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Renovating Retirement With Charlie Jewett

Charlie Jewett, the Financial Services Whistle-Blower, confronts the Retirement Planning industry and reveals all of the tricks, lies and scams the Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors use to steal money from consumers. In addition Charlie will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to make your own financial and retirement decisions and live the retirement of your dreams. Surprising, Irreverent, Eye-Opening, Super Helpful and a whole lot of fun!

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Why I Never Use Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is one of the most popular and well advertised financial products on the planet and has been for a long time. Does it have a place in your financial plan? In my opinion...no. Now, I don't hate any tools, they're just tools: they do some things well and other things poorly. After fourteen years of research I can't find anything Whole Life does better than other tools so I devoted this podcast to sharing my findings with you. Enjoy. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


23 Dec 2017

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The Top Ten Best Retirement Planning Decisions

What are ten sure fire ways to improve your retirement? I'm glad you asked. That's exactly what I'll cover in this episode...ten things you can do to set up your financial and retirement plan for maximum results and maximum enjoyment. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE:


2 Jul 2016

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The Rich Man's Roth IRA-With No Contribution Limits

Taxes will most likely go up according to historical tax rates. With the fact that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded, and the fact that David Walker says they will. In this episode, I explain how to divorce the IRS and use the Rich Man's Roth IRA to create tax-free retirement distributions no matter how much income you make and there's no limit on what you can put into it. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


27 May 2016

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Nate Miller Interviewing Me After The Market Crash

Nate Miller is one of my favorite advisors in the country.  Nate asked me to be on his podcast and I thought you'd all enjoy our conversation.    Please Rate and Review The Show HERE

1hr 9mins

23 May 2020

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Six Ways To Improve Your Cash Value Life Insurance

Owning cash value life insurance can be the worst thing or best thing you've ever decided to do. It all depends on whether you know the six ways to improve your cash value life insurance product. A perfect, well-built, retirement plan will probably have some cash value life insurance to cover a Long Life, Short Life, Rough Life, Sick Life, and into The Next Life. Life insurance, built the right way, covers all of them. Listen and learn how to build it properly. Please Rate and Review the Show HERE: 


12 Jun 2016

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The Four Stages of Retirement Planning Part 3-Distribution

This is my favorite stage of retirement planning! It's time to turn this nest egg into a lifetime income stream and in this episode I'm going to cover the safest ways to do that, how to get much, much higher income and how to avoid running out of money. This one is the big daddy as all of retirement planning is about replacing your lost income when you finally stop working. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


30 Jan 2019

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It's Kind of True That Your Retirement Account Can Grow By a Guaranteed 8%-9% Per Year

There's a place to put your money where it will grow by a guaranteed 8%-9% per year. Sound too good to be true? Listen to this short episode and see which tool it is and how to use it. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


10 Jul 2016

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Six Types of Annuities and How To Use Each One

There are horrible annuities and there are life-changing amazing annuity contracts that will give you the best retirement imaginable. Come with me on a journey to explore the six types of annuities in an entertaining way. Also, the fourth chipmunk "Bill" shows up to sing a song for some reason. Please Rate and Review HERE


16 May 2016

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The Three Pillars of Financial Deception

In this episode I cover the three pillars of financial deception that this industry uses to steel money from you and keep you doing what they want. You may get upset because these are three very sacred cows. I studied all three and do not agree with any of them. Listen to find out why. The three pillars of financial deception are: 1) You should pay off your mortgage 2) You should postpone taxes to a later date 3) You should use a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


2 May 2016

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How To Create Tax-Free Retirement Income

Do you think taxes may go up between now and when you pass away? If so then creating tax-free income is essential for making sure that you will enjoy the best retirement lifestyle possible. Inflation is constantly eating away at the value of your dollars, don't let the IRS do the same! In this episode I will show you three sure fire ways to create tax-free income in retirement. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


26 May 2016

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The Four Stages of Retirement Planning Part 2-Accumulation

The second stage of retirement planning is Accumulation. In this episode I delve into how to earn true compound interest, how to handle bear markets and what services are really worth paying for to help you grow your money. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


27 Jan 2019

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401Cabins and 401Condos

How would you like to own a vacation home rather than putting money into boring 401ks and IRAs? What if the financial and emotional benefits can be better doing things a little outside of the box? In this episode I compare investing in qualified plans to owning and enjoying vacation homes! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE:


18 Jun 2016

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The Best Investment on Earth Is...Earth

Mark Twain said "Buy land...they're not making any more". Land is the ultimate low supply, high demand investment. How about this quote from Will Rogers: "Don't wait to buy land, buy land and wait!" When I heard that Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffet all chose the same area of our country to buy land I became very interested. Listen in as I interview one of the top land banking experts in the world Brian Spiridonoff


26 Jun 2019

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The Four Stages of Retirement Planning Part 1-Contribution

There will be no money for retirement if you don't make contributions so let's dig into how much to contribute, where to invest it, for how long, etc. This is the first in a four part series on the Four Stages of Retirement Planning. Let's do it! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


27 Jan 2019

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Four Google Searches You Must Do Part 2

This is the second of the four essential google searches you need to run. The results of these searches will make it easy for you to angrily fire your joker broker and move your money to where you will pay less fees, historically earn more money, have higher income, pay less taxes, have more benefits, leave more behind for loved ones and have more for long term care. You'll love the feeling of empowerment when you know more than your broker does about how things really work in the financial services industry. Enjoy! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


29 Jul 2017

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How Advisors Get Paid and What To Look Out For

My belief is that if you understand the three ways financial advisors get paid you willl be better equiped to protect yourself from paying unecessary fees. Knowledge is power and applying that knowledge is even better. Listen in as I strip down how advisors get paid and offer my thoughts. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


25 Feb 2019

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Divorcing The IRS Using Roth Conversions

Are you enjoying your marriage to the IRS? Did you know you can divorce the IRS and choose not to pay taxes on IRA/401k Income in the future? For those who think taxes may go up this episode explores the option of converting your existing Qualified Plan money (401ks, IRAs, TSPs, 403bs, 457s, etc.) to Roth IRA where you pay off the IRS so you never owe taxes on this money again....no matter how high taxes go. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


20 Jul 2016

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How The S&P 500 Index Moves and How To Take Advantage of It

In this episode I'm going to walk you through a process I went through in the beginning of my career as a retirement planner. Let's look at the entire history of the S&P 500 Index and see if we can find any clues on how it moves, what happens after loss years, how many loss years vs. gain years etc. There are some hidden gems for your financial planning decisions in looking at how the S&P 500 Index moves. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


8 Jul 2016

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Why I Think Seniors Should Buy Life Insurance

Traditionally life insurance is for younger couples who have children or a surviving spouse to care for. Well...I'm not traditional, life insurance is just another tool and as with any expert at their craft life insurance can be used to do some pretty incredible things. Listen in on why I think you, or your older parents, or your older friends, should buy life insurance....I cover multiple ways to use this tool. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE:


29 Jun 2016

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