8 Jul 2021

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The TOP 10 Metrics to Measure when Building a Successful Group Practice

Ever wonder which metrics or KPIs you should be focused on? Or maybe you're suffering from "paralysis by analysis" by focusing on too many numbers?! Here's your "TOP 10" list. This one is for all of you "data hounds" out there! Download a copy of the "TOP 10" right here: https://polarishealthcarepartners.com/free-pdf/Listener question on "the impact of rising interest rates" and a great winery recommendation in Napa. For more information on Aonair: https://www.aonairwine.com/ and for Reverie: https://www.reveriewine.com/Contact info: Grant Long (Proprietor & Winemaker): Grant@AonairWine.com Austin Robertson (Operations Manager): austin@reveriewine.comAny questions about group practices, metrics or wine?! Send 'em in to me: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com

1 Jul 2021

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"Don't Let the Tax Tail Wag the Dog" - the Eide Bailly Interview

Here are the answers you've been looking for from the people who know! I'm joined by Scott Haberman and Mel Schwartz of the Eide Bailly accounting firm for some tremendous insights into accounting and tax considerations for those who are considering selling their business this year. Mel also gives us "the latest" update from Washington, DC on the proposed tax law. For additional questions, please reach out to Scott directly at: shaberman@eidebailly.comI'm also joined by Brian Colao of the Dykema law firm about Polaris's sponsorship of their "8th Annual Definitive DSO Conference" coming up in Denver in late June. To learn more, please visit: https://dykemadso.com/

24 Jun 2021

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Selling Your Business in 2021? Deal Structure Matters More Than the Multiple

Are you committed to selling your business in 2021? If so, deal structure matters more than the multiple does - and we unpack both on today's episode. That along with some tax considerations, discussion on a sell-side "Q of E" and more. I take a question from a Specialist on DSOs eating up their referral base and how PowerDot can improve your athletic recovery after a hard workout. It's all on today's show! Send in your questions to me at Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com

17 Jun 2021

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TWO Things to Know Before You Sell Your Business in 2021

Convinced you should sell your business in 2021? You might want to slow down and consider a few more factors before you do so. Diwakar joins me on the podcast today to break down "the right time" to sell as well as some considerations around supply and demand. We officially launch Polaris's M&A services to the market. And I marvel at the patient outcomes of today's modern medicine. It's all on today's show! Questions or comments to either of us at: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com or Diwakar@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com

10 Jun 2021

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Growth Strategies & "The Rule of 72"

We unpack the critical success factors when it comes to executing on your growth strategy for both DeNovo and Acquisitions. And how fast do you need to grow if you want to double the revenue of your business? The "Rule of 72" has the answer! We welcome Amy Tewell to our Data & Analytics Team. And if you're looking for inspiration in the kitchen, then check out "Recipe30" on YouTube! All on today's show! Submit any questions directly to me at: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com And please be sure to leave us a rating and a comment!

3 Jun 2021

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The Top 3 Challenges Every Group Practice Confronts

Looking to launch your own group practice? Or maybe you've already started and are still early on in the journey. There are going to be many challenges ahead, but here are "The Big 3" that you should prepare for ahead of time. Want to submit a question? You can email me directly at: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com

25 May 2021

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Blueprints, Templates & Frameworks to Build Your Own Group Practice

"Can't you just give me a shortcut or a template to build a group?!" Well, NO, but we CAN take you through a lot of the questions you need ask yourself BEFORE you start down this journey. If you'd like a copy of the questionnaire itself, email me directly at: Perrin@PolarisHealthcarePartners.com

18 May 2021

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