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Ep 28 - Singing our way through Dublin

Join us for a 14-minute travel talk with Judy Ubben on today's episode of the Women Traveling Solo Together podcast! In this episode, Judy shares her insight on traveling, her experiences while in Ireland, moving out of her comfort zone, and becoming a tour leader. Throughout our life as women, we take the role of caretakers. We take care of everything - from our kids to our husband and everything else. But have you ever thought when it’s going to be your turn? When you’re the only obstacle getting in your way, you have to kick yourself and move out of your own way. If you don’t make yourself a priority, nobody else will. In traveling, you have to have more than courage in order to travel solo. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. If you don't get out there and do the things that you really want right now, you’re going to miss out on so many great experiences. As women, we’ve done our part. We did what we’re supposed to do. Now, it’s our time, our turn to have fun and do the things we love! Sign up for that tour you’re planning to take now! Start prepping up your suitcase now and meet your fellow solo travel buddies at the airport and see the world! Key Takeaways: How Judy started traveling solo What made Judy take the leap to become a tour leader Having no regrets & getting out of your comfort zone Judy’s fun Ireland trip and her wonderful coach driver Mentioned in This Episode: Women-Traveling.com Women Traveling Together on Facebook Email: wttmail@women-traveling.com Share your story!If you have solo travel stories you'd like to share, or topics you'd like to hear more about, email us at wttmail@WomenTraveling.com Leave a Review: Did you like this episode? Please leave an honest review with your feedback! Also, please subscribe to get notified when a new episode gets released. I appreciate your listening to this week’s show. And tune in next week for more conversations with trip leaders and travelers. Coming Next Time: Our next episode shares is a testimonial from Maureen of how WTT helped open up her world after becoming an empty nester.


18 Jan 2019

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