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Loi Laing is an artist, teacher, and lawyer who believes we are all creatives. Whether you already express your creativity through a defined art-form, or just want to live a more creative life, this podcast explores practical tools and strategies to help you re-discover your creative self. For more information, please visit The Art of Creative Living YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/loilaing. Your time and presence are truly appreciated.

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Ep 3 - How To Do Morning Pages


30 Sep 2015

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Ep 5 - Mastering Creative Anxiety


30 Nov 2015

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Ep 4 - Are You A Shadow Artist?


8 Oct 2015

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Ep. 10 - Painting From Intuition

Painting from intuition is a way of making art that honors your inner landscape and reveals things about yourself that you may not even be consciously aware of. Intuitive painting is a process based on your mindful awareness in the moment. This art practice offers endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.


23 Jan 2018

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Ep 9 - This Might Not Work

Creative Live has a great series called '30 Days of Genius'.Sign up for FREE at www.creativelive.com for anew interview each day.


4 May 2016

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