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Comedians Mike Goldstein and Nick Capper swap phones and rummage through the dark corners of each other's private lives. Also roping in comics from around the world willing to subject themselves to the indignity of having their smart phone contents made fun of and their socials hacked. No one is safe. Join The Phone Hacks Facebook Group for screenshots, updates and to share your stories of messing with your friends' phones. The Phone Hacks is produced by Nearly, a podcast network. Original theme music composed by Dave McDonald

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42. Tom Ballard - Chocolate Void

Tom Ballard, comedian and former host of ABC's Tonightly, is kind enough to lend his time (and phone) to the potentially career damaging schemes cooked up on the show.Mike raps about another awful topic, Capper insults Wil Anderson and Tom announces his new experimental foray into the world of clowning. This is riffing! We have a Patreon! Please contribute to get great bonus episodes and keep this going.Help justify the damage we are doing here: www.patreon.com/thephonehacksMERCH!Capper is on RedbubbleMike's got limited edition MAGA (Mike America Goldstein Again) hats. Message him on Facebook here.Subscribe where you're listening and leave a review. For screenshots from the episode and to share your own check out The Phone Hacks Facebook Group.The Phone Hacks is produced by Nearly, a podcast network.Original theme music by David McDonald.Find a new podcast!The Clappers - Pop culture insights with Karl Quinn and Andrew YoungThe Debrief with Dave O'Neil - Dave gives a comedian a lift home from a gig.10 Questions with Adam Zwar - The same 10 questions with answers that vary wildly.See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.

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10 Feb 2019

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