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(Formerly known as Behind the Scenes) Author Valerie Loveless brings you in-depth Latter-day Saint conversations on relevant topics and stories. These are the questions and discussions everyday Latter-day Saints are having! Brought to you by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media, the largest non-church owned LDS publisher in the market.

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Why a Gay Man Would Join the Mormon Church

Dennis Schleicher found the love and acceptance he was looking for in the very last place he thought he would- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Join Bryce and Dennis as they discuss his journey to baptism.http://www.dennisschleicher.net/https://www.cedarfort.com/products/is-he-nuts-why-a-gay-man-would-become-a-member-of-the-church-of-jesus-christ?_pos=1&_sid=1ff8ba43d&_ss=r


21 Oct 2019

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From Lesbian Moms to LDS Mission: Mike Ramsey

Mike and Valerie talk about what it was like being raised first by a single mother, then by two mothers in an LDS world.  Also raised heavily on anti-LDS propaganda due to his mother's disenchantment with the church, Mike still ended up serving an LDS mission, getting married in the temple and now has a successful entrepreneurial career and family.  

1hr 11mins

18 Nov 2019

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It's the Sign of the Times! David Ridges Discusses the Signs of the Second Coming

David Ridges discusses the many signs surrounding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and how we can prepare for the many things that are to come to pass. He clears up some myths and teaches me some new insights.  David is a fountain of knowledge and I'm blown away by how he can quote scripture off hand.  He's always a wonderful guest.   

1hr 22mins

16 Dec 2019

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Exploring Behind the Veil Experiences and NDE's

Joined by Lee Nelson, Jane Moe and Russel Ricks who each have unique ties to near-death experiences. We discuss how these experiences had by thousands are the same and different, how they strengthen the testimonies of others and the experiencers and how they should be shared.Lee Nelson compiles NDE's in his book series Visions Beyond the Veil-www.authorleenelson.comJane Moe author of Visions of Heaven-www.janemoe.comRussel Ricks author of Remember-https://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-Ricks/100010156906350Valerie Loveless Author and Podcast Host/ Producer- http://www.valerieloveless.info

1hr 47mins

2 Dec 2019

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Romance, Laughter and Dishes: What Hot Mess Mom's Know

Valerie and Author Aspen Hadley discuss what it's like to be an author. No. What it's really like. We momsplain (TM Valerie Loveless) a lot and laugh too much. We come to the conclusion that it's totally cool and normal to be a disaster most of the time as long as you try really hard. We had a ton of fun and there's a lot of laughing, cackling, and giggling. We tackle hard questions, like why don't we write old people romance and how come kids have that fake cry at 5-8 years old?

1hr 15mins

6 Nov 2019

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Finding the Temple in the Book of Mormon

There are no Temple ordinances specifically talked about in the Book of Mormon but Valiant Jones has discovered that the entire book is a guidebook for the covenants we make in the temple. He believes that Joseph Smith was prepared to receive the covenants for the temple by translating the Book of Mormon.  Find out more about how to find the temple in the Book of Mormon! 


24 Feb 2020

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New Years Resolution Resolve: Inspiration for Health and Fitness with Angela Larkin

Author Angela  Larkin has lost over 50 lbs! She had to change a lot of things and challenge a lot of her feelings of security and comfort.

1hr 6mins

31 Dec 2019

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How to Sell Millions of Books: A History of Cedar Fort

From their humble beginnings as a young family, raising 6 kids in the warehouse to becoming the largest independent LDS publisher.  This multi-generational, medium publisher has big ideas and big heart.   They produce almost every genre and specialize in LDS content that Bryce hopes will change  lives, and ripple across the eternities. www,cedarfort.comwww.valerieloveless.info

1hr 7mins

29 Oct 2019

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Temple Insights and Conversion Stories - A Conversation with Alonzo Gaskill

Alonzo L. Gaskill is a Professor of Church History and Doctrine. He holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, a Masters in Theology, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. Alonzo has taught at Brigham Young University since 2003.   He has written around 2 dozen books about  sacred symbols, the temple and other religious topics.   He has a unique background and insight to the symbology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  https://www.cedarfort.com/search?type=product&q=gaskill


30 Oct 2019

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Children's Books You Really Need

My favorite Church of Jesus Christ kids books this year!Turning Little Hearts by Charlotte and Jonah BarnesGuess who's in the Book of Mormon By Molly CarterNo One is Quite Like You By Kathie GwilliamFinding Temple Symbols By Cami Evans.  


20 Jan 2020

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Wanna Be Balanced Mom, Crystal Escobar

Blogger, YouTuber, and Podcaster Crystal Escobar and I discuss the difficulties of trying to be an all in it mom without losing yourself.  Even someone as beautiful, talented and driven as Crystal has found that it's not easy and sometimes you can do it all, but not always all at once!


2 Mar 2020

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How Many Degrees Can One Woman Hold?

Trina Boice writes resource books for those of us who are stressed out and need to plan a lesson or activity in a pinch. She is a Jill-of-all-trades and she can help you organize your trip, your lesson, help you with buying real estate, kick your - with her black belt much more.You can find Trina:https://LifelongLearningEducation.comhttps://MovieReviewMom.comhttps://EmptyNestTravelHacker.comhttps://TrinasBooks.comhttps://FromBook2Business.com@TrinaBoice - TwitterValerie: www.valerieloveless.info


8 Oct 2019

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We are All Paralyzed

Brandon Sulser cheated death not once but 4 times.  Hear his remarkable story of how he keeps on choosing to live a remarkable life even with his many challenges due to his accidents. He is an inspiration and an angel among us.  His book is called We are All Paralyzed and is a beautiful story of perseverance and covers his background.    You can find Brandon:www.brandonsulser.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=dKdXZ2dIu74https://www.amazon.com/s?k=brandon+sulser&ref=nb_sb_noss_1Valerie: www.valerieloveless.infoBryce: www.cedarfort.com

1hr 12mins

7 Oct 2019

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How to Get Fit For GOOD for the new year! Dr. Rich Tenney

Dr Rich Tenney shares his secrets to getting fit for life. No more on the wagon off the wagon.  He takes a spiritual approach to taking care of your body and your mind!   The title is a play on words, you see getting fit once and for all and getting fit so you can be your best self, thereby being a source of good in the world.  You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself.  


31 Dec 2019

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Creating Romance by the Seat of Your Pants

Julie is a Regency period romance writer and we discuss her newest book the Secret of Haversham House, how it all came to be and why writing by the seat of your pants is the way to go.   This episode does contain SPOILERS to Julie's book, so pick it up today and then join us back here for some awesome discussion.  Julie- www.britishwarchildren.comValerie- www.valerieloveless.info


14 Oct 2019

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Did Brother Brigham catch a Sea Monster in Bear Lake?

Rebekah Pitts, Author of 250 Fascinating Facts about Latter Day Saints joins me as we expound on some of the more interesting facts in her book, like did Brigham Young really believe there was a monster in Bear Lake? Why did the myth that "Mormons" have horns come from and more!https://www.cedarfort.com/collections/childrens-books/products/250-fascinating-facts-about-latter-day-saintsYour Host: www.ValerieLoveless.infoRebekah: https://www.facebook.com/rebekahpittswww.rebekahpitts.comwww.Cedarfort.com


2 Oct 2019

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Moroni, Helping You Shake the Powers of Evil.

Sean Nobmann, author of Shake the Powers of Evil with Captain Moroni and Valerie discuss how this section in the book of Mormon is so relevant to today and how we can all defeat the evil that hangs over us with lessons from Moroni and his bro's. It's a great book for young adults and teens written in a whole new style that's youthful and fresh AND funny!  Sean: http://www.seannobmann.com/Book: https://www.cedarfort.com/products/shake-the-powers-of-evil-with-captain-moroni?_pos=1&_sid=8cdbca703&_ss=rValerie: www.valerieloveless.info


4 Nov 2019

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She be writing 'bout pirates in bedclothes

Sarah Hadsel is a fun, hands-on kindergarten teacher. She has a knack for rhyming a passion for bedclothes and is a bit obsessed with pirates. (Aren't we all?) Her new children's book, Pirates love Pajamas is a great bedtime book for your little's. She tells me all about in on the Podcast!Sarah: https://www.sarahhadsell.com/https://www.cedarfort.com/products/pirates-love-pajamasValerie: www.valerieloveless.info


23 Oct 2019

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The User Friendly Book of Mormon for your 2020 Study of Come Follow Me

Learn new ways to set scripture study goals and new resources and materials with Marilyn Faulkner, author of the User-Friendly Scripture series.


6 Jan 2020

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The Trials that Define Us: Jeff Olsen, Emily Gould, Bryan Young

Each of my guests has been through the wringer.  Jeff lost his wife and one of his sons in a car accident that left him fighting for his life, also.  Emily's daughter fought aggressive cancer for almost 2 years, it was a choice of deadly chemo or deadly cancer.  Bryan lost his 4-year-old to cancer and aggressive chemo treatments.  Somehow all three have come out of these situations with more perspective, more faith and more hope than one would expect.  We don't dwell on their heart-wrenching stories but how they got through them and how we can help others get through their struggles that we can't ever imagine going through. Emily Gould is the author of Turning Weeds into WildflowersBryan Young is the author of Meant for HeavenJeff Olsen is the author of Knowing, and I Knew Their HeartsValerie Loveless is an author and host of the Cedar Fort Podcast  

1hr 34mins

9 Dec 2019

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