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Weekly discussions between disruptive direct to consumer ecommerce brands and our amazing team about marketing, funnels, and everything scaling related. Subscribe to our newsletter for highlights and step by step tactical insights direct to consumer dot co.

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Weekly discussions between disruptive direct to consumer ecommerce brands and our amazing team about marketing, funnels, and everything scaling related. Subscribe to our newsletter for highlights and step by step tactical insights direct to consumer dot co.

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

Cover image of DTC Podcast

DTC Podcast

Latest release on Jan 19, 2021

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: The Brick and Mortar Opportunity with Dylan Carpenter

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This week on the pod we have Dylan Carpenter, host of the podcast Rich Ad Poor Ad and Founder/CEO of agency Koality Media.  Dylan has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and spent over $15 million on Facebook/IG ads.

Today, he’s here to chat about the brick and mortar opportunity, what local businesses can be doing to grow, and what’s happening in the ad space.

Stick around for value bombs on: 

💣 Local campaigns vs. eCommerce campaigns

💣 Why it all comes down to creative

💣 Tips for local businesses

💣 Why you should think twice before trying to hack the algorithm 

💣 A chatbox restaurant hack

Take a listen to the full pod for Dylan’s plans for 2021, angel investing, his response to iOS 14, his crypto tips, and the wildest gift he’s received 🐢.

Jan 19 2021



Rank #2: DTC Experience Design with Partner's Jesse Campbell

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Welcome to part two of our brand experience discussion.   

Due to a scheduling snafu, we were lucky enough to chat with Jesse Campbell twice! 

Jesse is a designer and founder of Partner, specializing in design and branding for eCommerce and digital products and partnering with top 1000 Shopify Companies.   

In this pod, we delve into Jesse’s expertise in the cannabis industry (a helpful listen for anyone working with a restricted industry) and unpack brand transparency and the many different ways brands can activate transparency to build trust.   

Listen to the full pod for: 

📦 Shortcuts to help determine your brand identity   

📦  Why you need a two-pronged brand story   

📦  Trust and transparency to determine brand differentiation, and the many facets of transparency   

📦  Experiences and opinions on the rollout of legal cannabis in Canada, and transitioning from grey to white market industry  

📦 Predictions for a personalization forward future for eCommerce

Jan 16 2021



Rank #3: Designing eCommerce Experiences with Facebook Shopping’s Design Manager

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We’re serving up high-end experience and design expertise for this week’s pod with Andrea Wagner, Design Manager for Facebook Shopping and Jesse Campbell, designer and founder of design agency Partner.

Take a listen for discussion on building with the customer in mind, radical transparency, and predictions on upcoming digital experience design trends!

Jan 12 2021



Rank #4: All Killer No Filler: Will iOS14 wreck your Facebook Ads campaigns? (NEW GAME-CHANGING RULES INBOUND)

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On this week’s All Killer No Filler, the Pilothouse team catches up with Right Hook Digital Co-Founder and CEO Dee Deng to talk iOS 14.   

This looming update or “global internet shockwave,” has the potential to change business as we know it, holding far-reaching implications for measurement, optimization, and business tools.   

You’ll want to hear this team of experts unpack their instincts, plans, and strategies for surviving this big change.  

Listen to the pod for:   

📦  A breakdown of wtf’s happening with iOS14 

📦  Facebook and Google’s response to the imminent change  

📦  How does this compare to GDPR?  

📦  What this change will look like for UX 

📦  The role of agencies in this turbulent time  

📦  Predictions for the future and how businesses will adapt

Jan 09 2021



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Rank #5: Radical Personalization with RightMessage's Brennan Dunn

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Brennan Dunn is the co-founder of RightMessage, a tool that helps make automated segmentation and website personalization easy for any business. He’s also the founder of Double Your Freelancing, providing resources and training for over 50,000 firms and freelancers.

We know that niched offerings outperform generic, but Brennan takes personalization to the next level. Brennan’s area of expertise is dynamic niching -  on the fly, data-informed curation of messaging to appeal to each individual customer.

If you care about simple ways to increase conversions, and your customer personalization is limited to *|FNAME|*, THIS is the pod for you.

Listen for value bombs on:

💣 Personalizing CTA’s based on where someone is in your offer funnel

💣 Using data to personalize your opt-in forms and increase conversions

💣 Low hanging fruit: are you missing an opportunity to convert returning visitors to your site?

Jan 05 2021



Rank #6: 2020 in Review: Top DTC Insights

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Join Eric as he reflects on year one of DTC Podcast and unpacks the top takeaways, key insights and strategic formulas uncovered in 2020.  

Dec 30 2020



Rank #7: Building a Sneaker Content Empire with Nice Kicks' Matt Halfhill

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Our pod guest this week is Matt Halfhill, founder of Nice Kicks - one of the most popular content websites in the footwear/streetwear industry.

Matt spent years as a sneaker reseller, eeking out a healthy margin on platforms like eBay, but he soon realized the value is in creating your own product that you have the creative freedom to promote as you see fit.

According to Matt’s predictions - if you rely on other people’s products, your days are numbered. Every producer is moving towards a DTC model in this time of profound change as legacy businesses across all industries adopt to the new norm. (Hello and welcome to DTC - you’re in the right place 😉)

This is why product creation is a major initiative for Nice Kicks in 2021.

Services and products are investing so heavily in content that it only makes sense that content websites are looking to create products.

Take a listen to the full pod for discussion of the above, plus: 

⚙️ Mechanics of a content machine

🧵Tailoring content for your audience’s audience

👟 2021 predictions

🔥 Hot takes on the sneaker resale market

👟 A sneaker aesthetics deep dive

Dec 22 2020



Rank #8: All Killer No Filler: What Most Brands Get Wrong on Google Ads

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On this week’s All Killer No Filler, we’re tackling the biggest ad platform of them all - Google.

Google has been quietly growing its ad offerings while refining its algorithm, and our team of Google Ads heavy hitters Saul Garcia, Richard Clement, and Rafael Scott are your google guides here with up to date intel to help you on this massive platform.

💥 Getting specific with your SEO keywords

💥 Retargeting on Google

💥 Supercharge your audiences with branded keyword bidding

💥 The benefits of paid ads x organic listings 

💥 Retargeting on Google 

All this plus actionable strategies and resource suggestions to supercharge your Google ad presence. Take a listen, then get to work! 💪

Dec 19 2020



Rank #9: The Power of Pinterest with Pins 4 Profit's Lindsay Shearer

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📌  Pin Ads 4 the Win! 📌   

With 2020 being a year of unpredictability & madness, a surprising contender for traffic & sales in Ecom has consistently shown up in Pinterest Ads!  

As the algorithm continues to mature on Pinterest, we’ve been getting some powerful results that are def turning heads.  

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re seeing:
✅  83% of people on Pinterest have made a purchase
✅   700M Users & growing on the platform
✅   $100K + the average household income of a :us: Pinterest user
✅   Crazy :arrow_up: ROAS opportunities on TOF & Retargeting
✅   Super :arrow_down: CPMs $.50-$2.50
✅   Maturing algorithm  

In the midst of the:
❌ volatility in both the world & consumer buying behavior
❌  unpredictability of almost all ad platforms
❌  account shut downs
❌  radically changing cross channel ad landscapes  

How are you filling your funnels?  

If you’re looking for another source of consistent high-quality traffic Pinterest has some serious power💥 !!  

Eric sat down with Lindsay Shearer who has one of the largest & industry-leading 📌  Pinterest ad agencies in the world called Pins4Profit and asked a ton of hard questions!  Check out her deep dive into 📌 Pinterest ad strategy for Ecom brand owners & agencies.  

It’s time to expand your traffic sources!

Dec 15 2020



Rank #10: All Killer No Filler: Stop the Scroll with Performance Driven Creative

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This week’s All Killer No Filler features the Pilothouse Creative Team sharing their top tips & tricks for creating scroll-stopping creative and balancing performance with polish.   

Take a listen for key insights on:  

🗝 Standing out on socials  

🗝 Data-driven creative  

🗝 Intentionally breaking from design best practices 

🗝 Easily applied creative hacks 

🗝 How we structure our creative team

Dec 12 2020